Nilgiris Green Tea - 75 g

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If you knew what it felt like to have peace descend on you, twirl you and lift you up at the same time, you would already know the experience of consuming the gotai twirl green tea. Our highly prized hybrid green tea, is accurately named gotai, meaning strongly peaceful in zen philosophy. This multiple award winning tea is a multi brew variety and is a selection of rare clones of tealeaves from the pristine tea gardens of nilgiris. The leaves are delicately plucked by hand and specially crafted with hitech machinery to form distinct twirls. These vibrant golden green leaves brew to form a mildly astringent cup with mellow and earthy after taste.

Product Features :
  • Sourced from highlands of Nilgiris, name 'Gotai' signifies 'Strongly peaceful' in Zen, and you'll feel what it's like to have peace descend on you.
  • Pack Contents: 75 grams
  • 2.6 oz of Whole leaf tea. Makes 50 cups. Our exquisite whole leaf teas are delivered to you in our signature tin caddies.
  • Sensory Experience : The brew is mildly astringent with a mellow and earthy taste.
  • Benefits: Antioxidant, aids weight loss, great for skin, re-energizing effects
  • How to Brew: 1.5 gm of tea
  • Add hot water
  • Wait for 2 minutes
  • Enjoy your Tea


Nilgiris Green Tea - 75 g
Nilgiris Green Tea - 75 g
Nilgiris Green Tea - 75 g
Nilgiris Green Tea - 75 g