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Items That Can't Be Returned

Before you return your item purchased from KarmaPlace.com, make sure that your item can be returned. If the item isn't returnable as per the KarmaPlace returns policy, you will see a message about it in the Returns Support Centre.


Category Items That Can't be Returned
Beauty Cleansers, Shower gels, Soaps, Hair loss products, Shampoos and conditioners, Styling gels and hair colours, Lipsticks, lip balms and lip gloss, Eye care and eye makeup, Creams, moisturisers and body lotions, Other hygeine items
Automotives Lubricants, Greases and Oils, Shampoos, Waxes, Polishes & Other Liquid, Aerosols & Perfumes
Ayurveda All items included in these categories


1. Return / Replacement / Refund Policy

All products sold on Karmaplace should be brand new and 100% genuine. Karmaplace’s Return Policy covers the buyer against ‘damaged’, ‘mis-shipped’, ‘defective’ and ‘not as described’ products.

Buyers can raise a request for return, replacement/exchange or refund within the return guarantee period post order delivery which is as follows:

  • Fashion, Home Décor, Accessories, Fashion Jewellery – 7 days from the date of delivery


Managing Buyer Returns:

Karmaplace offers a streamlined process for returns management for smooth flow of returns for both buyers and sellers. We will notify you through email in case a buyer requests return of a product. Buyer will state the reason for return (in some cases will also attach images). If buyer’s return does not fit the parameters specified on Karmaplace, returns can be rejected.


1.1. Return Request Raised

A buyer can raise a return request via Karmaplace buyer support (via Toll free no.) or directly using self-serve on the Website.

You will receive an email notification when a return request is raised or a return is created by the buyer and you can view the same under all returns on the ‘RMA Dashboard’. You will find the following return details:

  • Order summary
  • Status, quantity & price


Accepted Return from Buyer:

One of the following will be chosen while accepting a return from buyer:

  • Send buyer the new product and get old shipment back
  • Refund buyer and get old shipment back.


Returns for Fashion Jewellery

Following are the terms and conditions that shall govern the buyer returns for products falling under Fashion jewelry.

  • All products under this category will be eligible for returns (subject to Karmaplace’s prior approval) or replacement up to a period of 7 days from the date of receipt of the order.


Returns & Replacement Policy – Key Differentials

Vertical Defective Fit / Size Issue Fake / Duplicate
Fashion_necklace_chain Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_mangalsutra Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_pendant_locket Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_earring Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_nose_ring_stud Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_jewellery_set Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_maang_tika Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_ring Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_bangle_bracelet Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund
Fashion_anklet Replacement OR Refund Replacement OR Refund Refund


  • Buyer shall not be eligible for raising a replacement request on an already replaced item. In such cases, Buyer shall only be eligible for a refund.
  • Refund requests shall be processed subject to Seller’s discretion and in cases where the Seller does not agree for a refund, the item shall be replaced by the Seller.



2. Buyer Returns (RVP)

Buyer returns can be created by the buyer after the product is delivered successfully. Buyer returns can be one of the three types listed below depending on the case.


2.1. Buyer wants a replacement:

If it is 'Not as Described' by the seller, he/she can request a replacement. Replacement is subject to availability of stock with the seller. If the product is out of stock, a refund will be provided to the buyer, no questions asked.


2.2. Buyer wants an exchange:

Under Return policy for fashion category products, buyers can request an ‘Exchange’ for the product in a different size or color. If the seller doesn’t have the required products in stock, a full refund will be provided to the buyer.


2.3. Buyer refund:

Under Return policy, a refund can be provided to a buyer if the buyer doesn’t want the product or if the requested replacement or exchange cannot be done due to product unavailability with the seller.


Following are few of the parameters specifying the item condition that should be complied with by the buyer for return:

Category Condition
Clothing and Footwear Should be “New & Unworn” (other than for trial)
Jewellery Should be “New” and returned with original packaging



3. Guidelines to reduce returns

  • Ensure your product is genuine and saleable.
  • Ascertain brand/primary packaging is intact.
  • Avoid mis-shipping.
  • Ship the exact product as ordered.
  • Do not forget to include product components/freebie in the package.
  • Accept return requests to provide better buyer experience and improve seller ratings.