Nickel Diffuser in Silver - 24 x 11 x 14 cm

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Use the Borosil diffuser to create a serene, calming atmosphere - choose an essential oil of your choice to relax and de-stress, or to invigorate and energize yourself. The nickel diffuser is contemporary and elegant and blends in perfectly with the decor at your home or office.

Advantages :
  • 100% safe - the only diffuser which is made of borosilicate glass, which will not crack even after repeated usage
  • Can be used as a 100% natural insect repellent or for purifying the atmosphere if used with camphor in the diffuser
  • Can also be used as a Oil Lamp or lamp, as it is designed to allow easy cleaning and refilling of oil.
Suggested Uses :
  • While travelling, use the diffuser to remove unpleasant odours from hotel rooms
  • In bedrooms, use for relaxation
  • In kitchens, use the diffuser to take away food odors
  • At work, use for stress relief
  • At home, use camphor in diffuser, or add a few drops of eucalyptus or citronella oil for natural fly and mosquito repellence.
  • Use as a lamp or Oil Lamp in your Pooja room
  • Free gifts : Tea lights, Camphor, Fragrance
Other Details :
  • Dimension in cm (H x L x B) : 24 x 11 x 14
  • Product Weight : 610 Grams