Men Face Wash - 50 grams

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Day by day, the sun gets harsher and temperature rises. You are exposed to not only 1 but 5 sun dullness problems now. Your regular face wash is not designed to handle these 5 sun dullness problems. Powered by maximum icy coffee bean scrubs, the energy charge icy gel face wash is the most icy face wash that is designed to fight 5 sun dullness problems. Get bright and energized skin. Caused by dirt and dust. From pond's. Coffee bean packed with anti-oxidant, awakens tired looking skin to make it healthy and radiant looking. Cooling menthol instantly delivers a boost of icy sensation to refresh skin. Unique gel scrub format to clear sweat, oil and dull cells.

Product Features :
  • Fight dark spots caused by dirt and dust.
  • Cleanse sweat and oil.
  • brighten darkened skin
  • Energize tired skin from the sun.
  • Exfoliate daily tanned dull cells.
  • Sun dullness fighter.


Men Face Wash - 50 grams
Men Face Wash - 50 grams
Men Face Wash - 50 grams