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Wedding Essentials For The Groom

Lately all our blogs have been women centric and the men in our office were feeling left out. My colleagues insisted on me writing a blog about the groom’s essential on their big day. So here it is…

I know men are also very conscious about their looks especially on the most important day of their life. When it comes to wedding outfit you can both go the traditional way and stick to basics or you can try and incorporate the latest fashion trend in your wedding outfits for the more stylish and updated look.

I know generally the bride get all the limelight and attention, but don’t forget it is your day too and it is equally important for you to match up to your brides expectations. After all you want memorable picture which you cherish for the rest of your lives.

It is a popular belief that a wedding shopping is a girl’s things and men don’t really spend so much time thinking about what they will wear. While a part of the above statement might be true and they do not put as much effort in thinking about outfits in their daily life, however wedding is an exception for them. Today, men are equally conscious about their wedding outfits.

After all it is the Beginning of you’re ever after…

Here are some wedding essentials every groom should be adding to their look.

  • The perfect Sherwani

Your wedding outfit is the single most important thing which you are suppose to get perfectly right to ensure you are the best looking man at your wedding day. Choose the right fabric with the right kind of work for your sherwani and half your job is done

You can choose fabrics like silk, velvet and brocade with intricate work can take the look to a whole new level. You can choose from different kind of embroideries and patterns like floral embroidery or zardosi or kundan or thread work. Choosing floral and leaf motif on these embroidery will give a royal and elegant look.

You can go for deep colors like black, blue, maroon, purple for the reception night while sticking to light and pastel colors like yellow, pink, sky blue, cream, gold for the day functions.

While selecting an outfit for your reception night go for combinations of deep colors with gold, pearl embroidery on in in floral motif. You could also select elephant bride and groom motif. This will give you a royal heritage look.

If it is a day functions stick to more vibrant colors like blue, yellow, pink, lavender etc. Select thread embroidery on these kurta and yes do not forget to wear a Nehru jacket with this look…

This was all about sherwani, but some of you might say what if we do not want to wear a sherwani all together??

Well we have an equally stunning alternative for you.

  • The royal Achkan

Achkan is a knee length buttoned down jacket. It is a bit longer than sherwani and looks even classier. This out fit can be paired with straight pyjamas or urban dhotis. If you like adding a personal touch or some kind of modern element to traditional outfits then opt for an achkan. Modern day achkans are creative and experimental and designer are willing to play with the silhouettes and accents. Instead of a simple old straight slit in front opt for a diagonal one. You can add a broach or a velvet trim as well and finish the look with classy fitted bottoms. Do not go too loud on your pants, remember we do not want to go overboard. A pair of classic achkan can be paired with a pair of jodhpuri pants or dhoti pants in contrasting colour. Complete your look with a pair of traditional juttis, broach and a pocket square.

This outfit is a hit with celebrities as well. Remember how dapper Anand Ahuja looked in a simple Achkan worn with a stunning pearl necklace and a turban. Choose to wear a nice vibrant colour complimenting your brides outfit. Do not forget to accessories yourself with pearl necklace and a traditional turban to give you the elegant look you aimed for on your wedding day.

  • A Dapper turban

A turban or a safa is an integral part of Indian grooms outfit. But there are so many options available and we are sure it is confusing to pick the best option.

Irrespective of what it is called, A Punjabi turban or a Grooms Pagdi or a Rajasthani Safa, the safa give a different look depending on its fabric. Choose from one of the many fabrics available for the safa. (Kota, Chanderi, Velvet, Silk or Cotton.) You can go for a monotone fabric with a broch or opt for a bold print, basically there are a lot of options available in the market to match your style. Ever since designer Sabyasachi introduced floral safa in his designs the market is flooded with different floral safas as well.

We have listed a few safa trends for your convenience.

1] Floral Safas (they are super hot and available in pastel and bright colors. Also available in chanderi and silk to give a more royal look.)

2] Quirky prints on the safa (these turbans make a offbeat statement)

3] Lehariya and colorful safa (another inspiration from Sabyasachi designs)

4] Shaded Turbans

5] Monotone safas in bright shades

6] Monotone safas in soft shades (personal favorite)

7] White safas (boring if you ask us!)

  • Royal Stole

Sherwani’s and Achkan’s can be very expensive and especially when you know this outfit can never be worn again at a friends wedding. It will just be a memory lying in your closet. Well in this case a lot of people want to opt for an outfit which is not very heavy and can be worn at least a couple of times again at a friends function. But then the biggest fear in buying a simple outfit is, you might not look like the groom on your D-day.

Well we have a solution for you. Consider an embellished stole. This will accentuate your look and because you have a heavily embellished silk stole you can go a little light on your outfit. Moreover a stole not only amplifies a groom’s outfit but in fact completes his look entirely. The fineness of the fabric and intricacy of the embroidered bordered draped beautifully around your body will make u shine out like a royal prince.

  • Elegant necklace

A string of Pearls with Kundan necklace goes well with sherwani and has become an essential and easy option for every groom as they go well with pastels as well as Jewel-toned silk, velvet or brocade fabrics. But this is a very basic combination which is being worn since so many years. You can experiment a little with your accessories but, I know too many options are available and men and selecting jewellery don’t go hand in hand!!

So here are some tip for selecting accessories on your big day.

1] Sure Pearls are classy but they are very common now and instead you can experiment with colorful beads.

2] Take a statement piece with a contrasting color. 

3] Polki necklace with red stones.

4] Multi - layered necklace.

5] Diamond and pearl combination necklace.

You can add a personal touch to your necklace, broch cufflinks or buttons by creating a symbol or letter or date that means something special for you and your bride and let it shine.

You can also add a splash of colors with gemstones if you prefer a gold, cream or beige sherwanis.

Wedding Jewellery for Men
  • The quintessential mojri

No Indian groom would think of stepping out with out his mojris.

After all there is a Joota chupai function in which your beloved sister-in-law will steal your footwear and try and dig a whole in your pocket in order to give the footwear back. Wouldn’t it be great to show off your stylish footwear here?

Mojris are a wardrobe staple that compliments ethnic outfits really well.

You can wear traditionally embroidered Juttis with zari and sequins or select luxuriously embroidered in gota and gara work with silk thread, you can also try out Velvet Jutti with a stunning broch in contrasting colour or Lace and pearl Juttis

Mojris for Men Online

Before we wrap let me tell you some grooming tips as well.

1] Shave – It is your wedding day and you want to look sleek and well groomed.

2] Teeth whitening – You are going to be clicked by multiple people, your smile should be perfect!

3] Eat light and Healthy – Eat light and healthy with food that energizes and hydrates you, from 15 days before your wedding functions, this will help you look a little lean and will help your skin glow.

4] Haircut – Do not keep the hair cut for the last day, after all you do not want surprises and a haircut takes a few days to settle anyways right!

5] Get enough rest – This is solely for one day prior to the wedding functions, just get lots of sleep because you will bare get enough sleep for the next few days.

Hope this blog was helpful in selecting your outfit and helped you with some grooming tips as well.

Please do comment and let us know.



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Very informative post!!!

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