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sarees draping styles

saree draping styles

Saree love is a forever love. A woman always dreams of draping a saree so gorgeously that all eyes must turn around towards her when she walks the runway of life. It is her presence that she wants to boom and showcase everywhere to everyone with a saree.

A saree adds more elegance and grace to a woman’s feminine personality that says she is as graceful as a falling rose petal but as sturdy as a rose’s thorn .

Let’s dive deeply into the world of saree draping and learn about some of the different styles of draping a saree. Saree draping styles for parties are most searched as today sarees are even worn for party and casual occasions.

There are different ways of draping saree and it is very sure that your mother or grandmother must have already told you many ways to wear a saree. However, we are presenting you a simple guide on how to wear a saree in different styles step by step but in more concise way.


  •  Casual Saree Draping Style

The easiest and contemporary way to drape a saree is by letting the pallu float freely over the shoulder. In such sarees, the pallu has major design work and embellishments are the highlight as while floating it flashes the design.

different saree styles

The saree is still pleated nicely around the waist and then flows freely around the shoulder. Sarees made of chiffon silk and net fabric are generally draped in such style. 

  • Gujarati Saree Draping Style

This kind of saree draping style is quite unique as here the pallu is draped from the backside onto the right shoulder and then flowed on the front side.

different styles of draping saree

The pallu is gorgeously pleated with proper pins. In this Gujarati style saree draping, the pallu is generally shorter than usual sarees. The major design work on such saree is below the waist line.

  •  Maharashtrian Saree Draping Style

Similar to the Gujarati saree draping style, Maharashtrian saree draping style looks very down to earth as it is draped in such a way that it feels like you are in the position of a humble attitude. It is draped like a usual saree over the left shoulder but then it is wrapped around the back again then taken ahead the end of pallu from the right side of the shoulder.

ways to wear a saree

It can be easily understood with the help of visual aids as Maharashtrian saree draping style is quite elegant and humble as mentioned earlier that can’t be described with words but rather embraced with eyes.

  •  Bengali Saree Draping Style

This saree draping style is somewhat similar to Maharashtra saree draping style but it can be easily said that this is an extended version of the pallu that is pinned onto the blouse from the right side.

 Bengali Saree Draping Style

The pallu is quite longer than usual sarees and it is draped similar to Maharashtrian and casual style but the very end of the pallu is wrapped around after getting draped over the left shoulder and then pinned on the right side. Rest of the pallu remains floating. It is basically a long dupatta-like garment that hangs on one shoulder.

  • Retro Style of Saree Draping

The classic saree style that has been dazzled by evergreen Bollywood actress Mumtaz is the retro style of saree draping. This is today considered as an 70s style of draping a saree but it is very classic and retro in feel with its overall appeal.

Retro Style of Saree Draping

This particular saree has a stitched waist line and it is basically a readymade saree where the saree is worn like pants and the pallu is simply draped across the shoulder. On the other hand, some designs even allow typical pleating but it is just pin and drape that’s it. This style is majorly possible only with readymade custom stitched saree.

  • Pleated Saree Draping Style

This is actually the most basic style of saree draping and is traditionally preferred to drape your saree this way. Pleating of the pallu is very recommended for traditional occasions as it expresses decency and innocence. Pleated saree is very popular across South India from Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu.

Pleated Saree Draping Style

Designer zari work sarees are usually styled with this pleated saree draping style for wedding occasions.

  • Saree Draping Style with Pant

Do you want to explore a neo-modern way of styling a saree? This is a saree draping style that goes superbly great with a pant. Leggings are worn and then the saree is draped as you want it.

Saree Draping Style with Pant

Legging replaces the petticoat that is worn underneath the saree. Sometimes, even denim jeans are worn instead of a petticoat giving a completely hip and urban look.

  • Saree Draping Style with Dhoti

If you are aware of a nauvari style then this is the saree draping style you must be well known about. Nauvari is also known as kaashtha and it is draped with a single cloth but into nine yard.

Saree Draping Style with Pant

This saree is very popular in the inner regions of Maharashtra but nowadays it has been taken over by famous Bollywood actresses and thus, the saree draping style with dhoti has become globally popular.

  • Saree Draping Style with Belt

Kamar-patta or waistband is what is called for a belt that is used over a saree. This is indeed a traditional way of saree draping style where after pleating the saree from the waistline, a decorative waistband is wrapped around to add as a jewelry accessory.

Saree Draping Style with Belt

Saree draping style with belt is nowadays a very common and hip trend as it has taken ahead by storm through fashion supermodels and Bollywood films.

  • Saree Draping Style with Skirt or Lehenga-style of Saree Draping

At first, a skirt and blouse is worn and then a saree fabric is hooked around the waist and later, it is draped across the shoulder. This saree draping style with skirt is quite popular and very ethnic at its core all around Southern India.

Saree Draping Style with Skirt or Lehenga-style of Saree Draping

It can be widely seen across the South Indian films with actresses flaunting this lehenga-style sarees brilliantly. It surely looks and feels more comfortable and convenient to carry around with its blooming structure.

  • FAQs


A saree is a long garment worn essentially by Indians and other south asian women. It is paired with a saree blouse and the saree is draped after pleating properly around the waistline. Cotton and silk sarees are most popular alongside satin and cotton silk blend sarees.


As per a book - Saris: Tradition and Beyond by Rita Kapur Chishti, a saree historian, there are 108 styles of saree draping all around India.

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