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Best 13 Wedding Hair styles Ideas In 2021

wedding hairstyles

We all know how stunning an Indian bride looks, the intricately embroidered lehenga, flawlessly done make-up, chunky jewelry and the fancy wedding hair styles do’s all play a vital part in making an Indian bride look stunning.    

A bride's hair should look perfect just like the rest of the look on her special day. 

Traditionally an Indian bride wears a bright-colored heavily embroidered veil called a dupatta on their heads and over their shoulder, This veil is further accessorized with head jewelry which is known as the mang tikka.

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But today modern brides love putting a contemporary twist to their outfits, jewelry, and even hairstyles. 

The hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids have gone through some major changes lately. 

Traditionally Indian hairstyles often revolve around a simple bun for wedding ceremonies.

However, lately, there is no such rule of wearing your hair in a bun, there are a lot of modern hairstyles like having beachy waves or soft curls and leaving the hair open. You could also do a messy bun look with lots of flowers. 

Indian wedding hairstyles can be very versatile and with the right kind of accessories and flowers, you will look stunning.

So if you are a bride or a bridesmaid and you wish to rock your outfits with stunning hairstyles, this blog by Karma Place is a must-read for you. 

Here are a few hairstyles which you must try in the upcoming festivities

  • The Traditional Bun For Wedding Hair Styles

A bun is the most ideal and classic hairstyle for Indian wedding functions and traditional ceremonies. 

traditional chinese hair bun

You can try this hairstyle for an engagement to Jaimala to Mehandi functions, and we know most of you might think it’s a very style, but trust us this hairstyle is never going to go out of style. 

  • Full Bloom Bun 

Putting mogra gajras on hair buns is extremely conventional, but trying out different flowers is an amazing idea and it is in trend as well.

Red roses or any other colored roses add charm to a simple bun and give an outstanding result.

Full bloom bun

Not only roses but you can consider other flowers as well like jasmine, lilies orchids carnations, etc. This will not only make you look good, but you will smell good too. 

A braid looks cute on everyone, no matter what is your hair lengths color or texture is. Also, this hairstyle is easy to make and is an easy solution to maintain and tackle your hair while having a bad hair day.

This hairstyle is so classic and chic that even our Bollywood divas are not afraid of dawning a braid with some stunning flowers for their wedding functions.

bridal hair braids

There is a lot of type of braids you can pick from, French braid, fishtail braid, 4 strand braid, etc. There are endless choices for you to pick from.

Do not forget to glam up your hair even further by adding some stunning flowers to the cute braids. 

  • Roses Are Classic

As we all know red is considered to be auspicious color in Indian weddings, and every Indian bride would be all dressed up in shades of red on the D-day. 

This hairstyle is also one that is inspired by the traditional Bridal look. Red roses look lovely on any and everyone. 

roses hairstyle for bride

It is a great addition to the wedding hairstyles list and the classic red roses add an old-world charm to the overall look of any bride. 

Either make a full bun or a French twist and put the red roses accordingly, but the hairstyle with red roses is a classic, and trust us you can never go wrong with it.

  • Orchid Fantasy 

We love this elegant hairstyle on brides and bridesmaids as well. You pick from the white, purple-blue, or pink orchid depending on the color of your outfit.

orchid fantasy

Make soft curls in your hair and then tie them up in a messy bun, finish this look with the flowers, and you are all set to rock your wedding function  

  • Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Amongst the numerous hairstyle that we keep seeing on social media, and try to replicate, this one is the simplest.

I know we see a lot of pretty hairstyles and try to replicate them, but unfortunately, they are too difficult to be replicated, and since replicating those takes a lot of time, it is advisable to try one of these easy-breezy romantic hair does. 

half up half down wedding hair

After all, Kate Middleton also broke the royal tradition of having an updo, and choose to opt for a half up – half down hairstyle.

You can consider this hairstyle for a sangeet or an evening function. You could have a little braid with stunning small flowers or pearls strategically placed in your hair. 

  • Natural Waves

Wearing a red or a deep maroon lehenga for the wedding ceremony is a too last decade. The new Indian contemporary brides are downing the new age colors like Mint green, ivory, and blush pinks. These pastel lehengas are generally worn with heavy contrasting colored jewelry. 

Since the outfits are so, fusion, how can the hairstyles be traditional? 

how to bring out natural waves

The natural waves hairstyle is perfect for brides who love to dawn a contemporary look as the hairstyle is fuss-free and simple. 

  • Rapunzel Braid

We all remember the famous fairy-tale Rapunzel, the princess with the longest hair. 

Which bride does not want to look like a princess on her D-day? Well, this hairstyle is inspired by Rapunzel. The long fluffy braid looks ethereal when accessorized with baby breathers. 

rapunzel tangled braid

Since the hairstyle is simple it makes your stunning accessories also stand out. This braid is generally kept on one side which also draws attention to the bride's face and accessories. 

  • Playful Curls

This hairstyle is a hit with bridesmaids. Curls give an instant volume to your hair and the playful hairstyle looks cute on all types of outfits.

Make the curls and let your hair loose and you are sure to grab a lot of compliments in the event.

how to draw curls

Also, this hair is surely going to make your mang tikka and those chunky earrings stand out.

  • Voluminous Buns With Dainty Flowers

The voluminous buns are different than the regular ones. They have a lot of hair twists around the bun to make the bun look bigger. These twists also give an interesting look to the bun. 

Since the bun in itself looks so big, it needs to be accessorized with dainty flowers like baby breaths and pastel-colored small roses.

Simple hair bun with flowers

The combination of these two flowers combines with a voluminous bun makes for an interesting hairstyle for the bride. 

You could also add small pearls around the bun to add a touch of elegance. 

  • Gajras And Red Roses – A Perfect And Eternal Combination

Gujarat and red roses for a wedding hairstyle are a very old combination, but we must say it is the one that will never go out of style. 

We know some of us are more traditional in that way and would not like to ditch the gajra for our wedding day. 

Real flowers for hairstyle

So don’t!!! But adding some red roses with the gajaras will add a pop of color and will make the hairstyle even more interesting. 

  • Traditional Twist

This is a very popular hairstyle mostly with traditional Indian brides. A thick braids with small white flowers, preferably Jasmin women through the twist of this braid is a look that will never go out of style. 

This is a sleek hairstyle that allows the bride's hair jewelry and earrings to stand out, and well who does not like that?

Braided bridal Hairstyles

A lot of brides also prefer this hairstyle as it gives them more room to accessorize and play with different flowers. 

This is a perfect hairstyle for the bridesmaid as well, as it will keep most of your hair back and will not come in your way while attending to the bridesmaid's duties. 

  • Clean Bun With An Embellished Clip

This hairstyle is more for the brides or the groom's close relatives. Have a simple clean-up do and accessorize your bun with a hair broch in the center of your bun.

Simple this look is very simple we recommend it for the brides or the groom Mother. It is a simply elegant and classic Indian look just what your mother is aiming for. 

Easy hair buns for beginners

It is very easy to find this kind of hair accessory and they look delicate and will not give your hair an over-the-top look.

This was our list of wedding hairstyles for your gorgeous ladies to pick from…

We hope the best wedding hair styles ideas were helpful and you are all set on the Hairstyle front for your next function!!! 

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