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About Us

KARMAPLACE exclusively specializes in promoting top brands and unique products from India to a global audience.  India is  a country rich in flavor, color, fabrics and artisan skills.  As tourists we're in awe of the selection we see in local markets - an overwhelming flood of designs and colors, available nowhere else in the world. 

The founders of the company had a vision of making these products easily available to anyone in the world, not just the lucky few who can make a visit.  Many sites exist to buy ethnic formal clothing, but none have a focus on quality and also a seamless experience including the ability to return locally in the USA.

We source from the best brands and manufacturers in the country to bring to the western world those items which you only find in India. We also have strategic ties with the best logistics providers to provide reliable and cost-effective delivery.  At KarmaPlace.com you can shop with peace of mind knowing your order is being handled by local professionals and with the confidence of free return shipping for many products. 

Our motto is simple: Shopping from India made easy

We hope we have delivered!