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Top 15 Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery | Marathi Bridal Jewellery Ideas

traditional maharashtrian jewellery designs

traditional maharashtrian jewellery

Gold jewelry has been a major part of the Maharashtrian culture for centuries. Most of the Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery that the women put on is generally inspired by the jewelry that the Peshwas and Marathas wore. 

Some of the prominent and typical elements of a Maharashtrian attire are Paithani saree, Nath, Lakshmi haar, Mohan mala, Chandra kor bindi.

Each of these elements is quintessential in contributing to the appearance of the Maharashtrian women and is symbolic of the states rich cultural heritage as well

Let's check out Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery of this season.

Today Karma Place is listing a few traditional gold jewelry designs from Maharashtra that traditionally completes the look of Maharashtrian women.

  • Kolhapuri Saaj

Just like the mangal sutra Kolhapuri saaj is worn by married Maharashtrian women and is as special as a manga-sutra to the bride.

This is gifted to the bride by the groom’s family and is made up of jav mani (golden beads).

Kolhapuri Saaj New Design


As the name suggests it was originated in Kolhapur. The neckpiece is made of 21 small pendants and has a main center pendant which is known as saaj-ghat.

The other 20 pendants which are around the necklace are in the shape of leaves.

One pendant out of these 21 pendants is a taweez (to protect from evil) 10 pendants represent the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu and 8 of them are for asthamangal which symbolizes auspiciousness and good happenings, and the remaining 2 have emeralds and ruby stones on them.

  • Lakshmi Haar

Lakshmi haar is also known as the coin necklace, putli haar, or temple necklace. Lakshmi haar consists of small gold coins strung overlapping each other with a silk braided thread.

Laxmi haar latest Design


The coins on this necklace have imprinted motif of goddess Lakshmi who is also known as the goddess of wealth. Since the 17th century, this haar has been loved and also been an integral part of Maharashtrian women’s jewelry. 

  • Mohan Mala

Mohan mala is a long necklace having 2-8 layers. Each layer is made up of gold beads. This neckpiece is worn as bridal as well as everyday jewelry.

traditional mohan mala

  • Vaaki

Vaaki is also known as bajuband or armlet. This piece of jewelry was traditionally worn on both arms but over the years due to modernization and change in trends, it is now only worn on a single-arm by Maharashtrian women. 

Bajuband Gold online


Vaaki is made in gold and is flat and circular. It also has a beautiful motif in the center which is studded with stones. 

  • Thushi

Thushi is a choker-style necklace that makes every Maharashtrian bride stand out. This necklace originated in Kolhapur and is made up of 22-karat pure gold.

Thushi has gold beads of different sizes intricately woven together to form layers with the mesh of strings. This choker necklace comes with an adjustable dori that helps adjust your necklace according to your neck size.

thushi necklace gold png


The gold beads in this necklace are believed to be auspicious and are indicative of the fact that the bride’s new home will have abundant wealth and food.

This necklace looks stunning with a paithani saree. 

  • Tode

Tode is a Maharashtrian version of a gold bangle. These bangles are intricately carved with different motif and each tode generally weighs around 250-300 grams.

This bangle is completely handmade and intricately interlinked which is why it takes about a month to make them.

Maharashtrian tode bangles


Maharashtrian brides generally love wearing these bangles along with a set of green glass bangles. 

These bangles are also given as a gift to the bride from the groom’s family and it's one of the important traditional Maharashtrian jewellery. 

  • Ambada

Ambada is a traditional hairstyle done by Maharashtrian women which is hair tied in a round shape and decorated with a hair bun pin know as ambada.

This pin is made of 22-karat gold and is worn by most Maharashtrian brides. This piece of jewelry is also known as Veni Phool and is engraved with different motifs. 

Ambada pin hairstyle


Even though due to changes in trends there have been a lot of patterns and designs in this jewelry, but the most popular design remains that of sunflower with jowar beads.  

  • Nath

A typical Maharashtrian nath or a nose ring is an ornament worn by women at special occasions like poojas or wedding functions. It is handwoven with pearls and is studded with white and pink stones in the middle.

This nose pin is unique in design than any other nose pins and this pin completes the look of traditional women.

indian nath jewelry


Now a day’s nath comes in many different styles, but bramhani nath is one of the famous traditional nath which is studded with Basara pearls and emeralds. 

  • Mundavlya

We are sure you must have seen this piece of jewelry on all Maharashtrian brides and grooms in movies.

Mundavalya for Bride


This is one of the most traditional ornaments worn at the time of wedding vows. It is made of pearls and gold threads attached with a string that is tied across the forehead.

  • Belpan

Belpan is another significant piece of jewelry worn by Marathi women on festive gatherings and traditional occasions.

indian jewelry online


Belpan is a necklace directly inspired by the Bel leaves which are devoted to lord shiva.

  • Kudya

A lot of Maharashtrian brides wear this ornament. These earrings are studded with pure white pearls with a combination of gold.

Traditional Maharashtrian jewellery Designs


This simple yet classic design is something that you can wear in your daily routine as well. 

These earrings are enticing and appealing.

  • Bugadi

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of marathi bridal jewellery.

Bugadi is worn by Maharashtrian women specifically on the helix part of their ear.

modern bugadi designs


Traditionally this was only made in pearls but nowadays there are enormous designs available in diamonds and other precious stones. 

  • Jodvi

Jodvi is another piece of jewelry given by the groom’s mother-in-law to the bride. These jodvis or toe rings are usually made up of silver metal

Silver jodvi online shopping

  • Choda

Everyone has seen and heard about the Punjabi chuda which is a combination of white and red bangles every bride wears hailing from the north.

Green Bangles Set for Bride


The Maharashtrian bride wears something similar but in a combination of green glass bangles and gold metal bangles. 

This set of bangles is worn by Marathi brides in odd numbers in both hands.  

  • Tanmani

Tanmani is a chocker style necklace, having a stunning pendant studded with stone in the middle and instead of a gold chain has 3 different layers of gold chain with an adjustable string in the back to adjust it according to your neck size. 

Tanmani jewellery Design


I hope this blog will help you in choosing your next Best Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery.

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