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Indian Wedding Jewelry - A Complete Guide

indian wedding jewelry set

The wedding season is here after all the hush-hush of the festive season and all of us would be rushing once again to get the best outfits for a wedding. And just by luck, if you are the bride or groom then you are bound to find the ‘eternal’ style statement that should mesmerize every guest in your presence.

Indian wedding jewelry is the epitome of all things in a typical Indian wedding and it has given tremendous amounts of significance to everyone. It has become a symbol of weddings that goes on with the bride to her new house as her wealth and it strictly belongs to her. 

Indian wedding jewelry covers almost all kinds of usual jewelry accessories but simply in a grandeur way for the bride as it adds more exposure to her appearance.

A wedding gold set is a very treasurable asset for every bride while getting married and it comes with gently crafted Indian bridal jewelry. Some families even go on to get specific designs as per their customization but yes, that usually costs a lot that a simple person couldn’t even imagine. 


Indian bridal wedding jewelry is the most sought-after jewelry of any kind and it becomes so much a huge collection of varieties to choose from and thus, shopping for your favorite Indian wedding jewelry in the USA could be very confusing and demanding as well.

Karmaplace offers a curated wedding jewelry collection to get ahead with your wedding shopping with a little ease and it starts with Silver jewelry with an oxidation process for your friends and family to style up during your wedding.

Kundan Jewelry, Lac Jewelry, Jadau Jewelry, Meenakari jewelry, and most precious Navratan jewelry is highly beloved by so many Indians that it gets sold out as well crafted for limited pieces. 


Gold is more of a symbol of wealth as well as considered very auspicious in every Indian household. Nowadays, in the mix and match culture, colorful jewelry with different types of designs are paired and their authenticity to the material is less likely.

Thus, imitation jewelry is more often used as it has become much more affordable than gold for today’s inflated economy and common households prefer it more. It is also easily replaceable with more variety. Thus, no one has been stuck with one particular piece of jewelry for a long time. 

You can always innovate and get styled as you want and get dressed to stun everyone. Wedding season brings a lot of attention to your eyes and face and jewelry makes it elegantly stylish to portray your personality confidently.

On the other hand, gold jewelry also sometimes becomes much heavier than imitation ones as it carries authentic carats and it also becomes too risky to carry it around due to theft.

Luckily, when you shop imitation jewelry at, you will get all high-quality jewelry that looks like gold or silver ones but are lighter when it comes to risk and weight.

In short, Karmaplace offers jewelry that gives the same aura at many affordable and quality rates as every other marketplace. Do not miss your chance to get the best-discounted deals this wedding season. 



Indian wedding hair jewelry has the most significant that all accessories in Indian wedding jewelry are none other than a ‘Maang Tikka’. It is a headgear that you get to hook on your hair and drape it over till your forehead.

bridal maang tikka

‘Maatha-Patti is a perfect extension to this maang tikka as it comes with a chain-like thread that stretches from Maang Tikka till the back of your head. Shop online over here, a curated collection of Maang Tikka sets along with Maatha Patti and earrings this wedding season. 


The nose ring is colloquially called ‘Nathh’ or ‘Nathani/Nathni’ in India and it goes to Monarcial ages when the nose ring was a jewel of pride of a woman. Today, Nose rings can be worn by anyone - men and women both equally style this Indian wedding jewelry accessory so differently from each other.

gold nose ring

Women’s nose rings have more intricate work and detailed design whereas, nose ring for men is very simple and sometimes, just a ring of golden or silver color. 

As we always know earrings form a very special place for every woman and it has become a standard Indian wedding jewelry accessory for everyone. Earrings come in many variants ranging from danglers to studs and even pearl drop earrings.

diamond earrings

Traditional earrings for Indian weddings are Jhumkas, Chandbalis, etc and they are very delicately designed with Kundan artwork and even with oxidation method. 


When it comes to a necklace, it all comes down to the Kundan jewelry necklace for Indian wedding jewelry as it becomes the glorious design work for the whole of India.

Necklaces can be long or even Choker style where it gets wrapped around the neck and gets paired with long dangling earrings.

bridal necklace

Indian weddings are almost incomplete with multi-layered necklaces that become a major highlight for the bride during her wedding. 


Of course, you must be excited to exchange rings with your beloved soon-to-be spouse but it becomes a hugely complicated process for choosing a perfect ring that suits you and your partner seamlessly well.

pearl engagement rings

Rings are often considered a part of your body and more realistically, an accessory that you carry along with yourself almost every day. It is preferred to be reflective of their wedded partner by both bride and groom.

Therefore, the selection of rings is all about patience and taste when you see the shimmering reflection of your partner over its surface. 


‘Kamar-Patta or simply a waistband that is tied around or wrapped around your waist over a saree. Indian wedding jewelry’s best element is a waistband as a bride gets to flaunt her belly so well and stylishly like never before.

bridal waistband

As when one wears a saree, their belly is exposed and it gets styled with an alluring waistband that adds a spotlight to the sexiest part of your aura and women can freely flaunt this.

More recently, the waistband is also worn over a kurta or traditional dress over the garment. 


wedding bangles

Bracelets or bangles, you can call them whatever that you want but they form an elegant part of Indian wedding jewelry. Bangles are all about styling your wrists and nowadays, it has got replaced with classy watches but women at weddings love to add this wedding accessory to their wrists. 


Last but not the least, Anklets are the most gracious part of a foot if you wish to debate and yes, it is awkward but Indian wedding jewelry even accessories ankles with beautiful anklets.

Toe ring is another Indian wedding jewelry accessory that is paired alongside anklets and it gets so well when the bride has applied Mehendi on her feet. It becomes a very elegant piece of jewelry for a woman’s ankles and sometimes it could be considered a little ancient for a modern woman.

wedding anklets

However, during your wedding day, what’s wrong with getting a little ethnic while being so contemporary in your persona. 


In the end, when you have all your dream Indian wedding jewelry, all you need to do is get it paired or styled with a great wedding outfit. It is surely another tedious task and you can easily get so much into the thought that finding your wedding lehenga or saree becomes the important choice of your lifetime.

However, Indian wedding jewelry is suitable for all ethnic Indian garments and it goes back to your roots. Get dressed in your ethnically designed attire that has been worn from your past generations and shows off your heritage with immense pride and succession in honor of your ancestry. 


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