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Jewellery trends of 2021

Online Jewellery Trends at KarmaPlace

I know the whole of 2020 the only accessories we have worn is a face mask and if you are a little experimental then u might have bought a jazzy mask with a pearl chain or a hand beaded mask.

But is that much accessorizing enough?

Well it is definitely not enough for me! So let’s dust of those stored jewellery boxes because 2021 is surely a year to over accessorize, after all we have to make up for not wearing any jewellery in 2020 right? But let’s not get carried away and look obnoxious by going crazy with a lot of jewellery.

Famous designers gave us a lot of gorgeous styles for accessorizing in 2021. They have sent beautiful new styles down the runway in their spring summer collection which include, black tie baubles and casual jewellery. Versace and Etro showcased beach beads, while Dolce and Gabbanna showcased big floral earrings. Ulla Johnson also showcased really big earrings.

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Designers like Chanel and Balenciaga also tried to sell us miniature bags as necklaces.

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But with all these trends being showcased the question still remains are we willing to shop?? I know some of us must have impulse purchased or stocked up some jewellery in 2020 which they never got a chance to wear. I just want to tell you’ll do not worry, some of the jewellery trends of 2020 will surely re-emerge this year.

So here are a few hottest jewellery trends of 2021 that you should be excited to invest in.

Read on!!!

  • Elegantly Gracious Pearls

Pearls are powerful, gracious and elegant. Yes sure they are called “Grandmother’s Pearls” that also with good reasons as they have been around forever and because of this their popularity had also diminished for a bit, but they are making a comeback like a boomerang and claiming its rightful throne that has always been meant for her.

While the whole world is debating over mined versus man-made diamonds, it is time for us to draw our attention towards another gen which is perfectly for our next generation’s jewellery customers. Pearls are organic, natural, environmentally sustainable and a renewable gem. Pearls come in all shapes and colors and the best part about them is they play well with other gems as well.

Pearls have a lot to offer in terms of design as well. She can prove that she is not just a piece for jewellery meant for grand mother’s closet! Shying away from her typical Grand mother type reputation Pearls have exploded the fashion world with different designs, contemporary shapes and sizes. She is one beautiful gem that can be simple and ornate with utmost elegance and grace. No wonder Pearls are currently claiming their glorious moment in the fashion industry and they are named as the Perfect Luxury Gems of the Millennials.

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  • Candy color pop

Leave the colors of dread and anxiety in 2020, 2021 is all about vibrant and candy colors. You will see jewellery and other accessories as well leading in this trend. This year a pop of neon and candy colors will surely brighten up your wardrobe and add some glamour in a simple white t-shirt and blue denims as well.

I know these candy color accessories reminds you of beaches and swimsuits and a much needed Vay-Kay far far away with lots of cocktails but Even if you are heading for a board meeting a little pop of color in your office neutrals does not hurt any one.

Wear a statement red necklace with a white pants suit or wear some candy blue earrings with your black fitted blazer or you can also wear a multi colored choker necklace with a beige formal dress. Options are uncountable! You just have to think out of the box and style these pop of colors in your daily life.

So girl no need for you next beach vacation to wear these pretty baubles. Stack up the jewellery or just wear a single piece, just don’t be afraid to wear these amazing trendy color and lift your mood right up.

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  • Bauble Heads

After beaded face mask and beaded mask chains bauble had to make its presence felt in jewellery and fashion world as well. I know what you thinking colourful bauble jewellery is so 80s & 90s. But trust me this is making a comeback in 2021. But back then it was pretty basic colorful round beads.

But it won’t hurt to inject a little fun and adventure into these bauble jewellery. Like I said earlier this year is all bold making a bold statement with your jewellery and other accessories. Wear big bauble beads not just in round shape but experiment with shapes like spherical, flat back, faceted, glass beads, heart shaped, and crystal shaped beads. The possibilities are endless.

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  • Heavy Hardware

Statement jewellery is not new to us, we saw a lot of statement jewellery on the fall/ winter runway of 2020 as well. But in spring/summer 2021 statement jewellery has been taken to another level.

We can track back chain jewellery history to 2500 BC when ancient Egyptians would wear links of silver and gold together. Chains have appeared for several seasons and we have not been able to get rid of them and I don’t think we will ever be able to, given its long and ancient history.

The trend of chain jewellery became popular in 2019 and have not left us ever since and this year hardware chains and hoops have got even bigger. This jewellery has a unique and novel craftsmanship and it becomes more outstanding when used in elaboration. And this year the chain jewellery is not restricted to bracelets and necklaces, you will see its glimpses in earrings too.

You can see glimpses of these statement jewellery on Hermes and Victoria Beckham’s runway which reminds us of a hardware store.

I know it was said after the sad 2020 year we all have had, 2021 will be bigger and better! The spring summer runway took the above statement literally and proved that 2021 is definitely bigger, that is if our ear lobes can withstand it!

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  • Single Earrings

This is a trend that is trying to make its mark for quite some time now. But of course it has not got the spotlight yet. I am not even sure it deserve the spotlight at all though. But never the less if Brands like Fendi and Alberta Ferretti are making a statement with single earrings on the runway maybe its worth a shot. After all who I am to judge.

You know this trend is like those average 1st dates, maybe deserves a second chance or maybe its better to simply forget about it. What is you take on it?

  • Metal Crush

We hear metal jewellery and immediately think about smooth metal earrings, chains and cuffs. But the jewellery trend of 2021 is a little different. Crushed metal cuffs, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces are going to be big this year.

This is actually one of the simplest trends and something that people often encounter. Metal jewellery be it gold or sterling silver, is a powerful in particular but the crushed jewellery surface looks so elegant and different that it is perfect option for glamming up a look and people have started paying more attention to this jewellery. It has bold design and eye catching surface texture.

This unique texture and design is mainly used in earrings and bracelets or hand cuffs.


  • Ball Obsession

When it comes to the first impression for ball jewellery, industrial balls or glass pin balls always comes to our head involuntarily.

The spherical elements have been favored countless number of times in the recent years on the runway.


Pearl necklace in the Alberta Ferretti Autumn / winter show in 2014

Disco Earrings in spring / summer show of Prada – 2016

Oversized metal spherical earrings in spring / summer Balenciaga show - 2021

This spherical metal jewellery is particularly eye catching and graphic when worn during the day as it have special reflective characteristics it give us an illusion of a small world being hidden in these earrings.

Hence they were spotted everywhere on the spring summer runway this year.

The heavy metal geometric elements can be found in bangles, pendants, chokers, earrings hand cuffs etc. which makes them a trend which is not easy to get rid off and is here to stay. The biggest advantage of this spherical metal jewellery is that they match with almost every piece of clothing. You can wear this kind of accessories at a casual or a party event, you could also wear it for formals event or boardroom meetings.

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  • Mismatched jewellery

I told you about single earrings, now it is mismatched jewelleries turn. I Know mismatched jewellery does not have a lot of fan following but I think it is worth trying this year because this jewellery trend is here to stay. This year’s spring summer runway saw a lot of glimpses of mismatched earrings from major designers and brands. It seem that asymmetric jewellery will still be a popular trend in the future.

In this era of giving public what they want these asymmetric earrings definitely cater to the public needs. It satisfies all girls and boys who have a need to be different and make a statement through their accessories.

You could wear two different pair of earrings or just change a few details in the existing one to create stunning effects.

You could also wear co-ordinated earrings like the star and moon earring or the geometric shape mismatch earrings.

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  • Necklace or a hand bag or both?

In 2020 we saw much needed helpful holder bags trending and this year we saw necklaces in the shape of a mini bag trending in jewellery. Don’t believe me? Just check out Chanel’s or Max Mara’s recent collections.

I am sure next year we will see bags that can double as necklace as well trend. I am not sure though how much this trend will work, after all not all trends are accepted by masses.

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  • Long necklaces

After the long trending chockers it is refreshing to see long necklaces back in action. Brands like Dior, Chloe, Chanel, Tory Burch and Versace had their versions of this long necklace in their latest collection bring back in the trend of long neckpieces. We even saw these long neckpieces with mini hand bags in the end as well.

  • Figural Jewellery findings

Figural jewellery are pieces that replicate the real object. You can see inspirations from flowers, animals, humans and other common objects in these jewellery. These jewellery is very interesting and bold.

It is perfect for those weird first meets or awkward video conferences.


Please do let us know how this blog was helpful in selecting your jewellery for the spring summer in the comments below.

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