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Best 7 Indian Kundan Jewelry Online | Kundan Bridal Set Ideas 

Kundan Bridal Set Ideas 

Even though an outfit remains a topmost priority when it comes to wedding shopping, jewelry is also not very far behind. 

Jewelry shopping is the second most important thing to finish your wedding look and in a bride’s trousseau and we are sure every woman has Indian Kundan Jewelry and edgy traditional choker necklaces which are versatile enough to go with every outfit in their wardrobe.  

But have you ever wondered why jewelry is considered so important to finish an outfit?

Well, jewelry enhances the look of any woman wearing them and metals like gold and silver metals are considered auspicious. 

  • Origin of Kundan Jewelry 

Kundan is one of the oldest forms of jewelry in India which is popularly said to be brought to India by Mughals thousands of years ago.

This jewelry first originated in Northern India and was a popular piece of jewelry in the royal courts of Mughals who conquered Delhi. 

This jewelry was later popularized in Gujarat and Rajasthan as well. Originally a Kundan necklace or earrings were made in pure gold and were extremely expensive.

But later was made popular amongst the common man as well by making it in silver, thus reducing the cost of it drastically. In modern times this jewelry is made in faux metal as well. 

Meenakari jewellery history


In today's times, this jewelry is world-famous and the best places to find this jewelry are Jaipur, Rajasthan, Nathdwara, and Bikaner in India. 

Luckily for you’ll, you don’t have to travel to India, Karma Place brings some of the trendiest exquisite Kundan jewelry from these places. 

Over the years just like the fashion trends have evolved, even the jewelry trends have evolved. However, let us tell you about the original variety and style available in Kundan jewelry 

  • Popular Styles of Real Kundan Jewellery

In olden times Goldsmiths would try and set uncut stones in their jewelry designs, which also might be the origin of the Kundan jewelry 

You will find many styles and forms in Kundan jewelry.

The most traditional style in Kundan jewelry is Meena Kundan in which stones are set on the side and the other side is always embellished with meenakari design or enamel.

Earlier meenakari was used to enhance the look of Kundan jewelry but now, meenakari jewelry is as famous and loved as Kundan jewelry

Another Kundan jewelry variation is Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry, which has enamel and designs on the reverse side of the Kundan setting.

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Kundan jewellery Set for Wedding are widely preferred by Indian brides and this jewelry is so versatile that it can be customized to the customer's need. 

Earlier, people use to wear heirloom and traditional jewelry, but now there is a wide variety of different kinds of jewelry to choose from.

Pick something that is inspired by heirloom jewelry or pick a necklace that is edgy and trendy, there are endless options available to pick from on Karma Place

The distinction of the jewelry you pick with your outfit is very important, as choosing the right kind of necklace or earrings can make or break the entire look.

Karma Place brings to you a variety of Kundan necklaces, gold jewelry, oxidized earrings, pearl choker, polka necklace, temple jewelry, and contemporary jewelry to choose from to look your stunning best. 

  • Real Kundan Necklace

Kundan necklace sets gold are the most sought-after ornament from our Kundan collection. 

The shine, clarity, and brightness that come along with a Kundan necklace are enough to impress any women, who love to accessorize herself with edgy and different kind of jewelry on different occasions.

We all know how expensive is real Kundan jewelry, but let us tell you artificial Kundan jewelry is can also be a bit heavy on your pockets. But trust me once you wear the necklace to one of your wedding functions and get all the compliments, it will all be worth it.

Kundan Necklace


 Style Tip: This stunning Kundan necklaces are going to match with almost all your traditional outfits. Team it with a Lehenga Choli or a saree. 

You can wear a whole Kundan set with a necklace and earrings or just wear the chunky necklace and smaller stud earrings. If you are someone who believes in heavily accessorizing then I would suggest going for a full set.

  • Indian Kundan Bangles

Kundan bangles set is another stunning piece of jewelry that is loved by everyone including the brides.

These bangles can be worn between other colorful metallic bangles or as it is, some of the Kundan and pearl bracelets can also be worn and work great for the people who think wearing bangles is very traditional and are opting for more of an edgy fusion look. 

Bridal Kundan Bangles

 These intricately designed Kundan bracelets look trendy and perfect the traditional as well as fusion outfits.
  •  Kundan Earrings

When we are talking about Best Indian Kundan Jewelry Online how can we leave behind Kundan earrings? 

kundan earrings designs

 These basic Kundan earrings are so versatile that they will go with every traditional outfit of yours. 
  • Kundan Pendant Sets

By no, we all know how pretty Kundan chokers and necklaces look, but we also know a lot of you’ll do not like wearing such chunky jewelry. 

Well, do not worry Karma Place has kept your choices in mind sourced out some pretty pendant necklace sets. 

Kundan Pendant necklaces look equally sophisticated and classy.

Moreover, these pendant necklaces are perfect for the brides on their wedding day as they can easily team this necklace with Kundan chockers as well.

Kundan Pendant Set designs

 Apart from this stunning Kundan jewelry let us show you some of our best-selling jewelry pieces.
  • Meenakari Peacock Earrings

Are you a lover of ethnic peacock motif?

If yes then these earrings are made for you!

Earrings with exquisite peacock motif with intricate carvings and pearl danglers are perfect for your traditional outfits.

Meenakari Kundan jewellery

 Pick either the pastel mint green and pink earring or the bright indigo blue both of them are equally stunning.
  • Rajasthani Long Earrings

Are you in love with the intricate and delicate Rajasthani pieces of jewelry as well?

These Rajputi Aad earrings are stunning and come in vibrant colors with intricate floral patterns and Kundan stones.The dangling jhumka finished with cute little pearls is a treat to watch in itself!

Rajasthani Meenakari jewellery

 The best part is there are multiple color options available to pick from!!
  • Organic Silk Necklace In Lime Yellow

This necklace is so unique and stunning that once you wear this to a party, people will ask you about it.

Made with organic silk and a traditional Rajasthani pendant the necklace with go perfect with fusion and contemporary saree.

Silk Rope Necklace


We hope this blog of Best Indian Jewelry Online For 2021 will help you pick some of our edgiest jewelry


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