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Why sell on Karmaplace.com?   Make in India


A new global market of millions for zero capital investment

The world has become smaller than ever. The South Asian diaspora is one of the largest in the world with over 30 million South Asians living abroad, of those at least 15 million from India. Karma Place has a targeted customer base of not only these NRI's, but several groups of Westerners interested in products from India. For you this means easy access to an entirely new and huge market that is entirely differentiated than the highly price competitive Indian market. The best part is, it costs you nothing to get started.


Fast and Stress Free International Shipping

At Karma Place, our backbone and history is in logistics. When you sell with us we handle all of the logistics requirements from the time we receive the product in our warehouse till the time the customer receives their product (and also if they wish to send it back). As a seller, you need not bear the hassles and costs of international shipping. With a strong presence in the US and India we are able to manage all logistics in a cost effective and efficient way, so you don't have to.


Easy and free listing

Selling with Karma Place is free and easy. We do not charge any monthly or listing fee. Our account managers are also available to help you manage your catalogue and position your products in the best possible way for no additional cost to you.


Seller-friendly Return Policy

We understand you may be concerned about the time delay and cost in case your item gets sent back for a refund. That is why we have designed one of the most vendor-friendly Return Policies in the industry, which elements unnecessary returns and in the case of dissatisfaction you are protected from long delays and international shipping fees.


Hassle-free Customer Support

Dealing with customers abroad can be a hassle, especially when they may speak a different language or live in a different time zone. Karma Place eliminates that hassle by handling all customer support in local time zones so our sellers need not worry about it.


Secure and Timely Payments

Karma Place handles all foreign exchange, receipt and disbursement of payments. As part of an established company of over 35+ years, with a local presence, you can be assured of safe transactions and timely payments. In our model, your part is fulfilled once your product reaches our local warehouse and passes the quality checks.


How it works ?


Register with us online

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Modes of Working

- List your product using Transfer Pricing
- List your product for a small Commission
- Consignment / Stock and Sell


Upload Catalogue

Once approved, start uploading your catalogue


Sales & Promotions

Our account manager will work with you for various promotions of your products


Procurement & Fulfillment

When you receive the alert that your product sold, ship it to our Mumbai processing Center within 3 days


Delivered to Customer

Your item is received by happy customers within 5 days after it is verified and shipped


Payments & Remittance

Payments are made to you fortnightly, usually on the 10th and 25th of the month



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No up-front costs

No Monthly fees

Opportunity to earn higher margins

Free international shipping


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