Incense Stick Combo - Pack of 4

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About the product incense sticks are frequently used either in meditation or for religious practice. Made from natural herbal products, zed black scented sticks assure long-lasting and mesmerizing aroma that will undoubtedly add more to the aura of a room. Natural fragrance sticks make the environment free from negative energy. Zed black stick incense is particularly designed for providing beguiling aroma that can pacify and uplift the environment and boost the positive energy. Raise your spirits and boost confidence, optimism and cheerfulness by getting your hands on these best quality and premium incense sticks that are long lasting and mesmerizing!

Why choose these sticks?
  • Zed Black has created an inevitable reputation in the market by providing best quality products and services.
  • We endeavor to provide customer satisfaction by offering top notch products at the most affordable rates.
  • Our incense sticks are made for those with the discerning pallet, who understand the mental, therapeutic, spiritual and aesthetic benefits of using high quality products.
  • By providing traditional Indian incense sticks we seek to provide our users with a diversity of wonderful options for their incense needs that fit the modern context
  • Enhanced aura: Incense sticks are undoubtedly one of the most important elements in Indian culture and hence, its value cannot be described in words. Zed black no.1 incense sticks comes with 4 fragrance - champa, mogra, rose, sandal
  • Long lasting aroma: These incense sticks assure endless aroma that can wow the people around in your room. It creates pleasant and refreshing aura that boosts confidence. Total no. Of sticks - 380 sticks (95 incense sticks per pack)
  • This incense sticks can be used for spiritual and meditational purposes!
  • Make sure to convey your prayers to god every morning with these scent sticks!
  • Create a mesmerizing and uplifting aura around you by opting for these premium incense sticks!
  • It not only creates lively ambience but also boosts confidence.