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Stunning Lehenga Choli styles handpicked!

Stunning Lehenga Choli styles handpicked!

 The Wedding Lehenga dress comprises of 3 pieces – The Lehenga, The Choli, and the dupatta. The Lehenga is a long streaming skirt worn full length. The Lehenga is in certain areas alluded to as the Ghagra. The Choli is the pullover blouse. The Dupatta is a long fabric hung over the Lehenga and Choli to take after the pallu of a saree.

The Lehenga Choli picked up its rich and imperial look during the Mughal rule around the twelfth to the eighteenth century in India. Despite the fact that its excursion started with cotton as its material, the approach of materials like silk, velvet, chiffon, and brocade have helped it to recapture its imperial touch. Silk and brocade were famous during the rule of Akbar. Slight varieties in the manner the lehengas were styled offered ascend to the gharara, and lachas.

The lehenga choli dress first appeared in white shading. The vast majority of the ladies love the equivalent, and with the expansion in time, the designs were found and assessed. Today, there are in excess of 100 latest lehenga designs. The latest design wedding lehenga for festival are made out of cotton are positive to be worn in some huge occasions. These designs are generally weaved and conventional. Indeed, the segment of plain and delineated plans is the best counterpart for straightforward looks. Legitimate styling is kept up while wearing lehenga choli. Along these lines, it is about the cotton texture which is utilized in making cotton lehenga choli for the ladies.

Importance of a Lehenga:

  • It is significant as a major occasion, similar to weddings. This is valid for ladies as well as the bride.
  • The subsequent significance lies in the texture utilized. The cotton is the broadly utilized texture these days, and individuals by and large go for cotton garments as it were. Lehengas are often comfortable to wear.
  • It is critical to launder lehenga after a timeframe. You have to take care of your beautiful Lehenga.
  • The lehenga choli is useful for imaginative and bewildering look for young kids and make them look adorable.

Which Fabrics are used for Lehenga?

The root of the lehenga started with the cotton. Throughout the decades, silk and brocade took it over and it turned into an aspect of the dress for the rich and the regal. Wedding wear lehengas were frequently produced using silk, brocade or velvet. The more current designers are displaying their work of art utilizing textures like glossy silk, Georgette, cotton mixes, and crepe as well. Combinations are being tested too where the wedding ghagra choli would be sewed from weighty silk or brocade and the dupatta made lighter utilizing crepe.

Why you should get a Wedding Lehenga?

Most bridal lehengas are handwoven and hand-sewed. A ton of innovative and complicated weaving is done onto the long yards of the material before it is hand-sewed into a lehenga. Latest lehenga designs have developed throughout the hundreds of years from the ethnic Mughal plans until the most recent prints and decorated examples. Contemporary plans intertwine present day plans with the ethnic Mughal designs. The Bridal Cholis are frequently made an ideal fit and are carefully secured with facilitated handwork. The Dupatta finishes the polish and style factor to make it a work of art. We have picked out a few latest lehenga designs from leading online store for lehenga choli only for you:


1) Designer Wedding Lehenga

    The modern style planners are giving the ladies too much to pick from in a Designer Wedding Lehenga. In the old days, the first hefty silks and velvets are being replaced by lighter materials like artificial silks, Banarasi silks, chiffons, and georgettes. The conventional reds and maroons are being supplanted by milder hues like pinks, peaches, and whites. While this holds the first wealth, it additionally gets an inconspicuous modern touch. The Designer wedding lehenga here is a red rich banarasi lehenga finished off with a silver-hued sequined glittery choli. The dupatta has been excluded to include a cutting edge look. Latest design wedding lehenga for festival and occasions can look like this too. These can be found in leading online stores for lehenga choli too, just take your pick.

    2) The White Wedding Lehenga

      The White Wedding Lehengas are for each one of those ladies out there who love the shade of virtue and can convey it with the appeal and beauty of a swan. Sonam Kapoor was one such lady. The off white lehenga is erupted numerous folds to remain in ideal creases at the feet. It is self-printed and adorned vigorously in gold sequins and gold applique weaving work. The Choli is totally secured with gold appliqué weaving work while self – printed dupatta is softly carried over one shoulder. This is one of the latest lehenga designs which we see nowadays and everyone loves it! Similar Lehengas can be found in leading online store for lehenga choli.

      3) Bollywood Bridal Lehenga

        Bollywood has assumed a gigantic function in keeping up the magnificence of the Wedding wear Lehenga Choli. Motion pictures like Padmavat, Devdas and so on which were set in the period times exhibited the ladies in wonderfully planned wedding wear lehengas. Bollywood entertainers who tied the bunches also conveyed its brilliance manifolds while they glanced shocking in the most latest lehenga designs. The rich red lehenga and the choli are both vigorously weaved with gold zari work all through. The zari circumscribed dupatta, hung like a saree pallu, gives a diva-like appearance. You can easily find these in different designs in leading online stores for lehenga choli.

        4) Embroidered Work Bridal Lehenga Choli


          Embroidered Work Bridal Lehenga Choli has been an inclination among the ladies who might want to convey something somewhat lighter and not very snazzy. Unpretentious string weaving conveys its own beauty as against the snazzy look of gold zari or sequins. The peach-hued lehenga and choli are delightfully weaved utilizing strings of more obscure shades of pink, earthy colored and green. A decent fix outskirt work is made around the flare of the lehenga and the fringe of the dupatta. This beautiful Lehenga can be one of the latest design wedding lehenga for festival which you consider to wear. You will find many variants of this in leading online stores for lehenga choli.

          5) The Pink Bridal Lehenga

          The Pink Bridal Lehenga

            The shade of all the young ladies is Pink! The Pink Bridal Lehenga Choli is for all the ladies who have persisted their preference for the shade of their adolescence. It comes helpful for ladies who couldn't want anything more than to convey something lighter on their big day. The Pink Bridal Lehenga is sewed in Net texture and adorned smoothly with sequins, little dabs, and gold zari. The Choli, interestingly, is vigorously weaved in gold zari. A net dupatta conversely blue and green shading hung nimbly in a saree pallu gives an entrancing look. This is one of the latest design wedding lehenga for festivals.

            6) Anushka Sharma Bridal Lehenga

            Anushka Sharma Bridal Lehenga

              One of the most discussed weddings in India as of late was that of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma with cricketer Virat Kohli. Aside from being a party in all viewpoints, Anushka's Wedding Lehenga Choli increased current standards on the style remainder. She glanced dazzling in her Sabyasachi bridal lehenga. It is said to have taken 67 specialists the entire of 32 days to make this quality of work. She wore a light pink lehenga which had flawless weaving done in silver and gold strings and decorated with pearls and globules. The lehenga wore themes of extraordinary birds and butterflies. This lehenga was made out of silk and had a net dupatta. You might be able to find something like this in leading online store for lehenga choli since this is one of the most latest lehenga designs.

              7) Velvet Bridal Lehenga

              Velvet Bridal Lehenga

                Among all the textures utilized in planning a Bridal Lehenga Choli, velvet stands apart as an untouched top choice. It tends to be utilized in any shading will even now characterize a similar illustrious and grand look. Being a solid material, the velvet lehenga remains in a lovely umbrella-like flare. The Purple velvet lehenga and choli are flawlessly decorated in gold zari work with substantial fringes and sequins. It is joined with a differentiating light pink net dupatta with zari fringes for a charming look. This type of lehenga is best suited for slim to medium body type and you should wear gold jewelry with heavy jhumkas for a very royal look.

                8) Maroon Lehenga

                  Among the ethnic hues, maroon is an unsurpassed and most loved among ladies and designers till date. The Maroon marriage lehenga Choli is made utilizing velvety texture and weaved intensely in gold silk strings and sequins embellishments. The Dupatta, with light material like net, has some light weaving on it. It is daintily loomed over one shoulder. It reproduces the illustrious look of the Mughal Empire. We suggest you to wear gold antique jewelry with this to bring out the look. This is also one of the latest design wedding lehenga for festival that you can wear.

                  9) Cotton Silk Lehenga

                  Cotton Silk Lehenga

                    The blend of cotton silk lehenga with blended texture is constantly appreciated. This latest lehenga design is prepared from silk, and the dupatta is planned to match with the lehenga. The weaved hues are added to lehenga for a lovely completion. It is one of the most worn lehengas in India. The best shading in this sort of lehenga is dark red. This latest design wedding lehenga for festival should be added to your lehenga collection as soon as possible. You can wear this to any wedding or celebration.

                    10) The Cotton Bandhani Chaniya Choli

                    The Cotton Bandhani Chaniya Choli

                      The cotton bandhani chaniya choli is perhaps the most ideal decision for present day young ladies who love to wear chaniya choli. The design of this lehenga is made sense of with bandhani style and some beautiful work on the pullover blouse. By and large, this lehenga is planned with wonderful patterns and sparkle. It is additionally the most ideal decision for ladies. The chaniya choli gives an alluring search for the lady of the hour. Purchase this beautiful set for your special occasion. You will be able to find this in Leading online store for lehenga choli and can be worn as a latest design wedding lehenga for festival.

                      11) The Jaipur Cotton Lehenga

                      The Jaipur Cotton Lehenga

                        Jaipuri cotton lehenga is, again a superior decision from Rajasthan. The design of this lehenga is kept customary confining total look of Jaipur style. The texture chanderi is utilized with cotton to make it an appropriate lehenga for weddings. The pullover blouse gives a tasteful customary look when worn for a thin fit body type. In this way, it very well may be picked for keeping up a convention for Rajasthani sweethearts. Customary outfits are ideal for all. You will be able to find this in Leading online store for lehenga choli and can be worn as a latest design wedding lehenga for festival.

                        12) The Cotton Print Lehenga

                        The Cotton Print Lehenga

                          The cotton printed lehenga is commonly a basic design with some wonderful work of art on it. The design of the cotton printed lehenga is straightforward and flower prints are indicated consummately on the lehenga for a beautiful look. The cotton texture is entirely appropriate for the printed material, and it is utilized all through the lehenga choli. One can get many shading designs for a similar classification as red, pink, green and orange. This is one of the latest Lehenga designs you can find in the market or online. You will be able to find this in Leading online store for lehenga choli and can be worn as a latest design wedding lehenga for festival. A Cotton print Lehenga  suits every occasion that you can think of or go to. This is one of the most worn lehenga in our county and is loved by all the woman who have worn it.

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