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Trendy Women Earrings For Your Jewellery Box

As soon as a woman opens her accessory box or bag or crosses any accessory store offline or offline, what undoubtedly is the first thing that catches her eyes are obviously women earrings! Women earrings have since immortal times are known to be our fashion statements, indicators of statuses and our act of rebellion, thus have been intricately woven with our culture and dynamics.

Women’s fashion earrings is a staple jewelry to be found in every women’s wardrobe, in countless styles, statements, types, sizes and ranges varying from classic earrings to punk earrings to western earrings to eastern earrings to simple piercings to women’s fashion earrings to jhumka earrings to hoop earrings for women and the list is endless. Women’s fashion earrings online shopping and Jhumka earrings online shopping are your best options for online shopping of women earrings.

So scroll down and check out these amazing types of trendy women earrings we have selected for you-

Women’s fashion earrings are broadly classified into two major types namely – classic earrings and modern earrings. Within these major categories you will find different types of women earrings, from which you can choose the best fit for yours.


Classic women’s fashion earrings never fail to impress women since immortal times. Even after decades if you happen to wear your classic earrings, they never fail to amaze you, now or never. These women earrings are the most popular option women readily choose for their dates or elite parties or night outfits or Sunday relaxing or as their office couture. Some of the famous classic women earrings are-



For those who wish daringness added with a dash of sophistication hoop earrings for women are their go to option. Hoop earrings for women evolved during the early ‘60s and have been quiet a hit since them among all age groups from teen girls to elderly women. If you want to add a retro look to your attire hoop earrings for women must be in our list. Hoop earrings for women come in variations of thickness, adornments and lengths, thus hoop earrings for women are so popular among all age groups.  Hoop earrings for women complements women’s jawline and cheekbones due to the circular shape and texture. Hoop earrings for women saves her even when she is without makeup making her look perfect irrespective of the outfit she is in.  Hoop earrings for women comes in various sizes such as triangles, squares, ovals, pentagons etc. giving you an edgier and perfect look to complement with our outfit.



What screams of elegance and utter sophistication is the all-time-favourite diamond stud earrings, which is love to many women out there. Diamond stud earrings both timeless and elegant due to their minimalistic features, making them utterly comfortable for daily wear and for elegant occasions.

However diamond stud earrings are not the only kind of studs worn by women. Women love wearing studs of gold, silver, platinum, pearls, ruby, sapphire, faux etc. These earrings stick close to the earlobe and is found in various shapes like ovals, hearts, squares etc. Stud earrings be it of any material always when you wear them help you steal the show effortlessly.



Another pair of women’s fashion earrings which remind you classic Hollywood/Bollywood actresses in the movies, are timeless pearls. Pearls are reminiscent of adding vintage glamorous look with their subtle gleam and touch of elegance. Whether you wear them like diamond studs or dangle from your ears are totally up to you, but the style will never fade away. Pearls are either fresh-water pearls, or are organically shaped, coming in natural rainbow hues, which you can opt to sexily dangle from your ears or simply stud it, pearls are meant for every occasion; be it a party, daily office wear, weddings or causal look.



Earrings which are ought to capture attention due to their attractive outlook, it is only expected to go by their name’s resemblance to opulent and grand chandeliers. Depending on the versatility of the ethnic outfit you’re wearing you can choose among multiple sizes and shapes of jewels and adornments of your own wish. Chandelier earrings come in stones, beads and pearls, adding an air of grace and grandeur to your outfit, expressing radiance and makes you look stunning for weddings, parties, festival occasions etc. These classic earrings make you look more attractive as they dangle from your earlobes capturing effortlessly the light and sparkle.



If you’re looking for an easy daytime wear, then you can opt for drop earrings which are the streamlined version of chandelier earrings, dropping just below the earlobes. Drop earrings lack the adornments of chandelier earrings and are meant for festive, daily wear and causal occasions. The goodness of having drop earrings are that they usually have beads, golden baubles, charmingly attractive designs or brilliant gemstone clusters attached to that helps them sway and dangle from the ears.

Danglers are like drop earrings but are freer than the former. Danglers are usually attached to the ear, with the help of a small wire and connected to the hook at the back of your ear, making the dangling become smoother. Danglers are available in plethora of shapes and sizes.



Clip-on earrings have become the new trend-setters these days among more adult women opting for it than their kids. For those with no piercing or having piercing clip-ons are a huge go to option. These earrings instead of being pierced into the holes are screwed onto the outside of the earlobe, giving best results for those who are susceptible to ear infections. These are a hit among teenagers as they are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, multiple backing options, and the modern fashionistas, go for them a first option on multiple occasions.



Whether you have a wedding to attend or an upcoming festival, ethnic earrings never get old for women to get decked up in women’s fashion earrings. These earrings are go to options for sarees, salwar suits, anarkalis or any ethnic outfit you choose to wear, just go for a long and heavy ethnic earring to jazz up your look. Ethnic earrings are of various shapes, colors, designs and sizes, crafted with adornments, beads, chains, precious stones, pearls etc. Hence ethnic earrings are a woman’s best friend for every occasion.



Statements earrings are a recent retro look most women are opting for making it a demanding style  and seem to rule the fashion industry. They come is asymmetrical or geometric pattern, featuring around the earlobe or slightly dangling and usually big and attractive in size, are equally captivating and grandiose. Statement earrings can be made of diamonds as well imparting the rich, classy, elegant look being mash-up into different shapes calling for a wonderful playful statement look.



Jhumka earrings are extremely popular among Indian and Asian women for their daily wears, occasions, get-togethers, parties, festivals or weddings and are go to options for women’s fashion earrings. With a simple kurti or a gorgeous one, a solid color saree or an embroidered one, if you wear jhumka earrings, it becomes a whole trendy style statement in itself. Jhumka earrings are available in circular, triangles, square shapes and come in various colors, styles, sizes; suiting according to your convenience choose and wear them. Jhumka earrings online shopping has become a trendy affair among all over the world. If you’re going for jhumka earrings online shopping then visit the famous and reliable online stores.



Lace earrings are comparatively a new category to women’s fashions earrings, adding the contemporary yet classy look to the outfit you wish to wear. These earring are light weight and have been created with minimalist efforts. These earrings are usually handmade and can be made by you at home even. They are beautiful, soft and delicate for everyday purpose, also have beads and lightweight stones attached to add an edgier look to it.




If you are looking for trendy women’s fashion earrings which cling onto your ear even when worn and are a modest take on hoops, then go for huggie earrings. They are graciously sized, fitting earrings, having a hinge at the top of it, allowing the post to open into two halves, making them look magnificent. Huggies are found in diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. which are traditionally thicker than hoops and come in plethora of sizes.



Yet anothertrend-setter among teen fashionistas are cartilage earrings, which are a must have for those with piercings on their cartilages. Made in array of styles, shapes, sizes, and with materials like stone, metals, plastic, beads etc.; these rest on your cartilages effortlessly and make a great statement look. This earring can be pulled off when worn on a single ear or when worn as a pair.



When we talk about women’s fashion earrings, tassle earrings are the first thing to pops up in our minds. These beautiful earrings are very trendy,  simple, colorful and are playfully designed with threads, beads, free-flowing designs, making it a huge style statement. These earrings being designed with silk, feathers, embroidery, floss, gold etc. go with any outfit. Feather earrings are a popular type of tassle earrings, very trendy  to lighten and brighten up your ‘boho-chic’ look. You get them in various shapes, sizes, designs on online shopping jewelry sites or women fashion earring stores.



If you want your earring to nestle around your ear effortlessly adding either a funky look or an ethnic edge, earcuff earrings are what you must buy. Even if you lack a piercing earcuffs are a great option for you due to their snug fit. Earcuffs come in plethora of designs, themes ,sizes, shapes, being embedded with semi-precious stones or are just simple and classy, adding a charming minimalistic look you definitely want to go for.



Another option for those who lack a piercing are ear chains, which have an extended chain attached to the earring, filling the ear entirely and making a great style statement. These add bold statements to your ears, being designed in different shapes, sizes and flowering motifs embedded with precious or semi-precious stone.



To find earrings for women is really not a big deal as there are millions of shops, markets and stores you can visit, or you can easily go for women’s fashion earrings online shopping , sitting at home itself. Women’s fashion earrings online shopping is a current craze among women all over the world. With the help of technology at your finger tips women’s fashion earrings online shopping can be done in the easiest way. There are various online stores like, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Snapdeal etc. from where women’s fashion earrings online shopping can be easily done. Women’s fashion earrings online shopping only gets easier with you getting to choose from millions of designs and choices at affordable rates. Women’s fashion earrings online shopping also helps you to choose among jhumka earrings of various types and different types of women’s fashion earrings. Women’s fashion earrings online shopping makes your task easier and less tedious, saving your time and energy.


For Indian girls jhumka earrings are their favorite pairs and women love to go for jhumka earrings online shopping very frequently. Jhumka earrings online shopping

Can be done on various sites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Voylla etc. and as now it’s hard to step out of our houses jhumka earrings online shopping has become a go to thing for women. Jhumka earrings online shopping also offers you the benefit to scroll down millions of trendy earrings and choose your best pick among them.

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Hello there, beautiful description of earrings. I always check out your blogs. They are very informative for all the girls and women’s. Thank you for posting this master piece to us.

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