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Go Bold With Kada Bangles

Bangle cum bracelets can be described as Kadas. The art of bangle making and wearing traces its roots back to Taxila and the Mauryan empire. Bangles were made of clay, bones, wood, etc. during those periods. The technology used for manufacturing has also changed as humans have evolved. Kadas are now manufactured using various kinds of materials, such as silver, gold, iron, brass, and even rubber.

A Kada bangle can be defined specifically as a wider diameter bangle that may have a lock to open it or it can be a closed-looped embellishment bangle. Kadas have made their way to every woman’s wardrobe nowadays. They are available in different styles. The most popular designs are made of oxidized material with peacock patterns, closed-loop bangles with stone inlay, or even made with different kinds of engravings from the classic gold material.

The Kada is worn by men and women alike. The Kadas are either solid gold, or they are hollow and made with lac. The end of the Kada is decorated with designs/shapes such as peacocks, elephants, crocodiles, and serpents. The Kadas are paired with other wrist ornaments, such as bangles, by Indian women, while men wear a single Kada. A steel or iron Kada is worn in Sikhism, which continuously reminds them to accomplish the task of God on Earth.

Choose from some of the most popular Kadas that every woman should own.

Gold diamond Kada bracelet

Among Indian ladies, this Gold diamond bracelet Kada is very popular as it can be paired with any kind of saree and enhance the Salwar-suit look. The diamond studs on the gold bracelet provide the Kada with a sophisticated appeal, without being too expensive.

Golden Kada bangles

The most commonly found bangles in Indian households are the golden ones called Kadas or Kangan. In Indian culture, the tradition of passing on jewelry to each generation has its significance. These Kadas, loved by all generations, old or new, simple to wear, can be combined with any bangle set made of glass, metal, or plastic. Choose this one for your mother, grandma, or yourself and proudly embrace it.

Silver- Oxidized Open-ended Kada Bracelet

Among modern girls, the oxidized Kada Bracelet is very popular as it can be paired with Kurtis or sarees. It is easy to style these Kadas and easy to carry. They are also ideal for any occasion. This Kada will give you the ideal edgy look, whether it is a daytime event or a night party. Get this beautiful silver Kada bracelet online at our store.

Wide Bracelet Kadas

These Kadas are wide enough and open-ended to cover your lower arm. Most of them are made of silver oxidized material and go well with both western outfits and Indian outfits. For people who want to keep their jewelry light, it may be a little awkward. Nevertheless, this look will be worth it in the end.

Plain designer silver Kada Online

This favorite comes straight from the modern inspiration of a simple silver cuff. This Kada will surely fetch you compliments. The silver Kada carries the touch of royalty and glorious visual appeal that is evergreen and trendy. This design is a masterpiece. The beautiful silver Kada collection for girls and women will always be fashionable. You can buy this silver Kada bracelet online or even offline at jewelry shops.

If paired appropriately, the kadas can add to your personality and overall appearance. If you opt for thinner kadas that make your overall appearance look more sturdy and relaxed. You can also wear thin kadas with your beachwear or casual wear.