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Must Have Kurtis To Kickstart Your New Year 2021

The year 2020 is unforgettable. All we can do is move ahead with confidence and hope. We may have missed a lot of festive times, some staying away from family and friends, isolated. Well, as we enter another year, there's a lot of expectations and desires to follow. India isn't just reduced to minimal traditions and culture. We have a broad and rich history.

When it comes to clothing, how about compensating for the times we missed last year?

Hopefully, this year might give us the opportunity to live a normal life.

In that case, are you ready to gear up to get back to those festive moods?

How about filling your wardrobe with some ethnic wear or traditional Kurtis, and get the ball rolling?

If you are in, let's get going!

Why add Kurtis to your Wardrobe?

If you have been an ardent admirer of traditional and designer Kurtis this question may not have any relevance to you. It is because, Kurtis are ought to be one of the best attires to have in your wardrobe. They are not only known for their varieties, but also as a traditional wear, Kurtis emphasis style, and fashion. They add a special gist of energy and vibe to your personality. Moreover, they are easy and comfortable to wear.  As we think about starting a new year with all new appearance expressing elegance and beauty, some good sets of Kurtis and Kurtas for all your upcoming events could be exciting.

The best part of having kurtis is that there are so many styles, and you can select them according to the occasion. No matter whether it’s a flared kurti for a party or a designer one for a wedding reception, this ethnic wear offers you all sorts of options. The range of party wear, and casual outfits have developed the traditional dresses immensely to match modern clothing.

Remember, old is gold!

We may mix up the modern dressing but it can’t be replaced by those grand ethnic wear. Now, the challenge or the obstacles remain while buying Kurtis. On the other hand, purchasing them from a store nearby isn’t that of a reliable choice. Also, you may not get the variety and the quality you expect. Online is possibly the best place for you to buy a range of Kurtis to kick start your New Year. Well, it’s not about offers. You don’t have to compromise on the cost of the material and the quality of the stylish kurti you choose are promising.

So where exactly to find a designer A-line long kurti?

Or are you a fan of Georgette fabric or traditional chanderi silks?

Some exceptionally embroidered collection is a great idea too. Of course, it is not easy when there’s so much to choose from.

Therefore, let’s help out ourselves by sorting out the must-have kurtis to kick start your New Year 2021. Before that, in case you are looking for an online store to buy some really amazing traditional wear, do try out 

We offer you a range of traditional and modern clothing at suitable prices, and zero compromise in terms of quality.


Take a look at these types of kurtis you can select for your wardrobe.


Designer A-line Kurti Online
  1. A-line Kurti:

A-line Kurtis can be a best match irrespective of what kind of pants you prefer. You can wear them along with leggings, dhotis, palazzo, jeans or churidhaar, and they will still suit like the best for you. As the name suggests the patterns come in A shapes from your waist along with flares. There are multiple ranges of A-lines available with different colors and designs. They are often chosen as both casual and formal wear. If you are looking for extra elegance, look for chanderi silk or chiffon kurtis as fabrics. If you love wearing attractive earrings, stud earrings or jhumkis are a perfect match with a handbag.


Anarkali Festive Kurti at KarmaPlace
  1. Anarkali Kurti:

Anarkali is a term that symbolizes richness and grace. Not only they are pride in the current fashion but as a traditional wear Anarkali kurtis are undoubtedly the must-have ethnic wear for your wardrobe. You can buy some great quality Anarkali designs online. You don’t need to have a perfect body shape to wear this type of Kurtis. They generally suit any body type without any hassle. You can wear Anarkali Kurtis for weddings, festivals, celebrations, functions, and parties with a skirt or a pant. However, Leggings are the most chosen ones. Earrings and necklaces are always a good combination with Anarkali kurtis. Select a gold watch and handbag to enrich your look.


Shop Stylish Dhoti style Kurti Online

  1. Dhoti style:

Dhoti goes long back to Indian tradition. Dhoti style kurti is a contemporary style of clothing for women. Just like how Georgette and chiffon kurti are an amalgamation of western dressing, Dhoti styled dresses are now a rising trend. There is already ample dhoti styled sarees and pants available for women. Dhoti kurtis are easy to wear and comfortable due to their loose characteristic. They mostly come with an attached belt which is a widely approved pattern nowadays. They are best to wear at parties, festivals, and functions. Stockings or simple leggings suit finely with them. As usual, earrings and clutches can make the dressing more attractive.


Angrakha Kurti

  1. Angrakha Kurti:

You must have seen paintings of old musicians wearing angrakha. However, the current version for women is simply an elegant contemporary form of dressing. These kurtis have a unique style and an eye-catching pattern. What makes these kurtis beautiful are there jacket styled flaps with two different or similar designs.

They usually have a dori with two pom-poms that completes the design and style. They are good with leggings and churidhars. Angrakha are worn during parties, and functions along with moderate jewelry and earrings. They are available in different fabrics like chiffon, cotton, silk and georgette. Another quality of this kurti is that they can be worn in all seasons.


Buy Designer Long Straight Kurti
  1. Long Straight Kurti:

A long straight Kurti with full sleeves can never let you down as formal attire. These kurtis give you taller look adding a professional approach. Although they seem formal, long straight styles are good at parties and functions. You can wear them along with jackets too. They come in knee and calf length. For the bottom, wear straight pants, tights, skirt palazzo, or even dhoti pants are a good choice.

The fabrics of Long straight kurtis are cotton, silk, Polyster, Georgette, Viscose, etc. Dangle earrings and a gold watch along with a sling bag or a tote is a great combination.


Flared Kurti Online Shopping
  1. Flared Kurtis:

Flared dresses are loose and aren’t stuck to the body like anarkali. If you have a slim body, this type can suit you well. The flared regions of the kurtis give a feminine impression, and leave an elegant style. Wide flared and narrow flared are the main two types of Flares available. These types are best worn as casual wear and party outfits. The rich tradition of flares is so popular that they are also preferred in weddings as well.

Ankle jeans, patiala, churidhar, or leggings are the bottoms you can go for. They come in knee-length, calf length, floor length, and in shorts. Flared kurtis aren’t exactly suitable as formal wear because of the length and the designs.


Trail Cut New Stylish Kurti at best offer price
  1. Trail cut kurti:

Trail cuts are huge trend everywhere. This type of kurti has a C cut on both sides. They mainly come in knee-length and calf length. Adding a trail cut kurti among your 2021 wardrobe Kurti collection will be an excellent choice. They are best to wear for a date to give a positive vibe and a strong impression. Trail cut Kurtis are also preferred for weddings, festivals, parties, and functions. They come in fabrics like Georgette, modal, polyester, cotton, etc. Jeans, tight, tulip pants are a good combination as pairings. Feel free to flaunt a gold watch along with your trail cut kurti.


Purchase Printed Kurti Collection
  1. Printed Kurti:

Although printed Kurti is mentioned last in this list, you cannot afford to miss this in your Kurti collection. Printed ones are basically digitally printed dresses blended with vibrant designs and colors. They also have a variety of embroidery designs giving it a distinct style. They come in floor length, knee-length, and also asymmetrical. If you are looking for new office wear, make sure you consider printed kurti on the top list. You can choose leggings, palazzos, and jeans as pairings. They are also best as casual wear. The trend of Printed design is gaining more and more attention that this type of Kurti is also used in weddings and festivals.

The above mentioned could be possibly a few of the major styles of Kurti you can flaunt in 2021. Try to make your own fashion style. Add as much color and design to your fashion. There’s so much to shop if you adorn kurtis for their style and statement.

If you are looking to buy a set of Kurtis and dupatta or palazzo sets for your wardrobe, do try out

We welcome you and promise high quality fabric and designs. Shop now!


Shubhada - January 6, 2021

Hello, I have many Kurtis in my wardrobe but strange thing is that I didn’t know which kurti comes under which category. Just have an idea about A-line kurta, which I have bought from But your article describes about each and every style of Kurtis which every girl need to know. Thank you and Happy New Year !!

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