Jojoba Carrier Body Oil - 30 ml

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Aromatic scent: jojoba oil also known as liquid wax, has a light and distinctively pleasant aroma.Ingredients: jojoba carrier oil is extracted using cold pressed process from seeds of the plant botanically known as simmondsia chinensis.

Product Usage:
  • Body care: Ideal for dry skin. Massaging your body with jojoba oil will leave the body glowing.
  • Hair care: Applying jojoba carrier oil on the hair will reduce the frizz and lent a perfect shine. Its a nature's hair tonic.
  • Foot care: Vitamin E found in this oil is good for the cuticles around the toe nails. It also fights against fungal and bacterial microbes.
  • Skin care: Heals the scaly and dry skin of those suffering from eczema. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by the skin, promotes the balance production of sebum in the body and also helps avoid outbreaks of skin.