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Code: SPRING20| Buy 4 Get 20% Off

Karma Points

Some things you may have been wondering about Karma Points

Are they free?

Well, yes, they're your reward from us for being a great customer!

Do they expire?

Just like most good things, they do. You have 90 days to use your points towards any purchase.

What happens to my unused Karma Points?

They wither and die

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?


How can I earn more Karma Points?

You can earn Karma points by

  • shopping on karmaplace.com
  • referring a friend to shop of karmaplace.com
  • being good

Can I get cash back for my Karma Points?

At this time Karma Points may only be used as credit towards purchases made on karmaplace.com only.

Is there a limit to how many Karma Points I can earn?

Currently you can earn up to 500 Karma points per order, but you can earn total unlimited points at any given time.

* Amount spent does not include tax and shipping