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Navratri celebration in 2022 will make you groove on the musical navratri garbas and dandiya with friends and family. This Navratri 2022 will be the first year after a long and deadly pandemic that everyone will gather together to worship Durga Mata in all her 9 forms of devi. Navratri celebration 2022 will make a new era of fashion and jewelry as is now selling worldwide with all of its curated and exclusive collection of Indian ethnic wear like chaniya choli for Navratri, Mens kurta for Navratri, Kids Indian wear, Kurti Anarkali, grey lehenga, orange lehenga, pink lehenga choli, white lehenga choli and all the nine colors sarees made available to you in the United States just for you. is a one-stop destination for everything Indian and this Navratri celebration 2022 will be the best year to buy garba outfits online and get dressed to dance navratri garba together with your friends and family. Sarees wearing is quite common for Navratri celebration but if you shop lehenga choli online, mens kurta for navratri or kurti anarkali along with traditional Indian jewelry then that will make your festive appearance quite different. Experience seamless Navratri online shopping offers in US only here with exclusive chaniya choli designs for Navratri and some select chaniya choli for garba along with nine colors sarees that are custom-stitched based on your measurements.

Shop classic garba outfits based on Navaratri colors 2022 to be your best self for this Navratri celebration. The United States has grand Navratri celebration across several states including Texas, California, New York, Michigan, Florida, West Virginia, etc. Shop all of the garba outfits for the navratri garba based on Navaratri colors only on directly from Indian sellers, boutiques, brands, and so many retailers who make garba outfits just for you.


White, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Grey, Orange, Peacock Green, and Pink are the Navratri colors for this year’s Navratri Celebration 2022. All of the Navaratri colors represent the spirit of all 9 forms of devi maa durga. She is the spirit of nature who controls and protects us from the violence torched by evil as per Indian culture. Thus, draping nine colors saree or any Indian ethnic wear you choose based on which color to wear in Navratri as per Navaratri colors 2022 list is found to be more auspicious and worshipful.

Experience Navaratri colors on this durga puja 2022 and rest of Navratri celebration with by shopping online so much of varieties across saree colors for Navratri 2022, chaniya choli for navratri, mens kurta for navratri, kids indian wear, kurti anarkali along with evergreen and traditional Indian jewelry. This is the reason why even lehenga choli is sold out quickly with exclusive custom-stitching on as this is the only destination with Navratri online shopping offers where white lehenga choli, grey lehenga, orange lehenga, pink lehenga choli, green lehenga choli, blue lehenga choli, red lehenga choli and rest of Navratri shopping is made available at extremely discounted rates including custom rates.

Discover a whole new world of shopping garba outfits for women and men along with kids Indian wear. Shop exclusively designed saree colors for Navratri 2022 made just for you and team it up with traditional Indian jewelry for that extra touch of flare you always need to dazzle the evening while dancing Navratri garba. is your only Navratri shopping destination to shop custom-stitched nine colors sarees including all the Navaratri colors for this year. Alongwith that you will also be able to shop accessories like traditional Indian jewelry to style up your kurti anarkali, chaniya choli for Navratri and even your adorable pink lehenga choli.


  1. Chaniya Choli for Navratri

ghagra choli

Discover navratri shopping with Karmaplace like nowhere else. Shop the best discounted deals on chaniya choli for Navratri only here. Chaniya choli is a staple feminine apparel for dressing during Navratri Celebration. Chaniya choli for Navratri is perfect attire to flaunt your personality in the crowd as you groove to the EDM or maybe a classic Bollywood song. Shop all nine colors in chaniya choli for Navratri for this Navratri celebration.

  1. Mens Kurta for Navratri

Mens Kurta for Navratri

Men have a staple attire too similar to chaniya choli for Navratri 2022, Mens Kurta for Navratri is a must-have essential in every man’s wardrobe for Navratri celebration where you dance navratri garba. Navaratri colors are all embedded in mens kurta for Navratri. If men are thinking about which color to wear in Navratri, Karmaplace recommends you to wear all nine colors for this Navratri celebration as all nine navaratri colors are suitable for mens kurta for Navratri. There is no such Navaratri color that is unsuitable for anyone. It always comes with a blessing as each color has the spirit of each one of nine forms of Durga mata.

  1. Kids Indian Wear

Kids Indian Wear

Kids Indian wear included cute kurta for navratri, kurta dhoti set, kurta pajama set, kurta pathani set, lehenga choli set, kurti anarkali for girls and so much more. Even petite traditional Indian jewelry is worn by girls during Navratri celebration. You can get them literary smallest of all the traditional Indian jewelry as it might fall off if your kid is a hardcore dancer during Navratri garba event in USA. Navratri 2022 USA events are full of navratri garba and dandiya dances and thus, you must shop online for beautiful and adorable Traditional Indian Jewelry and Kids Indian wear for this Navratri celebration.

  1. Kurti Anarkali

Kurti Anarkali

Kurti Anarkali is another classic apparel for women during Navratri celebration as it is a perfect Navratri garba outfits. In the USA, it might be difficult to shop authentic Kurti Anarkali online but procures all designer kurti anarkali at affordable rates from all over India. Shop classic and trendy kurti anarkali for women and young girls only here from India in USA with Karmaplace Navratri Sale 2022.

  1. Traditional Indian Jewelry

Traditional Indian Jewelry

Shop classic and traditional Indian jewelry with trendy maang tikka, bangles, necklaces, earrings and so much more. Shop necklace and earrings set in nine colors of Navratri 2022. Shop all the colorful Imitation jewelry in silver and gold which are most suitable on Navratri garba outfits. This year, Karmaplace has a whole new variety of designer Indian jewelry perfect for Lehenga choli, chaniya choli for Navratri and Kurti Anarkali.



In a non-traditional or non-spiritual explanation, Navratri is a celebration in order to worship the energy of Maa durga. It takes nine days to bring up the spirit of nature with an ever growing energy that benefits all of humanity. Basically, Navratri is a celebration of nature in all of its forms and thus, there are nine forms of Maa durga. Durga puja 2022 is a part of Navratri celebration and thus, Navratri is celebrated in order to chant Mother Goddess and all her forms in nature. Navratri celebration includes Navratri fast, navratri garba, Navratri dandiya and so much of Navratri shopping.


Navratri is celebrated four times in one year as per Indian tradition. Shardiya Navratri, Chaitra Navratri, Magha Gupt Navratri and Asadha Gupt Navratri and the biggest Navratri of all is Shardiya Navratri and it is only one that is celebrated through huge pandals where Goddess is worshiped at a social space. Rest of the three navratris are limited to temple worship.


Karmaplace is the only online marketplace to shop best navratri online shopping offers in USA as the biggest curated collections of Navratri celebration are made available from India. Some of these Navratri collections are chaniya choli for Navratri, Mens Kurta for Navratri, Kids Indian wear, kurti anarkali and traditional Indian jewelry.


Chaniya choli is a classic attire for women to dress during Navratri garba and dandiya activities. Shop classic chaniya choli for Navratri in all nine colors of Navaratri colors 2022. Shop them before anyone else does as they are getting sold out quickly months before the Indian festivals. Shop class lehenga choli as well in a variety of colors including white lehenga choli, grey lehenga choli, orange lehenga, pink lehenga choli and it is perfect for women as Navratri fast makes them glow from inside.

Navratri fast is all about having a detox to your body and this navratri fast makes it possible for you to wear a heavily studded chaniya choli for Navratri that comes with a guaranteed fit because of custom-stitching features from Karmaplace. Karmaplace is all about making you feel more comfortable by taking advantage of festivals as Navratri fast and showing off your curves must go hand in hand to make the crowd jealous and your competition envy you even more. That;s the spirit of Mother Goddess making you more ambitious and glowing with vigorous energy throughout the nine days and nights of Navratri celebration.


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