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How To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan At Home?


The festival of sibling love which is called Rakhsha Bandhan is celebrated in a variety of ways by Indians settled across the globe. It is a festival to celebrate duty and love between siblings which fall in the Shravana month of the Hindu calendar.

It is a festival where families get together and pray for the wellbeing, happiness, and prosperity of their siblings. But many of us still wondering How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan at home in this pandemic. 

So here is the answer, you can celebrate the occasion by playing games and going out for dinners or brunches, and of course, tying a rakhi around your brother’s hand. 

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Due to covid a lot of us have not been able to meet our loved ones from 2020, however just because we are homebound, that does not mean this year's Rakhi celebration can not be special.

After all Indian tradition encourages us to celebrate the bond we share with our siblings and since this occasion comes once a year, why not use it to the fullest.

Let's check out some ideas for how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan at Home in 2021

Here are some DIY home décor and story ideas which will help you portray the love you have for your siblings!

  • Make Some Handmade Gifts 

Handmade gifts look stunning, and they are a symbol of your love and affection. They also reflect on the efforts taken and the love poured behind planning for this celebration. 

Even if some of your hand made gifts are flawed, it is fine as they are truly treasured 

Even if you are not crafty you could make simple handmade cards or handmade paper decors with small childhood names you would call your brother.

handmade gifts for raksha bandhan

You could also write simple quotes of Happy Raksha Bandhan and scatter them around the house for your sibling to find. 

All you need are some fancy handmade paper and colorful pens and you are all set to make your handmade gifts. 

  • Personalized Gifts For Rakhi 2021

This rakhi lets buy something which is truly going to bring happiness to our siblings. Instead of purchasing something and simply gifting it to your sibling, why not personalize your gift.

You could also get some old memories printed and framed and leave them on coffee tables and islands around the house.

If there are some memories attached to those photos why not pin them down and put those postcards next to the frames. 

Unique personalized gifts

If you want to give a gift that will be cherished and used throughout your sibling’s life, you can also consider buying some metal jewelry and having the name or the initials engraved. 

  • DIY Rakhi 

It is a mandate for a sister to tie a band of her love and protection around her brother's wrist on this day. 

And we all have gone searching for that perfect rakhi which your brother will love and wear with pride. After all who knows their brother's choice better than his sister. 

how to make rakhi at home

This year instead of going around town searching for that perfect rakhi why not make one at home. You can make rachis at home with wool, threads, foam sheets, woolen threads, and cartoon stickers.

  • Plan A Day Out With Your Cousins

How often do we get together with our cousins and families? Family functions weddings and certain get-togethers are the only time you meet them and we bet even that has not happened in the last 1 and a half years…

Why not take this opportunity and invite a few of our cousins and family home for the day. Of course, do not forget the maintain covid-19 rules and constantly keep sanitizing for everyone's safety.

We are sure when all the cousins will come together it will surely be a memorable day and what better day to make this happen than Rakhi 2021.

You can do a bunch scene or an evening barbeque get-together as well.

Day Out With Your Cousins

Make some snacks along with dips like Hummus and pita or nachos with guacamole and queso sauce to munch along, while you’ll share some old memorable stories. You can also arrange some fun games like guess the movie or taboo. 

And if all of you’ll are vaccinated why not make this event even bigger and invite some of your cousin's friends as well whom you already know and love hanging out with.

  • Spend Time With Your Sibling

If you are a quiet person who does not wish to throw a party or get together with your cousins and extended family, then plan a day out with your brother. Spending some quality time with your sibling is a precious gift in itself. 

As we grow older and years pass by everyone is living in separate homes and gets busy in their personal life and hectic work schedule. This leaves us with spending very little time with our siblings.

Spending some quality time with your sibling becomes even more difficult through the year when you’ll are staying in different cities.

Then we are left with no other option but to video call our siblings and talk over the phone.

spend quality time with your siblings

But maybe Raksha Bandhan 2021 can be different. If you and your sibling stay in the drivable distance then drive down or you can even take a flight and plan the weekend together. 

It will bring back childhood memories and strengthen your bond.

You can just plan a day at the beach or pack a picnic and spend the day in the park or go for a breakfast date.

  • Dress Up At Home And Have Fun

Another good way to celebrate this Rakhi amidst the Pandemic would be dressing up with your whole family and clicking some memorable pictures and a family portrait.

raksha bandhan dress up games

You can dress up and do all the rituals and sit for a nice family brunch in your backyard. 

  • Make Some Delicacies At Home For This Rakhi 

We have saved the best for the last… 

We know in today’s age we are spoiled with options in food and sweets. And no Indian festive celebration is complete with there being a variety of food to pick from. 

You can make homemade sweets to make this Rakhi even more special. 

It could be making something as simple as a brownie or if you want to go the traditional way, you could make some pineapple sheera as well.

If you and your sibling have a common delicacy that you’ll love and have had multiple times while growing up then you should make that and relive some old memories.

special sweets for raksha bandhan

We are sure after listing down these things you can do at home you would be looking forward to this year's festivities and we hope you have a clear idea about how to celebrate Raksha bandan at home in 2021

Stay home, Plan a nice celebration with your siblings, and do let us know how the celebrations went. 

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