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The Jodhpuri Suit, also known as the Bandhgala Suit, is a popular formal attire option for men, especially for weddings and other special occasions. This traditional Indian attire has a long and rich history and is named after the city of origin, i.e., Jodhpur, in the northern state of India: Rajasthan. The Jodhpuri suit is a versatile attire that can be worn for both formal and semi-formal occasions. It is especially popular as a wedding outfit for grooms, as it is a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. The Jodhpuri suit can also be worn for other occasions like cocktail parties, business events, and formal dinners. 

This elegant menswear apparel is a two-piece outfit including a coat and pants. The coat in a Jodhpuri suit is usually knee-length, with a high collar and a buttoned-up front, which gives it a formal and sharp look. This royal fashion staple is made with fabrics like silk, cotton, or pure wool that are later embellished with delicate artwork, intricate embroidery, zari work, or other embellishments to make them even more special. 

The next best thing about this Jodhpuri suit is the pants, which are usually solid, plain, and straight-cut. It is made with the same fabric material as the coat. Nowadays, designers have come up with contrasting fabrics, styles, and colors for each coat and pair of pants to experiment with a new and trendy look. It has been a staple fashion garment in the Indian fashion industry for men. It does cost a fortune to own a Jodhpuri suit, but brings to you a classic collection of charming Jodhpuri suit for men for wedding occasions, party occasions, etc. directly from India to the United States at affordable rates. Nowhere else in the US can you find such low prices for Jodhpuri suits for men as at Karmaplace. 


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The Jodhpuri Suit is a timeless choice for men who want to look stylishly chic and traditional at the same time. Whether it is for a wedding or other significant occasions, is here to fulfill all your fashion needs and dreams, right from the United States to India. 


A popular and trendy variation of the Jodhpuri suit is the Bandhgala suit. It has a mandarin collar instead of a high collar. It is more of a contemporary version of the Jodhpuri Suit, and it is popular among today’s modern young men. This bandhgala suit can be worn with a pair of pants or simply dressed as a standalone outfit with a pair of jeans. 

Similar to the Bandhgala suit is the Jodhpuri coat, which is more of a formal or semi-formal jacket. It can be paired up with jeans, and it can be accessorized with a pocket square or a label pin to add that touch of sophistication. Shop all these popular varieties of menswear, such as Bandhgala suits, Jodhpuri jackets, Jodhpuri suits, Jodhpuri coats, and much more, only on Karmaplace at low prices with free shipping across the US. 

To look stylish and traditional at the same time, the Jodhpuri Suit is the perfect choice for a man at a wedding or any significant event to highlight your persona, as the Jodhpuri Suit is such a versatile attire that can be customized with accessories to suit individual preferences and styles. Karmaplace is proud to present to you all the classic and contemporary designs of the Jodhpuri Suit, all the way from India.