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13 Best Indian Latest Kurti Design In 2021 that Every Sister Needs

Indian Latest Kurti Design In 2021

When it comes to Traditional Indian outfits there are a lot of options available. But the most versatile amongst them all are sarees and Indian Latest Kurti Design.

Saree is undoubtedly the most graceful and chic ethnic outfit, but it comes with having a matching blouse and knowing how to drape it around your sexy waist. 

We know some of you might argue, now we also get pre draped saree or as well call them one-minute sarees. But most of us like to save our fancy ethnic sarees for those special occasions.

Let's check out Best Indian Latest Kurti Design In 2021

This leaves us with Kurtis or as some might call it Kurta. But let us tell you the difference between a kurta and a Kurti, even though most of us believe it to be the same it is not.

A Kurta is a traditional outfit that is generally knee-length or even calf-length. On the other hand, a Kurti is a modern version of the kurta and is generally waist or mid-thigh length.

One could also say that Kurti has evolved from the traditional kurta and is a fusion version of old and new trends. We suggest a chic short Kurti is perfect for all you modern working women.

Short Kurti design for girl


The versatile nature, comfort level, and elegant appearance of the kurtas and Kurtis make it extremely popular amongst working women. 

Kurtis is found in different fabrics and colors, and are versatile enough to be worn at parties and casual occasions as well. 

But when it comes to finding that perfect kurta with a breathable fabric, a color that suits your skin and also fits you like a glove is a bit daunting but do not worry Karma Place has you covered.

We have something for every type of curve and age group.

Here are some tips on how you should style your Kurtis for special events or even regular use.

  • Latest Kurti Design and its fabrics!

There are a variety of fabrics available but you should always choose the right fabric for yourself. The most preferred fabrics in Indian Latest Kurti Design are as follows.

Georgette Kurtis: This fabric is flowy and transparent which looks elegant on every woman.

Rayon Kurtis: Rayon is a breathable fabric perfect for every season and weather condition. It is flowy and versatile.

Silk Kurtis: Purchasing a silk kurta will give a royal look to your ensemble which will be perfect for your dressy traditional events.

Black georgette kurti design


Cotton Kurtis: As we all know cotton is a naturally breathable fabric and is perfect for summers. Even though this fabric is not flowy or shiny, a pastel cotton kurta with some jhumkis can be a good look for your daily events.  

Chiffon Kurtis: Most people do know the difference between chiffon and georgette as both are flowy and transparent fabrics and look pretty similar. Chiffon however has a bit of sheen and looks lowly in flowy and high low Kurtis. 

Plain chiffon Kurtis designs


Chiffon and georgette fabrics are perfect for a Sunday brunch with your friends and family. Do select nice pastel color and team it with some dainty jewelry and you are good to go.

This was all about Best Indian Latest Kurti Design but the question arises what bottom to choose with these pretty kurta tops. We know there are a lot of options available.

  • Kurti Bottoms

Be bold: You can wear a pair of ripped denim with your kurta to break to the monotony of kurta and churidar or palazzo.

Go the monochrome route: Monochrome style means wearing the top and the bottom of the same color. You should have a few outfits in this style as it is very much in trend and looks very elegant and fashionable. 

Look you can’t miss: Pair your kurta with the same colored flared pants and a nice long oxidized necklace and pair of gold jutis or kolhapuris.

Color blocking fashion 2021


Colour blocking: A lot of people find wearing the same color top and bottom boring, well, in this case, your color block your outfit and wear the top and bottoms in contrasting colors.

Colour blocking can be done with pastels or even bright colors like pink and orange.

Look you Can't-miss: Colour block your kurtas with palazzo to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Add some strappy flats or even kitten heels with this outfit for a photo-perfect look.

The western approach: Staying away from India we tend to adapt more to the western culture and western style of dressing. But who says we cannot incorporate hints of our tradition in western clothing?

Long Kurti with Long Skirts


Long skirt - Wear a short fitted kurta with a long flowy skirt. Long skirts look elegant and beautiful and work best with short as well as mid-length Kurtis.

Do give this style a try, you can finish the look with some oxidized jewelry. I footwear you can wear juttis with this playful look

Straight Pants – You can pair your Kurtis with straight slim pants and make it new work wear. This combination will not only revamp the whole look of the traditional Kurtis but is also trendy.

Keep the accessories to a minimum in this look. Wear this look with heels for perfect formal attire.

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What kind of bras to wear with your Kurtis?

If you have a small cup size wear a padded bra to flaunt your curves.

If your bra line shows through your kurta, wear a T-shirt bra, this is made all the lines disappear.

For Kurtis which has an off-shoulder or a wide neck wear a strapless bra.

I hope we were helpful and this article the Best Indian Latest Kurti Design In 2021 will help you order the perfect Kurti for your needs.


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