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Goddess awakens, sun rises and night comes back with sparkles during Navratri for the whole of nine nights and ten days till Dussehra. Navratri is a days-long celebration of Mother Goddess Durga. Navratri 2022 will be the biggest of all Hindu Festivals in the motherland of India. After the pandemic, this will be one of the biggest Indian festival where people will gather to worship the Mother Goddess Durga Mata with Navratri fasting, Navratri garbas by wearing gorgeous chaniya choli for navratri, mens kurta for Navratri, and have a lasting Navratri celebration like no other. Beautiful and larger than life pandals are decorated to worship Nava durga and in her name, people wear their favorite Navratri dress and dance Navratri garbas with full heart and sheer joy. Navratri 2022 USA will also be one of a kind as for the first time, people from South Asian ancestry, especially Indian Americans will come together and organize navratri garbas nights with parties and worshiping Durga Maa in all her nine forms.


Navratri 2022 is a festival that has close links to some of the significant mythological events that had long lasting effects on the Hindu traditions and customs. One such event is related to Mother Goddess Durga and thus, Durga puja 2022 is also observed by Bengali communities for the same starting from the sixth night. As per the tradition, this festival is known to honor the battle that took place between Maa Durga and the demon Mahishasura and in the end, Mother Goddess Durga came out as victorious by killing the demon Mahnishasura.

Therefore, each day is dedicated to honor every one form out of the nine forms of Maa Durga. Now you might ask what are the nine forms of Maa Durga, so we are surely going to explain them further ahead with detailed Navratri 9 days devi Names and their associated saree colors for Navratri 2022.  Navratri colors 2022 are very surprising to check out as such palette has been rarely seen with so much vibrancy and refreshing colors altogether. Navratri colors 2022 are White, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray, Orange, Peacock Green and Pink.



This year 2022, the Hindu festival in honor of Maa Durga will be observed in the months of September and October. The start date of Navratri is September 26 and end date of Navrtari is October 5 as on the same day is Dussehra i.e. Vijayadashami. This year, Navratri 2022 will be celebrated for 9 nights and 10 days to be precise.

This navratri is also known as Sharada Navratri and it is one of four Navratris celebrated throughout the Hindu calendar. Other three being, Chaitra Navratri,  Magha Navratri and Ashada Navratri. Basically, it is an autumn festival and every Navratri is also honored in the name of every season. However, Sharada Navratri is the only one where Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshiped together. Rest of the Navratris are mostly celebrated in their own respective temples. As Chaitra Navratri is about celebrating the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu in human form as King Ram with his birth in Ayodhya as per the Sanskrit Epic - Ramayana. This biggest Navratri 2022 of the year, Sharada Navratri is about Durga Puja and Vijayadashami.

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Mother Goddess Durga Mata is worshiped with Durga aarti throughout the Navratri 2022. The biggest festival of dance is known to be Navratri as people come together to dance off in their spiritual worship towards Maa Durga and they all want to be blessed with all nine forms for Maa Durga. Durga Aarti has beautifully mentioned all the nine forms of Maa Durga and expresses the power of each form with whole new radiance and spirituality like no other aarti ever does. Maa Durga has several stories throughout the Hindu tradition and all of the nine forms are closely associated with the festival of Navratri 2022 in India and therefore, Karmaplace is proudly presenting you a detailed guide as you are surely asking what are the nine forms for Maa Durga. 


All the nine forms have special devi names as the meaning behind every name of Mother Goddess Durga Mata has special reference to her identity and the mythological story behind it. Navratri 9 days Devi names are as follows - Goddess Shailputri, Goddess Brahmacharini, Goddess Kushmanda, Goddess Skandmata, Goddess Katyayani, Goddess Kaalratri, Goddess Mahagauri and Goddess Siddhidatri. It is the most interesting trivia that always comes up during Navratri celebration and it will again be surely trending on this Navratri 2022 USA and Navratri 2022 in India.

Day 1 - Goddess Shailputri

Even in Navratri 2022 USA, just like Navratri 2022 in India, Goddess Shailaputri is worshiped on the first day and it kicks off the nine nights festival of Navratri 2022. It is an incarnation of Maa Durga known as Goddess Shailputri i.e. Daughter of the Mountain. In other texts, she is said to be a new reincarnation of Shiva’s first wife - Sati.

Day 2 - Goddess Brahmacharini

Another very popular story goes like this that Goddess Parvati in an incarnation known as Goddess Brahmacharini became a Yogini i.e. she was unmarried. This form of Durga Maa is worshiped to attain salvation or moksha and also to gain peace and prosperity.

Day 3 - Goddess Chandraghanta

This is opposite to Goddess Brahmachari, when Parvati became a married woman after her marriage with Lord Shiva, she adorned a half-moon on her forehead and thus, she came to be called as Goddess Chandraghanta. Her ardhachandra i.e. half-moon on her forehead is the highlight of this appearance amongst all nine forms of Durga mata.

Day 4 - Goddess Kushmanda

In an alternate theory of creation of the universe, as per Hinduism, Goddess Kushmanda is believed to be the creative power behind the existence of the universe who brings life to the planet earth along with its vegetation, rivers, etc. Goddess Kushmanda is basically the incarnation of Durga Mata behind the spirit of Nature and the life being lived.

Day 5 - Goddess Skandamata

A mother in this incarnation, Goddess Skandmata comes for being the mother of Skanda also known as Lord Kartikeya. This form of Maa Durga represents the power of Mother and thus, she is depicted as riding over a lion. Whereas, some representations also confirm her holding her baby Skanda in arms.

Day 6 - Goddess Katyayani

Maa Durga also took the form of a warrior and she was born to a sage known as Katyayana and thus, her name came to be known as Goddess Katyayani, the one who rides a lion and becomes the most violent form of Durga Mata. Her worship day falls on the Sashti, the sixth day of Navratri, and thus, it also marks the beginning of Durga Puja. This Durga puja 2022 falls on October 1 and ends on October 5 with Vijayadashmi.

Day 7 - Goddess Kaalratri

Another ferocious incarnation of Mother Goddess Parvati, Goddess Kaalratri is shown as the one with red eyes full of angst, dark skin and wearing a tiger skin, etc. Worshiping her assures that the devotee remains protected from all the violence. This is another form where Maa Durga shows resemblance and thus, this is the Day 2 of Durga Puja 2022.

Day 8 - Goddess Mahagauri

As the name goes, Goddess Mahagauri is the most wholesome incarnation of Mother Goddess Durga and it is said that as Goddess Kaalratri came out of River Ganga after a bath, her skin turned warmer and left all the aspects of earlier form and became a whole new Goddess. This Goddess is therefore worshiped on Ashtami i.e. the day with Pushpanjali.

Day 9 - Goddess Siddhidatri

Goddess of knowledge is known as Goddess Siddhidatri and she is the one who blesses everyone with all her siddhis i.e. knowledge for attaining success. Goddess Siddhidatri, amongst all Navratri 9 day devi names, stands closer to Lord Shiva as is the other side of the Ardhanarishvara form, the amalgamated form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.



The Bengali American diaspora creates grand pandals in cities across the United States. Chicago, Miami, Austin, San Diego, New Jersey, etc are some of the American Cities where you can witness a grand Navratri Celebration in USA. Shop Navratri Dress online only on as this is your one-stop destination for everything India. You can get custom-stitched Chaniya Choli for Navratri and the best of Mens Kurta for Navratri are already selling out quickly. Also all saree colors for Navratri 2022 is a must-have in your closet and you must drape a new saree as per the color for each night through Navratri 2022.

Classic navratri celebration requires women to wear chaniya choli for Navratri and mens kurta for Navratri Men and all be dancing in huge crowds - Navratri Garbas. The beauty of Navratri 2022 USA lies in the fact that people staying away from India shall be celebrating it with their friends and new families across the US with Navratri 2022 USA events and so you must shop navratri dress online like chaniya choli for Navratri, mens kurta for Navratri and saree colors for navratri 2022. Durga Aarti is gorgeous to experience at such Navratri 2022 USA events as apart from the Navratri Garbas, this becomes a highlight as everyone looks forward to the celebration of Dussehra in USA. All nine colors of Navratri 2022 are now known to you completely so you must start your shopping accordingly and Karmaplace is the right place for you for learning all about the Navratri colors 2022, Durga puja 2022, Dussehra in USA, Navratri 2022 USA Events, Navratri 9 Days Devi Names, and so much more.


What are the nine colors of Navratri 2022?

White, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray, Orange, Peacock Green and Pink are the nine colors of Navratri 2022 in chronological order starting from Day 1 till Day 9 of Navratri 2022 USA.

Where to shop online Chaniya Choli for Navratri 2022? is your only shopping destination which imported custom-stitched chaniya choli for Navratri sourced from artisans and craftsmen from India who are known to fabricate Chaniya choli as an ancestral art. Karmaplace offers custom stitching experience as per your submitted body measurements so that your Navratri garbas will remain full of dazzle and charm with your Chaniya Choli for Navratri 2022.

When is Durga Puja 2022?

This year, Durga Puja 2022 begins on October 1 and ends on October 4. Vijayadashami or Dussehra falls on October 5, 2022.


Get a marker and start ticking off the days on your September Calendar of 2022 as Karmaplace is now presenting the best of Navratri 2022 USA Events ranging from New York to Los Angeles. Navratri Celebration are no more restricted to India, as Indian American community keeps on growing so does the spread of Indian culture and today Navratri 2022 USA will become one of the biggest holiday and celebration in the United States where Navratri Garbas, Maa Durga worshiping and even Dandiya will visible in larger than events across the United States.

Starting with Georgia’s Lake City, Gujarat Garba Mahotsav is on September 18 and on September 17, there’s another night of Garba Dandiya at Night with Kirtidan Gadhvi in the city of Houston, Texas. Of course, you must book your tickets to NJ Expo Center as Navratri Garbas Celebration takes place on Oct 7 - 8 at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. Apart from the USA, if you are the one living in Canada, you can surely make yourself present at the Hamilton Dandiya Night in Stoney Creek in the state of Ontario, Canada.

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