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Different types of Salwar kurta style every woman must know about!

Buy Kurti and plazo set

Consider giving me a handful of Kurtis and a few pants or leggings and I'm sorted for the next few months at the minimum. For most women in India, it's a go-to, because they're comfortable, versatile, and beautiful. It has become a standard for females of all age categories, not just young and middle-aged ladies. But do we know all the various styles of Kurtis, and how to wear them, out there? Or the form which most suits your body? No? Don't worry-soon you'll know it all.

Different types of salwar kurta every woman must know about:

There is one for everyone, for every function. But note, no matter how beautiful a pair of salwar kurta is, it can fall flat if it's not carried the right way and with proper bottoms. The best part of it all is that you can find such salwar kameez online or if you’re in luck then you might find some of these trendy ones in a salwar kameez sale while salwar suit online shopping. Let's look at the various varieties of kurti style trends as well as some styling tips to prevent any kurta misstatements.

Tail Cut Kurti

  1. Tail Cut Kurti

Tail cut Kurtis are very identical to asymmetric Kurtis, except that on the backend they are a bit longer. They immediately pump up your look. For the last couple of seasons, this style has been trending. This type will work well as a salwar kurta pair too!

Suits- Women of young and middle ages.

Body Type-Tall body forms like that of petite, hourglass, pear, and triangle body types.

Avoid If – you attend a formal function, or have some kind of round body.

Occasion- Special occasions and parties.

Goes with – Leggings, Jeggings – full lengthed anything.


High Low Kurti Online Shopping
  1. High-Low Kurti

If you’ve gone salwar suit online shopping then you’ve definitely come across the high-low Kurtis which are also 

another variant falling beneath the asymmetrical bucket. Except those have no definition, and they have a straight hemline.

Suits- Women of young and middle-ages.

Body Type- All body shapes and types.

Avoid If-you are attending a formal event.

Occasion- For an unofficial set-up.

Goes with – Leggings – full or ankle length, printed; Jeggings, Treggings.


Flared Kurti

  1. Flared Kurti

The Flared Kurtis are graceful and classy. They swing both ways, so you can wear them either for a formal set-up or just as everyday wear and which you can easily find on sites selling salwar kameez online. The hemline extends on both sides, adding to the look a little bounce, and this is what makes these appealing.

Suits- Women from young to middle age.

Body Type-Tall body forms, pear, round, and triangle-shaped bodies.

Avoid If – you attend a formal function, or have a kind of round body.

Occasion- Workplace, college, everyday wear.

Goes With – leggings, jeggings – full-length anything.


Flared Kurtis Online Shopping
  1. Poncho Or Kaftan-type Kurti

A comfortable and airy kurti design to camouflage (if any) the underlying fat/cellulite and is the one catching your eye every time you are salwar suit online shopping. It may seem a little exhausting for small body types, but is a fashionable option nevertheless.

Suits- young to middle-aged ladies.

Body type- Tall body types formed by women, and pear, oval, and triangle shapes.

Avoid If – you attend a formal function or are petite.

Occasion- College, regular wear.

Goes with full- length leggings.


Slit Front Kurti

  1. Slit Front Kurti

Your standard printed Kurtis now features a little twist, and that little twist gives your attire a lot of difference. The front slits, combined with palazzos, will hold you apart from the masses, unlike the normal side slits. You can find these online kurti palazzo set in USA, as it comes readily paired with palazzos. You might find it difficult to spot these in a salwar kameez sale, but I’d say look for this one because it’s definitely worth it.

Suits- Women from young towards middle-ages.

Body Type -Tall body, pear, petite, hourglass, and triangle-shaped body types.

Avoid If – you attend a formal function, or have a kind of round body.

Occasion-Office, party, and regular wear.

Pair with –Palazzos.


Pintuck Kurti with straight cut

  1. Pintuck Kurti with straight cut

Pintuck detailing is an elegant component in design that adds charm and elegance to your attire. Looks great on fabrics made from cotton, chanderi, or handloom, which are all very comfortable types of fabrics. With this detailing, there are lots of versions, so there's one for everyone and is easily spotted while salwar suit online shopping and comes as a ready-made set online kurti palazzo set in USA.

Suits- Women from young to middle-ages.

Body Type- Tall body, petite, pear, hourglass, and triangle body type.

Avoid If – you attend parties – this could be too basic.

Occasion- Workplace, college, everyday wear.

Goes With– Pants, palazzos, culottes, everything with a straight cut.


Shirt Style Kurti

  1. Shirt Style Kurti

Kurtis in the shirt style seems to be everywhere these days since they are trendy and comfortable. A natural mix of traditional and modern designs, these are easy to carry and design. A go-to salwar kurta for the modern woman and a preferred type online kurti palazzo set in USA.

Suits- Women from young to middle-ages.

Body Form-Any of all forms of body.

Avoid If – you attend parties – this could be too basic.

Occasion- Workplace, college, everyday wear.

Goes With - Jeans, leggings, jeggings, treggings, or even palazzos.


Angrakha Style Kurti Online
  1. Angrakha Kurti

Angrakha is a style influenced way back in the days by the dresses of the musicians. It is popular amongst foreigners who are willing to dress up traditionally in or outside India and trends online kurti palazzo set in USA. A huge portion of the dress side sweeps like a flap and on the other side, can be embellished and decorated with pom-poms, tassels, or whatever you like. If you're looking for an ethnic-chic look, what you need is this. Not easily spotted in salwar kameez sale or in salwar kameez online sites as it is more found in places with designer or boutique wear.

Suits- Women from young to middle-ages.

Body Form- Any of all forms of body.

Occasion – everyday wear, parties, depending on the fabric and handwork.

Goes With – leggings or perhaps even palazzos if you are able to pull it off.


Denim Kurti

  1. Denim Kurti

The thing about denim Kurtis is that they can be paired with leggings, or can be worn as one-piece dresses solo too. This type can be found on sites with salwar kameez online or online kurti palazzo set in USA. It is popular among young ladies looking for modest dresses.

Suits - Young ladies.

Body Form- Any of all forms of body.

Occasion – in daily usage or in some casual set-up, given that it is denim.

Goes With- Culottes, and leggings, treggings, and jeggings of ankle length.


Best Online Kurti
  1. Printed Kurti

We do not know where to start with this one, because it's an endless list of beautiful prints. There's so much variety on this type of salwar kurta, starting from baltic to block, kalamkari to digital prints – and one that fits every occasion, body shape, preference, and even budget. You can find it on sites with salwar kameez online, even amongst salwar kameez sale items, literally any and everywhere while doing salwar suit online shopping.

Suits- Women of all ages.

Body Form- Any of all forms of body.

Occasion- You can wear printed Kurtis literally anywhere. Pair them with vivid and embroidered dupattas for party wear.

Avoid- It looks noisy and distasteful to pair printed tops with printed bottoms.

Goes With – leggings (any length), dhoti pants, palazzos, jeans, jeggings – almost everything.


Kurti in Tunic Style

  1. Kurti in Tunic Style

The sweet spot between conventional and contemporary hits on tunic designs. They just slip comfortably onto your body and sit beautifully, giving a beautiful shape to your body. This type of salwar kurta is currently in fashion and is available at most salwar suit online shopping centers.

Suits – Young to women in their middle ages.

Body type – Thin, tall, hourglass, pear-shaped, round, and inverted triangular forms of body types.

Occasion – Regular use, workplace parties, college parties, or kitty parties.

Avoid – Wearing short tunics and leggings in full length.

Goes With- Culottes, chinos, leggings, treggings, and jeggings of half or ankle length.


Flared Short Kurti

  1. Flared Short Kurti

Typically, Flared up Kurtis unfold at your breast line only to billow down into a lovely pirouette at the bottom of the hemline. They come in different fabrics and lengths. These are popular online kurti palazzo set in USA, as they provide you a layout that will help you disguise your midriff area in such a way that nobody ever finds out you're having a paunch. I hope you’re looking for this one when looking at salwar kameez online and at salwar kameez sale areas because I would be if I were you!

Suits- Women from young to middle-ages.

Body Type – Body types are thin, tall, hourglass, pear-shaped, and inverted triangle.

Occasion- Work, college, small parties, even as regular wear.

Avoid- Wearing them with leggings of full length. It can look messy.

Goes With- Denim, chinos, leggings, treggings, and jeggings of half or ankle length.


Overlay Style Design

  1. Overlay Style Design

Overlay style salwar kurta is multilayered- usually a layer of embroidery or embellishment that covers the thin material underneath. As most of them come in fluid fabrics such as chiffon and georgette, they are comfortable and give a flattering shape. Reminder- double-check for the sizes before you get them from the salwar kameez sale online.

Suits- Women from young to middle-aged.

Body Type – Thin, tall, hourglass, and inverted triangle.

Occasion- Gatherings, special events.

Avoid- Choose one that is comparatively loose near the tummy region if you have a pear-shaped body form.

Goes With- Culottes, trousers of linen, leggings of half or ankle length.


  1. Kurti Anarkali

Anarkalis have almost taken over the entire ethnic clothesline and they're just everywhere. And it's better than ever kind of salwar kurta with the kind of designs currently out there. The best thing about the Anarkali is that based on the fabric and the work on it, you can either dress up or down. Famous not only in India but everywhere, you can also find these salwar kameez online, at salwar suit online shopping websites, even on places having salwar kameez sale. Such types of online kurti palazzo set in USA are also very famous.

Suits- young to middle-aged females.

Body Form- Any sort of body.

Occasion- Can be worn regularly and anywhere- in parties, college, workplace, etc.

Goes with- ankle or full length-leggings.


Long Straight Cut Kurti

  1. Long Straight Cut Kurti

We all own these and we all love them. Long, straight cut Kurtis fits every occasion and personality and they also make you look stylish instantly. Pick them up every chance you get on salwar kameez sale, or while salwar suit online shopping.

Suits- Women of all ages.

Body type- Tall, hourglass, pear-shaped, inverted triangle body type.

Occasion- workplace, college, parties (depending on the fabric and embroidery)

Goes with- palazzos, leggings, full length, or ankle length.


Indo Western Kurtis Online
  1. Kurti Indo-western style

Found along with other salwar kameez online, this kurti, in indo-western style, is a staple in the wardrobe of any female, and are a must-have. They are warm, trendy, and easy to maintain. You need only a couple of these and a few pairs of jeans and you're sorted.

Suits- Women from young to middle-ages.

Body Type- Any of all forms of body.

Occasion- Workplace, college, and everyday wear.

Goes With- trousers of linen, pants, jeans, leggings, jeggings, and treggings.

Jacket Cum Kurti

  1. Jacket Cum Kurti

A jacketed kurti adds a fascinating description to your outfit and immediately amplifies your look. Actually, it can even pass off as a shirt.

Suits- Women from young to middle-aged. Also available with online kurti palazzo set in USA.

Body Shape- Tall, pear, triangle inverted, and even types of round body.

Occasion- Wear them to office and parties.

Goes with- palazzos and leggings.

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