Exotic Fragrance Premium Herbal Handmade Soap Gift Box

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Spread the magic and beauty of aroma with this refreshing gift pack of natural and handmade soaps, made with herbs, essential oils and fruit extracts. This collection of lusciously aromatic soaps from vaadi herbals is just perfect for a truly fresh, new start everyday.

A powerful anti pigmentation formula, this soap clears dark spots and patches off your skin, as it cleanses it . English rose's astringency and rich vitamin c content help fade pigmentation marks, while mulberry's arbutin inhibits melanin synthesis thus preventing pigmentation . A refreshing and skin revitalizing complex of lavender and rosemary, this soap breathes new life into your skin, together they boost the blood circulation, relieving congestion and puffiness . The cicatrizing activity of the Indian thus grants this soap amazing rejuvenating property, it promotes the regrowth of skin cells which helps in removal of dead cells. A specially formulated soap to truly cleanse, detoxify and polish your skin, anti bacterial lemongrass paired with activated charcoal, draw impurities out of the skin, leaving it clean and healthy.