Long has gone the festival of lights, but all you can think about is this bridal Anarkali style that’s been trending in the upcoming wedding season. All over there is this gossip about dressing the bride in the most precious and elegant way ever with wedding Anarkali suits that would keep all eyes stunned on her. The bridal Anarkali style is the hottest and most raging fashion trend in recent times. It has gone from the Indian homeland to become a global sensation for all Indians and other South Asians wherever they are, and wherever there is a South Asian wedding, one could easily spot gorgeous bridal Anarkali-style gowns or dresses.

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Karmaplace offers you a curated collection of bridal Anarkali-style wedding suits. All the latest designer Anarkali suits are custom stitched as per your size requirements, and we get them delivered to you directly to your doorstep in the US or anywhere else in the world. Feel free and embrace your heritage, despite being far away from your homeland, and relive the glamour of the Anarkali dress that you have been listening to for a long time through your mothers and grandmothers. All women could surely agree on one thing across the world: a wedding Anarkali suit with a unique bridal Anarkali style is a must-have for every bride this year. The Indian bridal Anarkali dress is your go-to fashion style for any wedding, whether you are the bride or the best friend or sibling of the bride. You deserve to feel the royalty beaming within you after styling with Anarkali suits.


Anarkali is a dress for women that originated from the Indian subcontinent, and thus, it has been popular widely across South Asia and the South Asian diaspora globally. Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Sri Lankans are all obsessed with this bridal Anarkali style for almost every wedding event of the year. Anarkali is a suit-like long frock with a long hand top all stitched together, and then a slim-fit bottom, as in leggings or pants, is worn along with it. Anarkali has a long, floral-like blossom at the end.

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The fabrication of an anarkali is greatly dependent on the occasion on which it must be worn and styled. For example, a wedding Anarkali suit could be embellished with delicate zari work or sequin design, whereas net fabric could be utilized for other casual and party occasions.


The etymology of the term ‘Anarkali’ is said to go back centuries into the Mughal Empire during the reign of Emperor Akbar. There was a courtesan, namely Anarkali, who, although considered to be rather fictional, still holds a popular folk narrative around her even today. After all, who is to blame? All credit goes to our dearly Indian cinema that has engraved our evergreen Anarkali into history through the iconic 1960 film Mughal-E-Azam, and it still haunts us to be that beautiful like Anarkali that the world perceives us with the utmost innocence yet chaos. The second explanation for this is that the literal meaning of the word ‘Anarkali’ in the Hindustani language is about a delicate bud of a pomegranate flower, as the pomegranate itself is called ‘Anar’ in the regional Indian language. It somehow has come to represent softness, elegance, and beauty, as its red color all around strongly signifies those elements.


From satin, silk, cotton, and net to the many fabric varieties that exist, they could be implemented into an Anarkali suit. Anarkali is such a beautiful garment that it gets to embrace such a large and ever-expanding variety of fabrics in its elegance. There is simply a need for artisans to craft this suit with a masterstroke of their art. A bridal Anarkali suit can be multifaceted in its design language. They could be designed in a long floor-length design where the blossoming end brushes the floor gently so that it feels almost like a delicate swan has been moving across when you are wearing such an Anarkali. A multi-layered bridal Anarkali suit is such a beautiful outfit that you must try on for your special day, no matter what. There is such a royal empress feeling when you have those layers floating around your waist once you wear and walk with them. It just gives out those dominant and impressive personalities but with a delicate essence.

wedding anarkali dress

Another way to customize the latest Anarkali suit is by adding a jacket that is truly a part of the Anarkali garment itself. This jacket-style bridal Anarkali suit is such a glorious garment that looks beyond speechless for women and girls, especially those who have tall and lean personalities. Lastly, one of those trending varieties of anarkali is a gown, simply called a dress. This type of Anarkali gown, or Anarkali dress, could be worn by women of any age, but only for casual and festive occasions. These fashionable gowns and dresses are designed with minimalist design and modern print patterns for the suitability of a contemporary fashion approach.


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All you can imagine for accessorizing your bridal Anarkali style suit with classic statement jewelry is styling it with oxidized wedding jewelry sets made up of necklaces, jhumka earrings, maang tikka, and Kada bangles.A nose ring colloquially called Nathani gives a wholesome traditional look to your appearance and thus, accessories on a wedding Anarkali suit is a big pool of styling ideas that you can try and reject or embrace uniqueness as much as possible.