Maang Tikka is a classic accessory of Indian jewelry that has been worn for many centuries. It is headgear worn in the center of your forehead. Maang Tikka consists of a big pendant-like object attached to a chain with a hook at the end. That hook is attached or clipped to your hair. Indian brides took pride in wearing this jewelry piece on their wedding day, but nowadays, it is also worn by young girls at festivals. Lately, it has also become a part of contemporary fast fashion, as popularized by Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. Many Westerners have adapted it into their partywear looks, and even Gen Z and Millennials show pride in showcasing it as their cultural legacy.

This piece of jewelry is crafted in varieties, so you get to shop maang tika in India from a large collection. Today, a maang tikka can be shopped online anywhere in the world. They are even easily shipped from India to the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries. has a wide collection of genuine and ethnic maang-tikkas with different designs. Shop now for your favorite maang-tikka, but before that, if you want to know the most popular and trending maang-tikka designs to shop online, check out the following and shop accordingly.


Borla maang-tikka is a circular-shaped headgear jewelry piece crafted out of copper metal. It has originated in Rajasthan and other northern Indian states. It belongs to the legacy of Rajputana jewelry, known for its rich and royal elegance. This maang-tikka is also known as rakhi maang-tikka, and it has been worn as a celebrated jewelry accessory for hundreds of years. The design of this Borla maang-tikka varies vastly, with unique regional affiliations and even artwork patterns. It can also be worn with Maatha Patti for a complete bridal look.

Borla Maang tikka online


Borla pieces can be difficult to carry on your forehead unless they are rightly hooked and placed appropriately. It needs to be equally balanced in the center of the forehead. You can style it with this kind of single or multiple-layered Maatha-Pattis, or just keep it simple with dangling earrings and a studded necklace. Firstly, place the Borla on the forehead center and rest the chain on the hair parting. Attach the hook to your hair and use bobby clips to secure its position and balance its spherical weight. Bobby clips that match your hair color would be much better.


If you are going for a simple and contemporary look for a festive event, you can shop online for a Polki Maang Tikka. It is designed in a small shape, more like a pendant style. It is the best alternative to heavy jewelry pieces. It is quick and easy to wear headgear and jewelry accessories. Polki Maang Tikka is designed in petite shapes like circles, diamonds, or triangular, and they also come with minimal Kundan artwork.

Maang Tikka bridal


It is absolutely stylish to wear a polki without any other jewelry accessories. You can also wear modern and urban clothing with polki, such as tunic tops, formal kurtas, and more. It can also be accessorized with stud earrings and a pendant necklace, giving you a simple and upbeat fashion look.


Kundan is a very well-known traditional Indian jewelry design. It is a design artwork made out of elegantly mounting gemstones with gold foil. This design has been crafted and worn in India for ages, and it is available in thousands of varieties. Kundan Maang-Tikka is a very delicate piece, and sometimes the gemstones are required to be supported by bobby pings for extra care.

Kundan Maang Tikka with Earrings


Kundan artwork is supposedly the most beautiful Indian design work that is widely and globally popular. It has been applied to almost all forms of jewelry accessories across every region of India. As the name of this maang-tikka suggests, it goes very well with Kundan design-based necklaces and earrings. Generally, heavy-studded and multi-layered Kundan neckpieces are worn with Kundan maang tikka. However, a simple pendant can also be styled with Kundan maang-tikka, attracting more attention to your forehead.


You can call Maatha Patti an extended version of a maang tikka, mostly worn as part of a bridal jewelry set. It is studded with pearls and other stones. Maang tikka is placed in the center, whereas the maatha patti goes sideways like a crown. This jewelry set can be carried well by women with broad foreheads and pretty cheeks. Maatha Patti can be single-layered as well as multi-layered. The layers would add to the weight of the overall headgear.

Polki Matha Patti


If it is stone-studded and golden-foiled, then it goes much heavier than you can imagine. Maatha Patti can be paired with all the above-mentioned maang-tikkas. Borlas and polkis can have a single maatha patti. Whereas Kundan can be attached with multi-layered maatha patti covering most of your hair. If you have a round face, single-layer maatha patti should be used, as that would avoid making your face more round.


Jhoomar can be classified as a maang-tikka that is worn not on the center of the forehead but on the left side. Jhoomar maang tikka is also known as passa. It is more popular with North Indian brides and most Islamic nations. You can surely see the historical influence of Islamic artwork in the craftsmanship of jhoomar maang-tika. However, it has gone beyond the region and religion, becoming an ethnic jewelry accessory. This maang-tika type can be shopped online with authenticity and good quality. Jhoomars can be found in a variety of shapes, from fan-like to triangular, circular, etc.

Jhoomar Designs for Brides


Jhoomar maang tikka can be styled with a one-sided maatha patti. This covers most of your hair, and thus, your necklace and earrings should be styled in such a way that they don’t look denser around your neck. If you are going for a studded bridal look, go for a multi-layered necklace and dangling earrings with a jhoomar maang tikka and maatha patti.


Damini is an elegant and small maang tikka, but it comes with maatha patti, which is a sort of maala where round jewels are woven together in a thread-like pattern. The maang-tikka chain goes through the parting and attaches to the maatha patti at the back. It is very similar to polki in terms of size, but it is made with more than one jewel. Damini maang tikka basically covers all of your hair. This maang tikka has small jewel danglers, and these danglers could be attached to Maatha Patti as well.

Maang Tikka pearl


Damini maang tikkas can be used for bold looks without using any earrings or necklaces. It is totally up to you if you want to accessorize it with a pair of stud earrings and a simple pendant-like necklace. Read More: Top 10 Classic Indian Earrings: Their History and Origin.  At, you can easily shop from a wide range of Maang Tikkas along with other jewelry accessories: earrings, Martha patties, necklaces, chokers, and more. Maang-tikka originated as a bridal or married woman’s jewelry piece, but today, it can be styled by anyone with a wide variety of designs and patterns. Such ethnic maang tikkas designs could be difficult to find in a jewelry store outside the Indian subcontinent, but nowadays, it is easily accessible to shop online and get them shipped directly from India. You can efficiently shop for your desired jewelry accessories at with all authentic ethnic products.