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8 Designer Bangles For Women That You Need To Know

Bangles for women Gold

Designer Bangles For Women

India is not called Incredible India for a reason, the country is rich in culture, art forms, tradition, attires, and ornaments. 

Designer Bangles For Women that are thin and solid which are similar to a solid bracelet have innumerable significance in India Culture. 

The word bangle comes from the Hindi word ‘Bungri’ which means glass. 

The bangle is a traditional ornament worn by South Asian women in countries like India Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

It is considered inauspicious for married women to be bare-handed. The North-Indian brides wear glass bangles as a representation of their Suhag (love) for the husband and the prosperity of their after-marriage life.

Bangles are also known as a symbol of “subhagya” also known as the “complete women”

  • History Of Bangles

These ornaments are usually made from materials like Gold, Silver, Copper, Glass, Iron, Wood, and Plastic.

An archaeologist has excavated bangles made of various metals which can be dated back to the Mauryan Empire, in various parts of India.

They have also found gold bangles from the historic site of Taxila which proves how far back this culture and tradition goes.

A dancing girl artifact which was from 2500 Bc was excavated from Mohenjo-Daro society which was made of bronze had not worn anything else apart from multiple bangles in one hand and the other hand was on her hip, proving the importance of wrist ornaments in Indian culture from olden times.

History of bangles in Indian culture


Even the Indian mythical stories and pictures have not only women but also men adorning the slightly thicker version of bangles know as Kangana.

Even other cultures in Africa also think of bangles as a part of their culture and their identity.

Let us go through this list of different types of bangles set

There are a lot of different kinds of indian bangles in Indian culture which hold different kinds of significance across Indian states.

  • Kundan Bangles 

Kundan bangles look royal and classy. They are a perfect example of fine craftsmanship and beautiful jewelry designing.

There are a lot of different kinds of Kundan bangles available, ranging from simple single-colored gold bands to thick gold kadas with different colored stones.

Some of the Kundan bangles have beautiful meenakari work on the backside of them.

Indian Kundan Bangles

 These colorful bangles with intricate work are more popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat. 
  • Gold Bangles

There are a lot of people who adore the metal gold and also believe it is the only metal that is worth showing off. 

For people who like gold, their jewelry is generally made of pure gold, and the designs are worth gazing over. 

Their ornaments have the most elaborate design and intricate detailing which makes them suitable for traditional as well as modern women.

Gold bangles Indian


 However wearing such heavy gold bangles has its drawbacks like being heavy on the hand, the threat of theft, etc. 

Karma Place brings alternatives that will look as if you are wearing Gold bangles without the risk of it. 

  • Green Glass Bangles Mixed With Gold Bangles 

The women of Maharashtra along with some parts of Karnataka wear green glass bangles on their wrists.

These gold bangles for women are considered a symbol of fertility and auspiciousness and hence only that is the reason why only married women wear them.

These bangles are an identity of Maharashtrian women and you will find them in almost every Maharashtrian home.

These bangles are generally teamed up with thick gold bangles on each side, As gold is also considered an auspicious metal and it is said that and married women wearing gold or gold plated bangles bring a lot of prosperity and good luck into the house. 

Green bangles for Bride

 Karma Place has taken inspiration from this culture and we bring to you the traditional Maharashtrian style bangles.
  •  Lac Bangles 

In the land of rich cultural history, women from this state love wearing bangles. The local markets in Rajasthan have multiple street shops with them selling colorful bangles and the most famous bangles of this state are our Lac bangles.

A lot of shops make the lac bangles live in front of you, according to your color choices and design preferences. It is really fun to watch these bangles in the making  

Do you know how Lac is made? 

Pure Lac is extracted from a special breed of tree that is fed insects like Kerria Lecca or Laccifer Lecca. 

Lac Bangles online


The branches of this tree have Lac stuck to them which are further crushed and used in bangle making.

 Lac bangles have been a built-in part of the Rajasthani culture.

Wearing these ornaments in a certain color combination is also considered auspicious for special occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, etc.

  • Baju Band

Baju Band or the armband is a type of ornament which is worn on the upper arm. Originally this was worn by rural men and later adopted by women as well. 

bajuband gold online

 In some cultures like Rajasthan, Gujarat, and West Bengal it is a part of traditional wedding attire.

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  • Diamond Bangles 

Diamond is a girl’s best friend – well whoever said this was spot on!!

These bangles are loved by every woman but everyone cannot afford to buy them, and even if one can afford to buy such surreal bangles, what about the risk they carry while wearing such expensive jewelry. 

Diamond Bangles USA


We are sure you will fall in love with them. 

 Karma Place understands this and brings to you bangles that look like it is made of real diamond and rubies without being heavy on the pocket.

Also, the designs are so versatile that these bangles can be worn as a solid bracelet as well. 

  •  Multicolored Kadas

These multi-color kadas are inspired by Rajasthani and Jaipuri bangles that are seen in geometric and floral patterns.

A variety of patterns, colors are easily available in the traditional local markets of these cities.

We bring you a blend of the local tradition with a flavor of edgy modern patterns to give you the unique fusion look you will fall in love with. 

Gold kada bangles


 These gold kadas can be paired with almost all ethnic and fusion outfits as they have multi-color intricate work and stones set in them.

Wearing these bangles to your next traditional event will give an interesting look to your outfit.

  •  Bracelets

When we are talking about traditional bangles how can we not talk about their western counterpart that is the bracelets?

We know a lot of you modern people think bangles are for really traditional people and might not suit you’ll.

Well, you could not be more wrong in this, but Karma Place has kept your needs in mind and we have an amazing selection of bracelets for those empty wrists as well to pick from.

Bracelets for girls

Over the century’s bangle has been a fashion favorite for every woman. Be it teenage girls, newly married, or a mother of two. Festivals always bring out boxes of colorful bangles across all cultures. 

No matter which part of the world you are staying in this ornament makes a colorful journey in every Indian household across the world, through different customs, traditions, and cultures.

Even though the shape color of the patterns are different in every tradition these Best Designer Bangles For Women finds a place of utmost significance and respect in every culture. 

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