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Akhilesh Gautam |


All the land to the south of Asia was once full of gold and enriched with royalty. Today, in the 21st Century, this land is at a stage of leading so many nations ahead towards development and prosperity through its technology, labor and humanity. This is the land known as India and on August 15, 2022, All Indians will be celebrating her 75th independence day of India. As the honorable prime minister of India - Narendra Modi says, lets celebrate the Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav i.e Platinum Jubilee Anniversary of India. At Karmaplace, we are honored to bring you the Indian ethnic garments for this 75th Independence day of India with complete pride and respect towards Indian heritage and send wishes like happy 75th Independence day India or simply happy independence day India.


Indian history dates back to eons ago with earliest recorded history from Indus Valley Civilization at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro which is in Today’s Pakistan. Pakistan was separated from India in 1947 when both nation-states partitioned after the British Empire ended their rule. This was a consequence of communal conflict that was fueled for years from the British Administration throughout the history of India.

India is a nation full of diversity in terms of ecology, religion, race and so much more. India was a harmonious country where people of all backgrounds stayed together with petty conflicts rising every now and then but the major conflict between two major religious communities - Hindus and Muslims was sparked when the British Empire learnt from the history of India that this nation can be ruled unless it is divided.

British India was partitioned into two - East Pakistan (comprising the eastern part of today’s West Bengal state of India) and West Pakistan (comprising of western regions - Sindh, Baloch, etc). Later on, East Pakistan became independent state of Bangladesh and West Pakistan seceded as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and thus, history of India witnessed the cruelest and most disgraceful part that was the Partition of Indian motherland into three. However, today all three nations are working at their best with growing economy and the Indian diaspora, Pakistani diaspora and Bangladeshi diaspora are living with harmony across the world especially South Asians in the United States and South Asians in the United Kingdom where all together they form the largest majority living with unity and peace.


On this 75th Independence day of India in the year 2022, let’s take efforts to understand the colors of the India flag meaning as most of us tend to think that those three colors and the Ashoka Chakra in the center represent the religions of India. This is a ridiculous justification of the colors of India flag meaning.

People generally think the saffron at the top symbolizes Hinduism, White stands for christianity and the green for Muslims. Whereas, the ashoka chakra in blue is for the buddhist minority. However, the actual meaning of Indian flag colors is completely different and disconnected to the religions.

Forefathers of India who designed the Indian flag - tricolor or tiranga portrays three colors, saffron, white and green with blue-colored Ashoka Chakra. The saffron is about the resistance of British rule, the white is for the positive light towards progress and the last color of green is about our connection to nature. Ashoka chakra was adopted from the Ashoka Empire - an important part of History of India. It represents the wheel or cycle of dharma i.e. the truth or satya.


All over the nation, you will see people chanting these words - Bharat Mata ki Jai, which means ‘Hail Mother India’ as well as wishing everyone with - Happy 75th Independence day or Happy independence day India - on this 75th Independence day of India and more similar Independence day quotes India become trending all over the social media. Karmaplace is here to present you some popular independence day quotes India just for you as follows -

  • ‘Swaraj (Independence for India) is my birthright and I shall have it’ - Bal Gangadhar Tilak.
  • India is a country whose greatness lies in its undying ideals of love and sacrifice
  • At the stroke of the midnight house, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

As the month of August has arrived, the 75th Independence Day of India will be one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Every Indian will be taking part in Independence day celebration India as the Red Fort in Delhi, like every year, will witness a glorious event this year on August 15, 2022.

Although being at a distance, you all can still be a part of this independence day celebration India by wearing the colors of the Indian flag i.e. saffron, white, blue and green. Celebrate this 75th independence day India with Karmaplace with the best of traditional Indian wear like kurta, kurtis, sarees and so much more paired with ethnic footwear and Indian jewelry.


Karmaplace, keeping India closer at the heart of its platform, is celebrating 75th independence day of India with an independence day sale. Let’s celebrate the glorious history of India by shopping on an online independence day sale with traditional Indian wear like orange kurti, white kurta for womens, orange kurta for men, white kurta for men, Indian kidswear, Indian traditional jewelry.

  1. Orange Traditional Indian Wear
Orange Traditional Indian Wear

As the color of Saffron represents rebellion or resistance against colonialism, the orange traditional Indian wear will symbolize the bravery of contemporary India. Shop orange kurti online at Karmaplace at best rates with free shipping. Also, shop online orange kurta for men with additional discount coupons. You style a beautiful white dupatta over your orange kurti or maybe a classic Indian clutch with an orange saree for this independence day celebration.

  1. White Traditional Indian Wear
White Traditional Indian Wear

Dress yourself in pure white fashion apparel showing true integrity and peace towards the history of India. White saree with blue floral print is preferred as an Independence day celebration. Celebrate traditional Indian fashion with white kurta for men and white kurta for womens along with getting your family dressed in different colors of Indian flag like orange kurti for your mother or maybe orange kurta for men for your brother. This will be the best family portrait that you will click for this 75th Independence day of India celebration.

  1. Blue Traditional Indian Wear
Blue Traditional Indian Wear

The navy blue in Ashoka chakra represents the wheel of life and dharma that keeps on going and turning in a circle. Therefore, wearing blue will symbolize you as a person with dharma and a person with always righteousness. Indian kidswear in blue looks so adorable and shades of blue hue is perfect for every kid as it brings out the energy within them that goes on like the wheel which ashoka chakra stands for representing the evergoing history of India.

  1. Green Traditional Indian Wear
Green Traditional Indian Wear

A stunning green saree with zari border is a perfect traditional Indian wear for this 75th independence day of India as you will witness Independence day celebration India while staying in the United States. Wear it with your gorgeous Indian traditional jewelry that you shopped online at Karmaplace.


When did India get independence and from whom?

India got its independence on August 15th in the year 1947 from the British Empire after centuries of colonialism.

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