I have told you a lot about the trends of spring and summer 2021 in my last few blogs. And after reading this title, I know you must be wondering: Is there more to the trend list for 2021? Well, till now, I have only told you about western trends and what trends were showcased on the Milan and Paris runways. I hope those blogs were of some help to you when you were adding things to your cart, considering you could not go on a shopping spree because of the whole pandemic.

In this blog, I would like to tell you about the trends that have been showcased closer to home. Yes, I am talking about ethnic trends showcased at Lakme India Fashion Week (LIFW). The dynamics of Indian ethnic wear have changed. People are getting attracted to classic silhouettes with minimalistic embellishment. After the 2020 lockdown, people have gotten so used to being in their pajamas at home that comfort clothing is a big hit with the masses and seems to be the talk of the town.


I hope you have incorporated the Pantone color of the year, which is

Illuminating: A hue of bright yellow; Pantone 13-0647

Ultimate Grey: Pantone 17-5104

Choosing soothing and bright colors that have taken inspiration from the natural elements, these two colors are going to be the biggest color trend of this season. Both colors represent hope, stability, and unity, conveying a message of strength and optimism across the globe.

Let's celebrate the locals.

Local artisans and handicrafts gained a lot of traction during the lockdown and are back with a bang. India has a rich cultural heritage, which is essential to us and deeply rooted in our culture and tradition.

Various states have various craft clusters spread that produce some of the finest embroidery, weaves, and embellishments. Garments made out of these local weaves and embroidery are unique in their own way and bring a rich heritage to our garments.

embroidery work saree design

People love to experiment with these weaves and embroidery and place them into modern silhouettes. These two, combined with Pantone colors like ultimate grey and hues of yellow, fit right into the trend forecast for 2021.

To make this an Indo-Western outfit, adapt elements of traditional weaves and embellishments and mix them with Western fashion. This will surely be a head-turner for you at your next event.


While wearing an ethnic outfit, be conscious of the fact that you can switch individual pieces from different outfits and create an entirely different outfit.You can experiment with color blocking, create fun combos with different silhouettes and different garments, and even try out prints on prints. Style a lehenga with a long kurta and belt around your natural waist to show those curves and create a chic silhouette.You could also style a short peplum kurta with dhoti pants and color-block them.

Mix and match Saree Blouse Designs

Switch the dupattas of your suit and experiment with traditional weaves for your dupattas to add a touch of luxury.You could also wear a short kurta instead of the blouse with a saree. Sounds interesting, right?

Lastly, style your saree with a large-sleeved blouse, and then wear a belt around your waist, keeping the drapes tucked in or out, however you prefer, and you will look stunning. We know our favorite celebrities and designers are taking a look at the events and the runway. This year is all about experimenting, so wear your outfits with a twist and surprise yourself by merging Western and Indian wear. Add some trendy, chunky accessories to spice things up.


Velvet is the kind of fabric associated with royalty; originally, this fabric was made out of silk. This is a luxurious fabric. It has a unique shiny and soft appearance due to the dense, soft pile of fibers that are evenly cut.

It is the most luxurious fabric, which can add a little drama to your ethnic outfits. It blends very well with your traditional lehengas and sarees and elevates your look to the next level. You can create unique and impressive silhouettes and add some glitz and glamour to your look with a velvet dupatta and bodice.

velvet lehenga

Do some intricate embroidery with a traditional motif in contrasting colors and hues to break the solid tones. Pair your simple chiffon sarees with a velvet blouse to add a touch of royalty to our ensemble. You can also pair a lehenga with a velvet dupatta to accentuate your outfit.


I know I have written this earlier in the post, but I cannot stress this enough. Always go with the Pantone colors of the season. Ultimate gray and illuminating the colors of 2021 will surely spread much-needed positivity amidst this pandemic. Illuminating is a shade that is already very popular in ethnic wear, and ultimate grey is the perfect chic choice for the evening outfit. When these two are combined, it will surely give you a head-turning outfit.


Mughal prints have been with us for a very long time. The Mughals would have a theme or a story in their outfits depicting their era beautifully, with motifs of flowers, animals, trees, paisley, and birds in a colorful manner. These outfits are a symbol of style combined with regal looks. Mughal work generally looks like floral prints with intricate designs. This is too much of a trend to avoid.

mughal print lehenga

When these outfits are stylized well, they can enhance your looks and give you an extraordinary feeling about yourself. Get these prints embroidered on your lehengas, as now is the perfect time to opt for Mughal work. Style these outfits well with chunky choker neckpieces or mang tikkas.

Structures and fills

Frills and ruffles combined with a structured silhouette are huge this season. You could opt for an extravagant ruffled Lehenga choli or a nicely structural blouse, and believe me, these outfits look graceful and elegant.

structures and frills lehenga

Designers like Manish Malhotra and Amit Agarwal have done beautiful craftsmanship on these outfits, and kudos to them for bringing back these magnificent designs with prominent details while keeping a balance between traditional patterns and a modern approach.

Lay it up.

This is probably also adapted from the Mughal era, as jackets were a big part of their garments back then. Well, this trend is the most interesting one, as you get to experiment a lot with it. Layer your lehanga choli with an interesting color block jacket. You could also go a little bold in your styling by layering a beautifully draped saree with a sheer embellished jacket.

layer lehenga design

The best part about this trend is that it will keep you warm even in cold weather as you add an extra layer. If you have a special love for layering all your outfits and are bored of only layering your Western outfits, this trend is definitely for you.

Don't ignore your TRIMS.

You must be wondering why trims are so important when you buy an outfit that has a good amount of embellishment.Well, trims can make or break an outfit. Trims can glam up your outfit and take your style game up a notch.Choose from a wide variety of ostrich feathered trims or beaded trims. You can also opt for scallop-cut trim detailing or a ruffled trim. Even though I agree that scallop trim has been in style for quite some time, I am telling you it is here to stay.

Bridal lehenga

You can also just add a nice scallop-trimmed dupatta to a basic kurta set, and it will instantly change the look of the outfit. You could also have feather trim detailing on your lehenga blouse or a saree blouse, and I know no one can beat Falguni and Shane Peacock in feather-detailing outfits. Check out their latest collection for some inspiration.Grab these stunning trends, and I am sure you will slay the look like a queen.


Who does not love an experimental element with a dramatic style to their ethnic outfit? Well, this trend has got you covered. This season, bold sleeves like leg mutton and bell sleeves are making a comeback in a huge way, along with plunging necklines. This is probably one of the trendiest features of this season.Today's modern brides are not shy or hesitant to flaunt their famine side by making empowering and bold statements through their outfits.

off shoulder lehenga

If you think this over-the-top trend is not for you, think again. I must say you should definitely give this one a try. You can incorporate these designs into your lehenga, saree blouse, or even an Anarkali.


I know we will forever wear a saree or a lehenga choli for a wedding function. While they will stay evergreen, why not step away from the clichés and opt for pant sarees or skirt sarees?

Designer sarees online

Well, these beautiful outfits are a game changer. Opt for a beautifully ruffled blouse with a pre-stitched pant saree for cocktails and after parties, and you will surely be the talk of the town.


Chevron pattern lehengas have finally been given the attention they have always deserved from our favorite iconic designer, Sabyasachi. These lehengas, paired with some hot plunging necklines, recreate this ethnic style for our modern bride. There are multiple chevron-patterned lehengas available to choose from, but my favorite will always be the Sabyasachi one. Do have a look.

This year, let’s leave all the negativity behind and go big and bold in our choice of outfits. I am so excited to see these latest trends on our brides and their fabulous selves.

My favorite trend this season is exaggerated sleeves and plunging necklines.

Tell me which one is yours in the comments below.