Baby Massage Oil - 200 ml

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Vegetable oil with the power of herbs; olive oil: vitamin e nourishes, protects, and softens skin; ashvagandha: improves skin tone; free from mineral oil & animal fat, the usual factors for rashes & allergies; clinically tested to be mild on your little one's skin; daily body massage with herbs-based oil helps nourish baby's skin and promote overall growth & development

Product Features :
  • Himalaya massage oil, 200 ml, olive oil & winter cherry improve your little one's general growth and development
  • Infused with olive oil and winter cherry extracts, this himalaya herbal oil will nourish, protect and soften your baby's skin
  • The olive oil content, which is enriched with vitamin E, protects your baby's skin from chafing
  • This oil also helps in strengthening your baby's nails and softening cuticles
  • Enriched with winter cherry, this himalaya baby massage oil has a calming effect on your baby and helps in enhancing your child's skin tone as well
  • This himalaya massage oil is sure to provide your baby with healthy and glowing skin
  • Clinically tested, this mild massage oil can be safely used on newborn babies
  • You can use this light oil to either massage your baby before bath or to moisturise your little one's skin after bath