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MEMORIAL DAY 2022 All You Need To Know About


Here comes that day when you bestow respect and honor onto the persons who have sacrificed their lives entirely for the greater good of the nation. It is the memorial day 2022 when we must remember all the combat veterans of this great nation of America or at least express gratitude for their honest and dedicated service without asking any favors in return.

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of the month of May. It was first observed in 1868 as ‘Decoration Day’ but after the World Wars, it became a more generalised day of remembrance for the whole world and thus, then Congress made it officially as ‘Memorial Day’ and granted it federal holiday status. This year, Memorial Day 2022 falls on May 30th as it is the last Monday of May. Memorial day is about dressing up the pride of your nation and showing off your patriotism and remembering those who have lost their lives while fighting for the greater good of the world because a soldier from the United States of America doesn’t just fight for this land but for world peace. 


Almost 25 known places tend to claim a historical background for this holiday of Memorial Day and even today, Memorial Day 2022 is known to be celebrated there with immense pride as an official origin place of the federal holiday. However, as per Columbus State University of Georgia, the decoration of war heros’ graveyards with flowers and garlands is an ancient tradition even before the American Civil War. 

Let’s get back to today and how you would celebrate this Memorial Day 2022 and on a special note, is here to bring you a suggestion of how to celebrate Memorial Day 2022 if you are an South Asian American i.e. Indian American, Pakistani American, Bangladeshi American, Nepali American and Sri Lankan American. Karmaplace is offering you a whole world of new possibilities. It is about the celebration of the mixed heritage of being both American and Indian. Memorial Day 2022 will be about a whole new generation of Asian Americans celebrating the heritage of American land as there have been such drastic changes brought up by this multicultural new generation of mixed race individuals with several law reforms for women and children and the whole of environmental laws too. 


As we all know already, Memorial Day 2022 is about the celebration of those lost heroes in war and we try to keep them in our nostalgic memory forever. There lies a whole new experience to showing remembrance and honoring their efforts for the greater good of America and the world. Today, memorial day 2022 is more of a federal holiday that allows every individual to spend quality time with their family while shopping and spending the whole day watching memorial day movies or just hanging out through memorial day sales. 


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All Americans usually greet each other very sincerely with a humble ‘Happy Memorial Day’ throughout the day of Memorial Day 2022. 


The weather on Memorial Day 2022 will be clear skies and the summer season will shine brightly to the wholesome pride of bringing an American honoring the war heroes. 


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