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Variety of Sarees You can Buy in the USA!

Saree or sari has been the most popular dress because of the sensuality explicated by it. This dress is acclaimed on a global basis for its elegant and stylish appeal. In fact, it makes any woman look gorgeous. The vivacity infused in designing a sari makes it worthy of being appreciated on the universal platform. Basically, it is a specialized outfit that can match any occasion, be it a wedding, formal get-together, or party. The sarees have become a mandatory part of every woman’s wardrobe. It should be well noted that the sari is draped in different styles, and every style has its own unique approach.

The popularity of the sari has crossed Indian boundaries and has received a lot of appreciation in many countries, especially the United States of America. Going back to history, sari made its first impression in the USA during the 1970s. The growing fashion needs have enabled foreign ladies to appreciate the feminism reflected by the Indian attire. Moreover, many Bollywood celebrities have adorned such a majestic dress form on the red carpet and special occasions with intriguing work carved on the cloth piece. This, further, gave a boost to the recognition of sari in the United States of America. If you reside in the USA and looking to buy designer sarees; then, Karma Place is the ultimate website to pick one.

Types of Sarees Available:

The sarees in the USA or even elsewhere are available in 3.5 to 9 yards in length and worn in different styles. With a majority of the population in America includes resident Indians, the trend of wearing sarees has always been welcomed. It has become trendsetting attire that attracted American women as well. On many occasions, Hollywood actresses like Pamela Anderson, Ashley Jude, Nicole Kimberley, and many have been seen adorning designer sarees. You can buy an Indian saree at Karma Place in the USA that will add four stars to your appeal for sure.

Shop Banarasi Art Silk Woven Saree in Brown
  • Banarasi Art Silk Woven Saree in Brown:

This saree stands as a masterpiece, with dual shine appearing throughout. Indeed, its base brown tone is highlighted with golden shading and beautified by royal blue borderline. The saree's body is woven with a small blue-colored diamond pattern scattered throughout the fabric of 5.5 meters. Further to this, its borderline bear’s embroidery in the form of beautiful peacocks. The saree is available with a royal blue-colored unstitched blouse piece, which has intricate golden and blue embroidery in a floral pattern.

Buy Ankit Fashions Women’s Silk Printed Sari Online
  • Ankit Fashions Women’s Silk Printed Saree:

This multi-colored saree is available in Bhagalpuri silk fabric, which has a diamond-shaped box print scattered all over the fabric. Indeed, the sari’s borderline is beautified with black colored intricate design on a golden base that lends a distinctive shine to the dress form. The saree is available with an unstitched blouse piece in the orange shade that matches with the saree. It is a perfect dress, which can be worn on various occasions like a wedding or formal get-togethers as well.

Purchase Net Saree in Peach Online
  • Net Saree in Peach:

Well, a net saree epitomizes sensuousness because of its sheer appearance. Being a must-have in your wardrobe, this saree is an ideal dress form to be worn at parties, weddings, and special occasions. It is available in peach color with detailed thread embroidery scattered throughout the fabric. Apart from this, the beauty of the saree is enhanced with golden flowers positioned at a regular interval in the work of art. The sari is available with an unstitched blouse piece in the same shade.

Check Faux Georgette Sari in Purple
  • Faux Georgette Saree in Purple:

The beauty of this sari lies in its shine and fine artwork. Indeed, the georgette fabric is highlighted with sequins throughout the piece in light and dark purple. The sari's upper part has light purple sequin work; while, the borderline is beautified with a darker purple tone of sequence work. This is one of the most trendsetting sarees in the USA, as numerous Bollywood celebrities have worn it. It is available with an unstitched blouse piece in light purple color.

Shop Linen Saree in Peach Online
  • Linen Saree in Peach:

Considered as an ideal dress form to be worn at the office or daily, this linen saree in peach color is magnified with floral print. By wearing this saree, you will get a classy appeal and be appreciated for your exclusive taste. It is certainly available with an unstitched blouse piece in a green shade that goes well with the leaf pattern highlighted in the saree with flowers.

Buy Faux Georgette Blue and White at best offer price
  • Faux Georgette Blue and White:

If you wish to look classy apart from your colleagues in a formal get-together; then, this saree is the ultimate choice. The sari's georgette fabric has been printed in a striped blue and white pattern, which gets a gorgeous look with its blue colored blouse piece. Of course, you will be turning the heads around because of your sophisticated appeal by wearing this classy printed saree.

Shop Faux Georgette Saree in Red Online
  • Faux Georgette Saree in Red:

Plain sarees with designer borders is one such trend that never goes out of style. This beautiful sari is available in the plain red shade with a multi-colored designer border that enhances its overall appeal. That’s not all; the unstitched blouse piece is available in multi-colored print that stands similar to the saree's borderline.

Check out Tussar Art Silk Weaving Saree in Purple
  • Tussar Art Silk Weaving Saree in Purple:

A hand-woven Tussar silk saree is one that gives you a crisp appeal for sure. This Tussar artwork saree in purple is the finest example of intricate weaving. The sari has been decorated with a stripe pattern on the pallu with a circular design scattered throughout the fabric. It is available with an unstitched blouse piece of the same color having a circular pattern woven on the fabric.

Shop Blended Cotton Woven Saree in Orange Online
  • Blended Cotton Woven Saree in Orange:

Being multi-colored in design, this cotton saree is decorated with golden-shaded circles all around the fabric. The distinctive appeal of the saree lies in its borders. One side of the border is printed in light purpose shade; while, the other side of the border is prettified with pink shade. To enhance the saree's look, it is offered with an unstitched blouse piece in pink and purple shades having golden circles.

Buy Blended Cotton Woven Sari in Pink at best offer Price
  • Blended Cotton Woven Saree in Pink:

Looking majestic with plain borders and an intricately printed bodyline, this blended cotton saree in pink is the best for your office wear. Its pallu has a heavy pattern woven in blue peach and red shades to highlight the beauty. The unstitched blouse piece available with the sari is printed in blue and red color as well. Now, you can be the beautiful woman in your office by wearing this attractive sari.

How to Select Best Indian Saree?

  • Considering Your Height:

Of course, your height is the most significant factor in deciding the kind of saree you should wear. The taller women should go for bold shades, larger prints, and heavy borders. This will enable them to look elegant in their height. On the other hand, the short height ladies should opt for sarees in lighter shades, smaller borders, and vertical prints. These kinds of sarees will enable them to appear taller and stylish too.

  • Taking Note of Complexion:

Another factor to consider at the time of buying sarees in the USA or elsewhere is your complexion. In this regard, the fair-complexioned women should always go for bright shades, while dark-toned women should opt for light to dark shades like black, off-white, purple, or green. This will enable them to appear beautiful and sensuous as well.

  • Particular Occasion:

Sarees are worn according to the occasion or time of the day. Indeed, you cannot wear a heavily embroidered saree to your office or wear a plain, printed saree at a wedding. So, you need to buy an Indian saree as per the occasion. If you have to attend a wedding; then, opting for silk or heavily embroidered sarees will need it. On the other end, printed patterns are an excellent choice to be worn at a formal get-together in your office.

  • Latest Trends:

It is important to go by the trend, which will enable you to be a part of the fashion race. In fact, you should always select a saree as per the trend going-on. Picking a saree from the last year’s trend may not be suited in the existing year. Of course, no one wants to be the talk of the town for a shabby appearance.

  • Type of Saree:

Everyone likes to wear a saree that suits their personality. Some women wish to wear traditional style to a party for a unique approach. So, you need to decide as to which kind of saree you are planning to wear on occasion. Some sarees like the Maharashtrian one are yards; while, a Bengali saree is 6 yards.


Indian saree has won accolades throughout the world for its exquisite appeal, especially in the USA. This is the reason that Karma Place has come-up as an exclusive sari seller to suffice your need for a designer saree in America. With a wide range of sarees available with them, you can select your favorite one as per the occasion. Each sari is a masterpiece that replicates true Indian ethnicity. Moreover, buying sarees at this website is quite easier because your order will be delivered to the doorstep. What makes this website a perfect place to shop for sarees in the USA is the affordability factor. Every sari is offered at reasonable rates; so that you can look your best without a doubt.


Pooja Negi - February 17, 2021

Hey guys, you made my work easier. I was in search of readymade sarees and you make it simple. I think it is more useful for those girl students who are in the USA and don’t know how to wear saree!! Actually previously I didn’t know more about types of sarees but now I can understand. Thanks.

Kelly - February 8, 2021

Hello !! Thank you for this blog. As I’m not an Indian but I heard about karma place from one of my Indian friend. She told me about KarmaPlace because I’m very fond of Indian sarees, so she suggested me this site. Prior 1 month I have ordered art silk saree and after receiving my order I was very happy because the color and texture of the saree as it is as they have mentioned in its description. So now I’m looking forward for more varieties of sarees from you and always post this type of blogs they are very useful to us i.e. Indian as well as non-Indian residents also. Thank you.

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