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Toe Rings For Sure Makes You Different

Toe rings are a fun way to add a little effortless femininity and girly touch to any outfit, including our special dresses. This little accessory may be tiny, but it gives you a big, glamorous, and unique sexy look. These rings are usually symbols that include your personality and lifestyle with delicate meanings and reflections.

Every day, fashion is evolving, and toe rings have become a new must-have as per the fashion statement. Several materials, including gold, silver, rubber, and even diamonds, can be found in toe rings. Toe Rings are an essential accessory for married Indian women. These toe rings are worn both by Hindu and Muslim women, as a symbol of the married state. They are commonly made of silver, worn on the second toe on both feet with sarees, burkhas , Kurtis  or western wear as well.

History of Toe Rings

India is the source of women wearing toe rings. In the fourth century BC, the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana, written by the poet, Valmiki, describes the use of a toe ring as a decorative accessory for women that are typically worn by married women and brides. On both feet, rings worn on the same toe were often signals that an Indian woman was married. Toe rings are used to prevent evil spirits and for therapeutic purposes.

Choosing the Right Toe Ring

When you decide to purchase a fitted toe ring, consider choosing one that suits your style instead of an outfit. Toe rings are substantial indicators of who you are. Keep up this tradition with the world. If you prefer to love without regret, opt for hearts, animals if you are a vegetarian, or even a genuine birthstone. A solid sterling silver toe ring is a classic style to go for.

Use the string to measure the toe size and measure where you intend to wear the ring around the toe. Label the length and use a measuring tape or a scale to measure it. Then, to find your real toe ring dimension, you can use the scaling chart used for normal finger rings. For women, the most common toe ring size is typically 3 or 4.

What are Toe Rings made of?

Traditionally, people buy solid gold or solid sterling silver toe rings. Toe rings are now available in a range of more affordable materials as they have gained popularity as fashion accessories. Elastic, string, and substitute metals are also used to make the toe ring you can now find in most shops. To give you the choices for your special and individual style statements, beads, gemstones, and many other items decorate them.

The acupressure benefits

It is also said that fitted toe rings can also result in benefits of acupressure. This is because, in the feet, they push certain nerves that are known to assist the woman's reproductive system. Why are you making your toe rings out of silver metal?

It is a common understanding that silver is a good conductor, so it is known to wash negativity out of the body of a woman.

What are trending golden toe rings designs?

The designs you should invest in are Kundan toe rings with colored stones, square-shaped gold toe rings with a leaf motif, solitaire stone patterned gold toe rings, double layered large cutwork gold toe rings, double-layered red and white enameled gold toe rings, vine motif gold real toe rings, infinity pattern gold toe rings with white stones, leaf pattern adjustable toe rings, tribal silver adjustable toe rings, textured gold toe rings with pearls, and plain gold toe rings.