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Fashion cliché that need’s to be broken

We have all heard about certain don’t in the fashion world, like don’t wear after Labour Day and red and pink don’t go well together.

Well aren’t rules meant to be broken????

Let’s review some of these old school rules!!!

  • No white after Labour Day.

No matter what time of the year it is white looks stunning, be it white shoes or a dress or just white everything. Countless designers have shown over the years that why is not a color to be worn only in winters, but it can be worn all year round as the color gives a modern feeling.

White makes us look fresh and awake and all set to get tanned on your beach vacation.

Wear whites no matter what time of the year it is. Just remember in case you opting for whites in winter, opt for fabrics like cashmere and wool and not linen and cotton because you might just freeze if you wear cottons and linen in winters.


  • Don’t wear white to someone else’s wedding.

Well you should wear a wedding gown to someone else’s wedding or even something which is similar to a wedding gown. But I don’t think just by simply wearing a particular color you can steal someone’s big moment or upstaging the bride at her wedding.

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  • Red and pink clash – Never wear both

Somewhere along the way these two shades if paired together, got a very dirty look for others. I mean we all remember Anjali wearing candy color skirt, top and accessories to impress Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai… Yes that was a bad pairing and just a bad look over all!!!

But if these colors are paired purposefully they will actually look quite eye catching and modern.

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  • Don’t let your bra show

It feels cruel to not to show them off with such pretty option available out there. Of course you can not have a basic bra popping out of your shirt or nude bra strap falling down the shoulder that is a big no no!!!

But with so many beautiful bras out there it would be a crime not to show them off once in a while. Just make sure wear it in a way it feels intentional. Layer a long line bra under a sheer top, or wear a fancy strapped bra showing off the strap with a strapless dress, or unbutton a sweater or a blouse to show off a little bit of your lacy demi cup bra. You can also add a pop of color with your bra strap in your neutral strappy or strapless dresses.

  • Take one accessory off before leaving the house

Why Why Why????

Refer to my previous blog on 2021 trends in jewellery. Bold and bling accessories are in. Why should we dial down on accessorising ourselves? A fabulous women like Iris Apfel has proven time and again stacking on some bling can be quite fabulous. She give us some major fashion goals.

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  • You must wear a belt if your shirt is tucked in.

Even if a belt is one of you top favorite accessory, at times it just clutters an outfit. This rule sound more like an office uniform kind of a rule rather than a rule to get the style right. But if u ask me I don’t think there absolutely anything wrong in not wearing a belt even in professional environment.

Just make sure your pants fit your waist perfectly. 

  • Legs or cleavage – Never both

Ever heard the phrase – Bare what you dare?? Or own what you wear??

Choose to wear what you are comfortable in and don’t think about such rules, it will only make you more conscious.

  • Tall women should not wear heels.

Why?? Because men get intimidated? This rule is not only silly but also a little sexist.

Why should you deny yourself from wearing heels just because you are tall? The fact is heels look amazing on tall people. Let all the stereo type go and wear the tallest heel you can walk in and trust me you will be the most captivating person at the party.

  • Short women should not wear long dresses

This has been always told to us by our elders if your short don’t wear full length dresses or skirt as this will end up making you will look shorter.

Well this is a complete myth and on the contrary a well fitted nicely draped full length dress in a solid color can make you look taller. Make sure you keep your top fitted or tucked in. Just don’t wear anything which is a little bulky and you are good to go.

  • Shorts are only for summer

How can a piece of clothing be only for a particular season? I have never understood this logic. I am sure the person who cut his denims in 1/4th pants didn’t think I will only wear this in summer months.

Wear your shorts in winter with opaque tights and boots and a sweater and you have a stunning winter look. Just don’t wear summery fabrics like cotton in winter. You can wear denims, wool jacquard and leather shorts in fall and winter and trust me the will look amazing with ankle booties.

  • Don’t wear too many mixed prints.

I know a lot of people do not understand which print goes well with each other. But trust me wearing print on print can give you a extremely fresh look and will definitely elevate your style from ordinary to being street style ready.

You can mix florals with stripes, Polka dots with ikat or even leopard with snake print. Just remember what ever you wear, wear it with utmost confidence.


  • Navy and black don’t go well together.

This particular rule is believed by a lot of people, but let me tell you I think this rule is completely absurd. I have worn a lot of combinations of Navy blue and black and I think this combination looks completely chic.

This trend first started in 2012 when brands like Mui Mui, Gucci, and Mary Kate experimented on the runway with the hues of black and navy blue.

Even if you just add an opaque black tight to your navy dress with black peep toes, this is a rule worth breaking.

  • Silver or Gold Jewellery – Not both

Actually in some cases wearing gold and silver jewellery together enhances the look even further. We have seen a lot of bloggers and influencers mixing metals and this can give you a very unique and fresh look. The trick behind wearing this make it look deliberately worn instead thrown everything together.

Try stacking up different silver and gold bracelets together.

  • Horizontal stripes or big prints makes you look bigger.

Horizontal lines making you look wider and fatter is pretty cliché. Yes sure a well fitted horizontal stripped bodycon dress made of spandex might only suit a model but a nice cotton stripped shirt tucked in with a fitted denim, or a feminine skirt with horizontal stripes or a simple stripped t-shirt with a jeggings will look good on any woman and flatters every body type.

The same ideology applies for bold and big prints as well, as big prints do not make you look bulky!

So do not be conscious and wear what you want!

  • Dress according to your body type.

No No No No Noooo!!! Can we stop with the body shamming?

Our body is not a problem that needs strategic dressing to be solved!!!

So please wear what you like and fits you well.

  • Sparkle is just for the evening.

Says who?? Sparkle is for all day everyday. Bling during the day make you look effortlessly stylish so wear a blingy sequin bottom with a simple cream or a white top and look your street style best.

  • Keep you distant from someone wearing the same outfit?

We get the appeal of having a unique dressing sense and not looking like others, but if you go to a party and someone is wearing the exact same outfit as you, I don’t think this is something to be embarrassed about. In fact get clicked together and Instagram it with the hashtag #twinning

  • While wearing a dress or a skirt at a formal event you must wear tights or pantyhose.

I just have to tell you’ll one thing for this… You are not Kate Middleton! You don’t have to follow this.

  • You need to show skin to look sexy.

This is completely false. Wear a pencil fitted denim with a silk fitted full sleeves blouse and some hoop earrings and pumps and you will walk tall and look absolutely stunning.

If you wear well fitted clothes that accentuates your curves you don’t have to show your skin to look sexy.

  • Sneakers are only for the gym

Sneakers are for all occasions. We have so many sneaker options like wedges sneaker, slip- on sneakers, high rise, low rise etc. When influencers and bloggers are wearing this latest trend with everything from a fitted skirt to jeggings, from denims to dresses, why should we lack behind?

  • Denim on denim is a disaster

Sure it’s very tricky to get denim on denim right, but you will look extremely stylish once you understand the trick of wearing a denim jacket with denim pants.

Trick- Play with various washes, Pair a light denim washed jacket with dark denim pants or vice versa. 

  • Red lipstick is only for evening

Yes once red lips and smoky eyes were considered as an evening look. But now wearing a red or a shocking pink or a bright orange lipstick is considered as an accessory by itself, and can definitely be worn during the day with neutral and basic colors and minimal eye make up.

  • Sweatshirts are for home

Matching or co-ordinated sweats are the most in thing are not only meant for wearing at home. You even get crop top and sweats combo which looks pretty stylish when accessorized well.


  • Loose clothes falter plus size people

It is a myth that bulk or larger breasted people should wear loose clothes, in fact loose clothes might make you look one size bigger.

The area under the bust is the smallest torso measurement in a women, so emphasizing it with a structured waist band will make you look one size smaller.

  • You should take what is in Fashion seriously as it speaks a lot about you.

It is tempting and fun to judge someone based on what they are wearing. But clothes cannot tell you if a person is rich or poor or is hard working or lazy or messy or neat. You need to know the person to understand him or her.

In fact the person who judges another person solely on the basis of their clothes is quite shallow I must say.

So don’t judge!

Hope this blog helps you break free from the age old myths. Tell us in the comments below. 



Shargun - March 3, 2021

After reading your blog I can say that now I can know a little more about fashion. Because previously I was not knowing many of these points but thanks to you. Looking forward to more such blogs!!!

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