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Brass Dream Catcher

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Rooh Wellness Dream catchers, the popular Native American charms are hand woven with the intention of creating love and positivity, bridging art with divinity. This attractive-looking dream catcher is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative vibrations, while letting the positive vibrartions through. It is an artistic, colourful home décor item that spreads happiness and optimism. It is also a very beautiful and thoughtful item to gift to your loved ones.This unique canvas dream catcher can also be used as an home decor accent, window hangling or an outdoor decorative. These are hand woven by women artists of India thereby supporting the artisans of India and encouraging women empowerment.Along with the positivity that dream catchers bring with them, there is also the benefit of colour psychology. The colour chosen by you is the colour that brings you positivity and calm. Seeing that colour everyday subconciously acts as a motivational factor when you dont feel your best.

Product Features :
  • Dimension(LxBxH): 7 x 20 x 0.5 inch
  • Color: Gold, Green, Pink


Brass Dream Catcher
Brass Dream Catcher