Cold Cream - Pack of 3, 150 g

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The goodness of almond oil and the skin since ancient times, almond oil is known to be the perfect remedy for dry, flaky skin. It quickly gets absorbed in the skin surface, being a light oil, and cures skin irritation, allergies, dry patches and makes the skin soft and supple. All in all, a great emollient, almond oil serves to be the perfect treatment of the skin for fighting the chill and renewing it for another season cycle. It balances the skin's water loss. Regular massage regulates the blood circulation which in turn helps in the proper soaking of essential nutrients in the skin. The skin smells sweet and is velvety in touch. Aloe vera: the skin expert aloe vera is the perfect remedy for any problems associated with the skin. Be it sun burn, irritation, allergies or be it the natural weather conditions going against the skin. Aloe vera mixed with the naturally moisturizing almond oil helps in the easy absorption of essential skin nutrients thereby aiding the nourishment of the skin in harsh weather conditions.

Product Features:
  • A special composition that both protects and beautifies your skin, while moisturizing it. Almond oil, aloe vera extract, honey, vitamin E
  • Almond oil: almond oil due to its high nourishing ability makes hair smoother, preventing hair fall and split ends
  • Aloe vera extract: aloe vera is a perfect healer as it restores skin's suppleness in a non-abrasive natural way
  • Honey extract: honey ensures that the lips retain the natural moisture and do not look dry or chapped


Cold Cream - Pack of 3, 150 g
Cold Cream - Pack of 3, 150 g