Dhoop Charcoal - 30 Tablets, 140 g

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For your ceremonies, pujas, havans or even your daily rituals here are 30 round quick lighting charcoal tablets, also known as briquettes, used to burn dhoop, resins, herbs, incense, and heavy aromatic gums. An omved charcoal briquette is broad enough to hold the incense in its unique bowl-like cavity, allowing the charcoal to ignite more quickly yet burn more slowly and consistently than other charcoals available in the market. So why wait, experience the most convenient way to conduct your ceremonies, pujas and rituals, or simply purify your surroundings with some aromatic bliss. Just smoulder some natural incense in these charcoal tablets and fill your sanctuary with aromatic bliss. Convenience - these 30 charcoal tablets let you perform your puja, daily rituals and ceremonies with ease and maximum convenience burn dhoop, incense - it is the best way to burn dhoop, resins, herbs, incense and heavy aromatic gums.

Specialty: Alchol free, 100% natural organic, Non toxic, Hypoallergic, No synthetic fragranceScent: UnscentedHow do you best use these charcoal briquette:
  • 1. Remove one tablet from the roll.
  • 2. Hold the edge of a charcoal tablet with tweezers, maintaining a firm grip before trying to light the coal.
  • 3. Hold the bottom edge of the charcoal tablet to a candle or lighter flame.
  • 4. Until the charcoal burns brightly, keep the tablet on the flame. You should allow the burning area to begin to spread through the coal tablet before extinguishing the flame.
  • 5. Set the lighting charcoal tablet in a fireproof stone or container. You may also consider some of omved's charcoal or dhoop burners and holders. Ideally place on a layer of sand or ash, this helps to retain the heat.
  • 6. Wait for the entire tablet to glow (you will see the sides go grey) before sprinkling incense within.
  • 7. Place the dhoop, powders or resins can now be sprinkled on top of the charcoal tablet and left to burn slowly.
  • 8. Remember to close the roll after tablet is removed to preserve freshness.
  • 9. If tablet is to be extinguished before it is fully consumed it should be placed in an container of cold water.


Dhoop Charcoal - 30 Tablets, 140 g
Dhoop Charcoal - 30 Tablets, 140 g
Dhoop Charcoal - 30 Tablets, 140 g