Ikusei Cardamom Green Tea - 30 Teabags

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One might feel it by simply standing in the elevated teagardens, and will certainly feel it when drinking our ikusei cardamom tea. The feeling of being completely revitalized and refreshed. In zen terms, ikusei means nourishing life, and our cardamom infused tea bags does just that. The ikusei cardamom is a refreshing, relaxing and revitalizing tea that also stimulates metabolism and the calorie burning process. Besides infusing you with new life, this soothing tea is also great for relaxation. Our teas taste best in their natural form, without any milk or sugar. Best enjoyed at: any time of the day. Our unique pyramid tea bags: our new generation "pyramid tea bags" change all the old rules of tea brewing. It brings a new innovation to tea drinking with an added advantage of convenience. In order to brew properly, tea leaves have to move around. Only tiny tea dust particles could move around in the tiny space of a traditional tea bag which is the primary reason why tea dust was and is used in traditional tea bags. This meant you got a tea with great color, a strong brew but poor quality. With the new addition of pyramid tea bags to our portfolio we provide an additional advantage to brew our teas with convenience and without compromising on the quality of tea brewed. Enjoy the same quality and flavor of whole leaf teas brewed in our pyramid tea bags with complete convenience and unwind in the citadel of purity and rich aroma.

Product Features :
  • Sourced from highlands of Niligiris. In Zen terms, Ikusei means nourishing life, and our cardamom infused tea does just that.
  • Pack Contents: 30 pyramid teabags.
  • Sensory Experience : combines the natural taste of green tea with the intoxicating flavor of Cardamom.
  • How to Brew: Heat 150 mL of fresh water
  • Put teabag in the cup. Pour hot, not boiling water
  • Wait 2 minutes for the tea to brew
  • Enjoy your tea.
  • Benefits: Antioxidant, aids weight loss, great for skin, re-energizing effects