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Mens Sherwanis


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    Men's Light Green Silk Blend Sherwani And White Dhoti Set

    Introduces To You These Classy Sherwani For Men Stylish Latest Design In Variety Of Material And Designs For All Occassions. This Men'S Ethnic Wear...

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Is there any place where there are people who wouldn’t consider Mens wedding sherwanis to be the most handsome and traditional staple for Indian men? If you find this approach a bit too concise only for Indian men, sherwanis can be worn by individuals of any origin and ethnicity as it fits graciously and gives out a soft yet strong masculine aura.

Mens wedding sherwani is a quintessential wedding apparel that is a must-have if you are the groom on your special day and even if you are a guest to such an event. Sherwani men brings that auspicious as well as warm welcoming feeling to your presence. As said earlier, a man looks complete with Indian sherwani this ultra beautiful yet rugged masculinity look. Men with tall height and broad shoulders are looking forward to wearing a classy sherwani that fits their body perfectly and vibes out those charming attitudes out of your personality.

Let's discuss the classic mens wedding sherwani in a informative way.


Mens Wedding Sherwani can be worn at so many occasions with sherwani suit complete traditional feel. Mens Sherwani USA is typically a long-sleeve coat-like apparel that was originally worn by men in all of South Asia. Mens sherwanis could arguably be said that sherwani suit was inspired by the western frock coat that was designed with a fit waistline and then fell open below the knees with all buttoned down. Mens sherwanis also comes with a Mandarin collar that makes Indian sherwani more rugged in looks and sherwani for men has evolved quitely over the centuries from Mughal period till modern times. Angarkha could be an ancestor of mens sherwani.

Etymology of this modern men’s sherwani design and sherwani suit says something quite interesting that sherwani men was originally derived from the region of Sherwan that today is a part of Azerbaijan in central Asia. Sherwani for men was the usual dress code of men over there that was a staple piece of fashion apparel and that was brought over by the Mughal Empire and sherwani for groom was so much Mughalized over the centuries and Indian sherwani was finally called as ‘Sherwani’ as a homage to sherwani mens original place of creation.

Even today, Sherwani has such a major similarity to the Causasian dresses of men as their ethnocultural transactions were popular back in the Mughal period and even before that. Therefore, Sherwani, as a dress fashion for men, could be fabricated around the 18th century somewhere in South Asia and sherwani for groom became a well-known popular men’s attire through the end of the 19th Century.

Today, sherwani is a famous wedding outfit for men and sherwani men has been such a popular attire that no one in entire South Asia thinks of getting married in anything else apart from a Sherwani. Mens sherwanis is possibly the most heartfelt fashion ever created for men and that goes on to increase sales even today with every new design pattern that has been evolving every next day.


Sherwani in India became a staple piece of men’s fashion during the season of Winter and spring across the Northern and wealthy part of India i.e. the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu, Uttar Pradesh and even all around the cities of Delhi and Hyderabad, a man wearing a sherwani is such a pleasant appearance to look after as Indian sherwani gives that perfectly charming grace like no other fashion apparel ever has given to a man. 

Pakistan has been in love with Sherwanis like India as this obsession goes far before the pre-independence era of British Raj. Even Pakistani men cannot think of anything else apart from the beauty of a sherwani. From government officials to rich celebrities, all can be seen flaunting a sherwani even today. Sherwani men has been a very preferred costume by both Indian and Pakistani politicians and famous personalities.

Eid, being a grand Muslim festivity, is celebrated across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and beyond. Sherwani will be every muslim men’s top choice on this occasion. This piece of men’s garment has no religious boundaries and sherwani men has been cherished with whole heart and love.

Earlier, sherwanis were simply a status symbol or pride of a particular class of men but today Sherwani men can be carried by men with all classes. This is the proudest moment for a fashion style that has no boundaries of any kind. Even sherwanis have evolved for women in some ways; Salwar Kameez is today often made with buttons till down and sherwani for men is made to look like a coat. Just a dupatta could or could not be necessary to carry around over a sherwani.


Rest of the world is still yet to get familiarized with mens sherwani wedding but the South Asian diaspora has taken this apparel far and wide. Today, at any mega event like an Indian wedding or south asian wedding in the Western world like the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, all the Indian grooms or south asian grooms would be seen wearing a sherwani with immense pride and honor.

Sherwani can be custom stitched as per your size requirements and even their clean fitting requires a postured body. Mens sherwani wedding garments feature intricate embroidery or artistic patterns. Nowadays, you can even get your sherwani delivered to your doorstep after putting up all your requirements on a web portal. Karmaplace is a one-stop destination for everything that is soulfully India. Shop mens wedding sherwani online and get sherwani for men delivered with guaranteed custom fit anywhere in the United States and beyond. Mens wedding sherwani is the most sought after wedding fashion item by every south asian and not all can get that high quality standard.


At Karmaplace, we bring you the best of Mens sherwani collection that would get you dressed within some time to be ready for Mens sherwani wedding your very special day. We have made sherwani for groom so special for you that we can get your sherwani custom made with perfect fit. All you need to do is submit your measurements and complete the payment after selecting a mens wedding sherwani of your choice. Later, you would just sit back and relax with all the comfort and we, here in India, will get your sherwani completely custom stitched just for you. You will never be disappointed as we have several designs and fabrics made available on our website for your utmost joy in shopping Indian goods anywhere in the United States and rest of the world.

  •  FAQs


Being the most promising query about sherwani, all you can do is to get or look for sherwani that matches the bridal wear. In short, as a pair, your sherwani must be in sync with what the bride is wearing. Mostly contrasting color palettes are often applied while shopping sherwani and accompanying bridal wear.
Costing of sherwani while shopping is always a concerning issue but Indian sherwanimust not be too much considered as you can shop mens wedding sherwani within your price range on variety of shops and online destinations. All you need to do is to simply search more often and fetch a suitable price as you want sherwani suit. Usually, a mens sherwani wedding can cost as low as 50$ and more. However, you can shop during festive sales or clearance sales to get the best discounted deals of the year.
Sherwani is typically worn over a kurta but you can wear a simple white t-shirt or maybe a long vest for comfort. Even a dupatta can be draped that matches well with the sherwani. Sherwani for groom is highly recommended to shop mens sherwani in a complete set rather than single pieces separately.