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Hair Colour in Black

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Product Features :
  • Made out of 100% natural herbs and extracts like Indigo, Shikakai, Bramhmi, Manjistha and many more
  • Does not contain harmful chemical contents like PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide, and Paraben
  • Renders a lustrous natural color shade to your hair and offers maximumcoverage to your grey hair
  • Offers full UV rays protection and prevents your hair from getting sun damaged
  • Shields your hair from getting affected due to external pollution, dust, and dirt
  • Controls hair fall due to dandruff and enhances hair follicle for better hair growth
  • Absolutely friendly to hair, scalp, and skin

Ingredients : Indigo 60%, Mehndi 18%, Khar 2%, Manjistha 6%, Coffee 3%, Shikakai 3% Amla 2% Bhangra 1%, Brahmi 1%.


Hair Colour in Black
Hair Colour in Black
Hair Colour in Black