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All About Dresses For Men!

Men's casual wear can be traced back to the most fashionable decade, the 1950s. The war was over, and adolescents in the UK and America wanted a different thing, a life that contrasted with the corporate world boredom. So, the suits and stuffiness or formal clothes for men were out, and in there were jeans more independent, and some rock 'n' roll styles. Traditionally, clothing had been made of fabric or textiles, but over the time animal skin or other thin materials have been introduced. However, the takeaway style from this time, and one that is likely to still impact the way we dress is denim, and specifically denim jeans. Although they were introduced in the 20th century as part of a uniform for gold miners on America's west coast, they were revived in the '50s as a standard of casual fashion. They have since then formed the backbone of casual fashion in every decade, whether bleached and flared. Further in the '70s, high-waist in the '80s, acid washed in the '90s or skin tight.

What Does Casual Dress For Men Really Mean Today?

It's no wonder that casual wear remains a mystery for many; the most noticeable shift of the last decade is that comfortable clothes for men leave more space for interpretation. The policies of formal wear, whether written or not, can differ by company; department; industry; your boss; geographic location; weekday; events of the day; and much more. Hence, one needs to understand the casual space first. Your casual fashion choices play a major role in how you brand, view yourself and feel inspired at work. Like it or not, it feeds into expectations of your professionalism level-which can impact your career development at any level.

The first rule about casual dress for men is that there are no rules. You can simply wear anything you want and be called 'casual' .No direction is given, no predefined set of laws. For some men one response is to obey the crowd. Next time you go to the bar on a Saturday night, see a crowd all decked up in denim and some sort of untucked shirt -That’s casual. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but it takes a bit of effort to stand out in casual wear, vice versa with formal as well. There are so many multiple dresses for men across the internet. With the decline in the popularity of suit, fashion designers have recognized that money is spent on casual clothes for men.

Anything that requires zero effort and is absolutely comfortable , is casual wear.

When it comes to men wearing dresses ,casual dresses are an everyday go to unlike tailoring, where you normally have to fork out a significant sum to purchase a fine suit you can with very little budget. If you are stuck on where to start, just follow our pointers below. These 'rules' are not set in stone, and are merely guidelines, but if you are looking for casual style inspiration, they are a good place to start.

The Rules of Casual Dress For Men

Know What's Comfortable

There's no point of investing in the new street wear styles if men wearing dresses don't feel comfortable in them. Wear what feels good to you, and this will demonstrate whether you feel self-conscious and it doesn't matter how much you have spent because causal dresses are generally cheaper.

Pay attention to fittings

As with tailoring, fit for a casual dress for men will make all the difference. The difference is, there's not always a need to look for personalized clothing. How well the clothes for men fit?  Is the real question to ask before you make a buying decision. Your stitching preference also really depends on the look and sort of style you are looking for. Traditionalists would say a slim-but-not-restricting fit should be the perfect one to strive for, but in recent seasons there has been a change to looser designs, with boxy shirts and outerwear, and wide-legged pants. They have been common amongst designers and fashionable consumers. That said, there is still an argument for slimmer fitting clothes for men which flatters the body shape as well. The point is, when it comes to cloth for men fit is one of the most important aspects and it should be considered above all else.

Find a style which suits your personality

Many people find the concept style and personality oppressive, but for some it's a defining norm of what they choose. There are simple and effortless ways of men wearing dresses which are depending on their personality quotient in many arrays.Eevn in Hollywood and Bollywood emphasis is paid on carrying the look when it comes to men wearing dresses.

A casual uniform will always be in fashion and you can wear it in a combination of navy pants, white Oxford shirts and white shoes, or other color etc.

Follow the Trend But Control Yourself

Trends dominate the casual style,from main street to high end. Although this is all well and good, the very essence of trends means that they will quickly fall out of fashion. So,if you want your wardrobe to be future-proof,it's best to only peep into evergreen styles for regular wear and not spend heavily on pieces that will hardly last.

Keep It Simple

Minimalism is really in right now; There are noisy and heavy for the eye styles as well! But plain, pared-back clothes for men is never going to go out of fashion for sure. They give a cool look amongst all clothes for men. You can also choose other basic single color tops which describe casual style effortlessly.

Details Are the Key

Take a mix of denim jean and t-shirt, it is an evergreen casual look,perhaps,but it can be worn in many ways. Tuck the T-Shirt, half tuck or untuck? Slim cut jeans or broad bottom jeans?

All these are slight tweaks and they make quite a big difference, but it can be worn in many ways.

Casual Pieces to choose for sure !

Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans

Although their popularity has never reduced, in recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of craft denim, with many brands using high quality raw denim put together on different types of washes and looks. They would for sure last for another decade and never be out of style.



Today a T-shirt can be worn with anything! Naturally, this iconic dress for men has many variants. Look out for a high quality cotton –They are fine and safe for the skin. Also, they are an inexpensive choice to go with!


Casual gym wear

Casual gym wear 

This is an absolute must have in your wardrobe. They are not only a comfortable option for people who work out but also lets you be free in the gym as they are designed for that purpose. They are made with flexible , stretchable material.

Versatile Knitwear


Always and always own a  sweatshirt ! It’s a go-to style for men and they are lightweight, easy to wear laidback choices for cold days. Men wearing dressescan also pair casual cots wool T-Shirts with jackets or fleece. opt for classic grey or off-white or choose from any color  and wear as much as you want.

Wedding attires for Indian weddings and Men’s ethnic wear for engagement(Traditional Indian Men’s Clothing)

We know that casual dress for men are not a thing for every occasion, but we also know how to make traditional dress for men look attractive. Men wearing dresses have multiple ethnic options to choose from -

Sherwani With Churidars


A sherwani is a long, button fastened long top wear. Its the best choice for Men's ethnic wear for engagement. It falls down to just below the elbows, going somewhere upto the calf. Its usually white, light ivory or gold colored for weddings, while matching the bride's dress may be any color, like red or orange.Often elegantly embroidered. A scarf like materials is often carried with sherwani over one or both the shoulders.

The sherwani can be replaced with fitting pants or regular loose fitting pants often called churidars. Churidars around the hips and thighs are loose pants, but they are tight and gathered at the bottom.



A jodhpuri suit looks stylish when it comes to traditional Indian Men’s clothing  and is sometimes called a "prince suit." It has a three-piece look like coat, boots, waistcoat or shirt. A Nehru collar looks rich with the suit. For a bridal Party grooms pick these as well and they also are a good choice for Men’s ethnic wear for engagement.You may choose one with silver , gold or other color in an elegant style with hand-stitched embroidery.

Kurta Pyjama

Kurta Pyjama

A Kurta Pyjama would be a smart choice when it comes to traditional Indian Men's clothing who would like to go for male casual look. The Loose fitting long top like stuff and pants are cool and comfortable in a warm climate. They still look fashionable yet casual and are a go-to choice for traditional Indian Men's Clothing. Because of their less complicated carrying techniques they can be (though not always) a most economical option.

On a conclusive note , Indian weddings and ceremonies are generally culturally inclined and hence people should be dressed in traditional Indian Men’s clothing . There are few Men’s ethnic wear for engagement, but are not limited to it. The list extend to :

  • Kurta pyjamas - The most simple look of ethnic range of clothes for men is this. It is a perfect traditional Indian Men’s clothing  and also comes heavily embroidered/embellished as Men’s ethnic wear for engagement.

  • Sherwani–They are generally considered as heavy, occasional wear. Again, as long as you don't want a sherwani to compete with the groom, keep it light as this is a nice choice for a marriage party.
  • Western suits-- There is never an unacceptable classic choice to be worn for dates or  office parties. They're also a perfect choice to wear for a wedding reception.
If you are picking a casual everyday wardrobe cloth, we have already listed a few basic must haves. Further things like the brand you choose from , the brand reputation , material of cloth , flexibility, durability of the material used also needs to be considered before making a purchase decision. It is always smart to go with reputed brands and spend a reasonable amount on your everyday outfit or your heavy occasional outfit. Never go with substandard brands and products which lure you with very cheap rates when it comes to clothing because they are something you use every day. If they do not have a good quality, you might find yourself landing up with skin troubles and rashes.

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