2021 Valentine Day is just around the corner, and well, we have a lot to be grateful for and to celebrate; after all, we survived the pandemic. Yes, probably the worst year of our lives is over, and the vaccines are not far away. Even though most of us already go out and lead a normal life by now, I am sure after getting vaccinated it will be back to a pre-Covid stress-free life. Isn’t It?

So this Valentine's Day 2021, let's celebrate ourselves. Let's celebrate the fact that we survived the pandemic. Let’s celebrate the fear, uncertainty, insecurities, doubts, and all the negativity and self-pity in us, turn it into self-love, evolve ourselves, and have a progressive year ahead.

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Loving Yourself: WHAT?

Isn’t it a perfect time to understand what self-love is?

The kind of relationship we have with ourselves will set the mood or tone for all the other relationships in our lives as well. We have to first learn how to pamper and love ourselves before we can give that love to someone else. So who wishes to be loved a bit more, pampered a little extra, and flirt with new positive thoughts and energy while embracing the new you?

I know, I know. Who doesn’t?

Self-love is the love you have for your jewelry box in your wardrobe.

It is the love you have for that one nose pin that you have that gives you compliments every time you wear it.

Self-care is not like a basic gold necklace but more like a stylized bridal necklace, which, if given or taken care of properly, can make you feel good every time.

Here is our guide to self-love and how it is perfectly ok to spend Valentine’s Day by yourself.

Emphasise yourself!

Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is the most difficult and beautiful thing ever, and if you are single on this Valentine's Day, well, you are in luck!

Because this is the best time to pamper yourself, appreciate and commemorate all your achievements, and accept and evolve from all your flaws. If you have liked those beaded earrings and don’t know if you can carry them off, I suggest you don’t think much; just splurge!

Some people say the moon has some marks on it, and some people just stare at it in awe of its beauty.

Well, the moon is the same; the difference is just in a person's perception of how to view things.

So view yourself, pamper yourself, and love yourself so that you are aware of yourself.

Toxic People: Go Away!

We are sometimes drawn to toxic people; let’s do ourselves a favour and let that toxic relationship go. Just let it go!

I know it's difficult. I know you are attached, but in the long term, you will feel relieved and have a little sense of achievement as well.

I know I did.

Let this be your first activity on the Path of Self-Love this Valentine's Day.

Let’s consciously surround ourselves with positive people and surroundings, and let’s meet creative minds.

You have the ability to feel, so let's first love ourselves.

Let's be a little selfish in giving our love away to something or someone, just like we do not like giving our precious things away, be it jewellery, clothes, or even electronics.

Always remember that if you don’t make yourself happy and love yourself, you can never keep others happy or truly love them.

Stop negative self-talk.

When we talk to our loved ones, we always encourage them to do better, and if not, we tell them everything will be ok and there are certain hiccups on the road to success.

Do we positively motivate ourselves when we make mistakes or when life is uncertain?


We instead self-critique, right? Well, we need to stop doing that and practice the same love and positivity for ourselves that we have for others.

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Eat, Dance, Jump, and Repeat

They say that for every dark night, there will be a brighter day.

Let's emphasise those bright days by putting on our shiny clothes and chunky gold jewellery and dancing around.

Let’s take out our jewellery box and take a trip down memory lane.

Let's wear some old clothes and get nostalgic.

Let loose and just shut out all the thoughts and shame.

If none of the above work, then there is always ice cream or chocolate.

This Valentine, let's do what makes us happy without caring what others might think.

Embrace and infatuate yourself with everything that makes you

Believe me, this has been tried and tested!

Celebrate yourself, your flaws, your curves, your colour, your marks, your skin, your height, and your taste in clothes and jewellery. This is what makes your eyes smile and your face shine, and this is what makes you So be proud and be self sufficient

Give yourself a big hug, stand in front of the mirror with all the shiny clothes and jewellery, and tell yourself,



This Valentine's Day, let’s get a pretty journal or diary and start writing in it.

A journal named Self: Love is a Great Idea

I suggest filling the journal every day with positive, affirming thoughts about yourself, and then you can go back and read these thoughts when you feel low. This will lift your mood immediately. And even if that doesn’t do the trick, call your girlfriend, slip on a party dress, wear some chunky fashion jewellery, and have a girl’s night.

It’s okay to say no!

We sometimes do something just to make the other person happy, even though it is harmful for us in some ways.


It is ok to say no to things that might be harmful to your physical, mental, or social wellbeing or might trigger some negative thoughts or emotions.

Worship your body and mind.

Self-care is very important; we need to keep our mind and body healthy.

Workout at least 4-5 times a week because exercising reduces adrenaline and cortisol, which are stress hormones, and stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural mood elevators and painkillers.

So next time you are feeling low or crappy, just go for a jog.

Run yourself a nice fragrant bubble bath, sit with a glass of wine and some strawberries, and just indulge in your inner thoughts and let the negativity drain.

Get yourself a deep tissue massage.

Meditate to keep your mind healthy. I know the feeling when someone tells you to just sit with your eyes shut. But believe me, meditating for half an hour every day brings a lot of calmness and positivity to you. 

Be devoted to personal growth.

Self-love and care require you to be invested in personal, mental, and physical growth. Invest your free time in reading books about positive thinking or take up a course that will upgrade your skills. Make a chart about your dreams and aspirations, and read and visualise that you have already achieved those dreams daily. This will help keep your mind active and keep driving you towardss working hard towards achieving your life goals.

After all, succeeding in life takes a lot of effort.

Indulge! You are worth it.

This is going to be the most fun of all, hence saved for the end.

Just like you spoil your loved ones by giving them fine jewellery and clothes, why not pamper yourself by buying some fancy gold jewellery, nose rings, or some fashion jewellery to stylize those old clothes.

Oh, I know. How about big hoop earrings or a choker necklace, and to go with it, nice delicate anklets?

How about you try nice Jhumkis with a bohemian dress? Sounds interesting, right?

You could also stylize the boring office white shirt with a chunky silver-oxidised necklace.

These accessories will surely revamp your look and stylize your personality.

I know you are wondering. I have written so much on how to love yourself, and it is better said than done, but remember, if you have to reach the top and be successful, you have to take the first step.

Let’s take the first step together and love ourselves before anyone else this Valentine's Day!