Ginger Lemon Green Tea and Black Tea with Orange Peels Combo Pack

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This pack contain organic Darjeeling tea grown in happy valley, the highest tea estate in Darjeeling. The vibrant bushes, nurtured by the misty mountain air and pure Himalayan water, flush with the finest leaf. Organic practices followed at the farm enhance the inherent quality of the produce. The leaves are selectively handpicked and processed at a factory that crowns Darjeeling at a height of 6, 400 ft. Adrak nimboo green chain - experience and dedication come together to bring you this elegant green tea with a lingering lemon taste and ginger to wake up a tired soul, drinkable anytime of the day. Black tea with orange peels - combined with the intrinsic flavor and taste of Darjeeling tea, this is a combination that enhances the experience by quite a few notches.