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Kurtis are considerably recent innovations, if you compare them with other traditional Indian outfits like a saree or a salwar kameez. However it was not totally a new development since traces of Mughal clothing do have experience of the Anarkali kurtas worn by both men and women. Therefore speaking of Indo-Western culture, today if you talk about Kurtis, we find it something that has been a derivation out of a kurta, a very innovative development, which has given birth to women's clothing. Hence today when you see Indian women, mostly you will find Indian women sporting the ethnic spirit of wearing a Kurtis.

In order to wear your perfect partywear Kurtis you need to fit it with appropriate accessories, which would make you look gorgeous. Partywear Kurtis are traditional or Indo-western outfits which are both versatile and elegant, but also offer the utmost comfort and are worn by women irrespective of their age groups. In case you feel uncomfortable in wearing Kurtis, you should know it has more benefits than a normal generic salwar kameez and therefore millions of women are opting for Kurtis. Pairing up this party wear Kurtis design with different kinds of bottom wears, which includes long skirts, leggings, trousers,churidars, palazzo, jeans etc. Can easily create trendy style statements at parties. And since parties speak of sophistication and elegance, many designer party wear long Kurtis have won the hearts of numerous women, and therefore they go for this option even without second thought.

Following a some specific types of designer party wear long Kurtis which are extremely popular and in vogue

  • Tail Kurtis

Going by the name, tail Kurtis have a tail kind of extension from behind, making it look longer from behind but short from front. This category is very much in trend, and is a part of the family of asymmetrical Kurtis. Another kind or tail Kurtis is found in online stores, which are the front cut kurtas, adding more layers and flares to the outfit , hence creating a catchy beautiful look. Since 2017, tail Kurtis are a hit at parties with many brides also opting to wear them at their reception parties. Women at times choose to wear the tail Kurti without bottoms, which adds to the glamorous and elegant look. Pairing a tail Kurtis is the easiest as it can be paired with a lot of bottoms like   jeans,stockings, legging,and jeggings. Moreover, wearing an ethnic jacket on top ads to extra sophistication and flare of the outfit. These party wear Kurtis online shopping can be done conveniently sitting in your house, scrolling through multiple websites and finding your ideal tail Kurtis, without having to step out of the house. The benefit of availing your preferred tail party wear Kurtis online gives you great Kurtis at affordable ranges.

  • Dhoti-style Kurtis

The constant experimentation by innovative designers in the fashion industry in India has resulted in creating contemporary changes in the  designs of the party wear Kurtis we see today. Such a new innovation is the Dhoti style kurti, which is an absolutely new trend that has made a mark in the industry. Dhoti style Kurtis resemble an amalgamation of traditional and modern touch. The dhoti style Kurtis have an unusual drape style which is extremely comfortable to wear and sophisticated to look at. This gorgeous category of party wear Kurtis are body-hugging till the waist and are loose from the waist down, rendering a cascading look. The dhoti style party wear kurti design can be worn bottomless like a dress or can be comfortably paired with body-hugging pants having fancy prints or stockings, jeggins, leggings. Not only are these Kurtis ideal for parties but are also are at hit at weddings, festivals and other special occasions. These Kurtis can often be paired with statement studs, ear jackets, or ear cuffs. The standard look of this outfit never ceases to amaze you or others and thus is one of the favourite designer party wear long Kurtis.

  • Angarakha Kurtis

Angrakha Kurtis have a personal history of their own since in ancient times, these traditional Kurtis were worn by the courtesans of the royal courts. This  party wear kurta design is worn like an over jacket overlapping and  contrasting with flares and  similar flaps,which rest on each other and are kept in place  together with the help of dori or straps which are stitched  at the side of the chest . The dori of the angrakha Kurti consists either of a small Latkaan or feathery or tassels or boho pom-poms, which are usually tied at the end of the dori, in order to add more sophistication and glamour to the attire. When wearing this designer party wear Kurtis you can pair it up with any kind of bottom wear you feel like. The flared and heavier kind of angarakha Kurtis are however idea for formal events and parties. The Angrakha Kurtis are made up of fabrics ranging from silk, chiffon, net, georgette, and cotton to Chanderi.You can easily avail various patterns of this kind of party wear Kurtis online and can traverse through different websites to hunt down your favourite pair of party wear Kurtis online. Angarakha Kurtis on various websites are a specific genre of designer party wear Kurtis online, from which you can choose the best fit for yourself. These designer party wear Kurtis online can be effortlessly ideal for all kinds of occasions, you just need to find the correct accessories to match up with it along with your bling bag and you're ready to go. Anghrakh Kurti are also a hit at weddings as they come in multiple patterns, bright solid colors and various designs