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Oh my America! This is the land of dreams where everyone’s dreams can be turned into reality by utmost hard work and constant dedication. Time is about to send so many joyful fireworks in the sky in the name of celebration in America. The United States of America celebrates its independence day on July 4th every year and this day becomes the time of biggest offers of the year. Fourth of July sale is what you will find everywhere weeks before US Independence day.

Celebration of America is all about dreaming the best in life and achieving it through struggle. The 4th of july reason to celebrate is this basic concept of dream and its attainment. We all know how much struggle the United States of America has taken over the years throughout the British occupation of the earliest thirteen states. Today. If anyone asks how old is the USA? There is just an opulent surprise about knowing that it's hundreds of years old but often people forget about how many freedom fighters have struggled to get this freedom and thus, the celebration of America is so much more important.  So just get the best jewelery from your closet and wear your cotton lehenga in white and dress it together with red mojaris or any other accessories for the celebration of America.


On the fourth of July in the year 1776, the United States of America, as we today, got independence from the then Kingdom of Great Britain and today it has been celebrated as the fourth of July celebration of America. This day is marked by fireworks, family reunions as this is a national holiday so people plan stay outs through the weekend or something.

It is also celebrated through concerts, barbecues, small picnics or parades or grand baseball games. America’s birthday is celebrated at various levels by all people across the society as much as possible by them in smaller or larger than life manner. America’s birthday is treated as a sweetheart’s birthday as the nation is quite close to every American citizen's heart.


Fact No. 1 - It was actually July 2nd when the legal separation of the thirteen colonies from Great Britain was finally approved by the second continental congress.

Fact No. 2 - Originally, at the time of US Independence, the United States was only made up of thirteen states and later 37 states were added year after year through purchases.

Fact No. 3 - In the year, the United States celebrates its 246th Independence day.

Today, the fourth of july has rather been deduced to a level of holding the fourth of july sale but there are actually very small numbers of people who celebrate it as an independent’s day i.e. it is the day of patriotism. The truth about the independence day celebration of America is actually rooted into its centuries old freedom that is now almost unworthy to fellow Americans as today it is more of a superpower trying to make a mark across the world. The world is almost controlled and supervised by the USA.



Even though not many immigrants celebrate this day as the independence day, it has been taken as a huge pride over the heart and this day is now becoming more of a larger than life sale event. Through such sale events and expos, the world celebrates the grandeur of the United States and the glory of its supremacy through shopping more and more. After all, what is freedom if not spending more money freely on anything that you want. Freedom is about anything in your life and that is what Karmaplace.com is providing this fourth of July with the biggest discounts of the year on every fashion wear, lifestyle and other products.

Now you must be looking where to best buy independence deals across the internet as well as in your local region. No worries, we are here to bring your Indian American heritage through the Karmaplace Fourth of July sale. Shop the best fourth of July deals on men's kurta, kurti for women, jewelery, cotton lehenga as well as shoulder bag and if you are looking for a red white and blue store then Karmaplace is literally the place for you. Shop anything in your preferred red, blue and white colors only here across Indian ethnic wear. Also get designer collections completely custom stitched for you by our exclusive Indian designer boutiques just for you. Shop now and get free delivery across the United States from Chicago to California and from Miami to Mississippi.


If you are a first or third Indian American generation, you can honor both your mixed heritage by dressing the fourth of July colors with Indian ethnic wear. You can shop online white kurti on Karmaplace now and get quick delivery anywhere in the US. As well as you can pair it up with a red dupatta along with blue vegan mojaris or maybe sandals or even usual sneakers. This is what we at Karmaplace call amalgamation of two or more cultures to form your contemporary self.


Celebration of America is not just to show respect to American independence history but rather to experience your present self in a whole new way of freedom and the whole new opportunity you have received through this nation for achieving your dreams. Being a superpower, the United States offers so many perks to your being an American citizen and thus, you must grab this opportunity without missing out on the best time of your life. As you would notice the fourth of July symbol is the Statue of liberty, so it shows the torched flame in everyone’s heart that keeps you going to achieve your dream.

In the end, the concept of celebration of America is about attaining your dream. Yes, we know it's being repeated but the love for nation must be transferred as the love for freedom and love for the whole of humanity. The independence day background was quite gruesome as over the years so many freedom fighters lost their lives to overthrow Great Britain but today’s generation enjoys every bit of taste of this American freedom.

So if you are an Indian in America or Indian American who is looking forward to celebrating America, you must shop online now at Karmaplace and get free delivery anywhere in the US and get the best deals now for a limited period offer just for you as the discount coupons expire soon. Get set and go shopping online now and have a happy fourth of July.


How many years since American independence?

It has been 246 years since the year 1776 of American Independence.

What to say when someone says happy 4th of july?

‘Happy 4th of July to you too’

Does England celebrate 4th of July?

American people living do celebrate the 4th of July amongst their community across the United Kingdom but not by British citizens.

What are the fourth of July colors?

Red, White and Blue are the fourth of July colors.

What is happy 4th meaning?

It is a modern and very chic way of wishing a happy US independence day.


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