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Aam Pachak Churna - 124 grams

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Aampachak supplement pack is useful combination to easy all abdominal discomforts that people usually feel after intake of heavy things or due to sluggish digestion. A natural aid not only to digest the food but enhances appetite also.

Product Features:
  • Increases appetite by stimulating digestive secretions.
  • Normalises the digestive process.
  • Prevents ama formation.
  • Helps in elimination of toxic substances.
  • Relieves gas, acidity, and nausea.
  • 3-5 gms. Twice daily or as per physician’s advice. Preferably have with lukewarm water
  • Indigestion is a very common problem these days, brought on by various factors like irregular diet and life style. Jiva’s Aampachak Supplement Pack provides quick relief in digestion-related disorders. It works by prodcuing digestive enzymes, which in tur
  • Saunf, fennel seeds,dhaniya, corianderjeera, cumin seeds, sonth, pudina
  • Lack of appetite, heaviness in stomach, flatulence, gastric formation, digestion related other disorders