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Your Ultimate Guide to GANESH CHATURTHI 2022



Let’s say it out loud - Ganpati Bappa Morya, even if you are in the United States, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration will never fall short of grandeur and devotion as the world will get together to celebrate the homecoming of the Lord Ganesha. It is soon the time when the lord will come to this earth from his home and we all shall welcome him to our home. The celebration is meant to bring forward positivity and happiness in everyone’s life.

Everyone must now be getting together the best of ganesh chaturthi wishes and we, at Karmaplace, glad to bring you curated quotes for wishing happy ganesh chaturthi in a unique manner like no other which we shall discuss further ahead. Ganesh chaturthi is not just a festival of gods but rather a way of getting people of all social classes together under one roof i.e. the ganpati pandal.

Ganpati Celebration

Indian freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak brought this upper class idol of God to every locality and made it possible for anyone to worship this lord as earlier, not everyone had access to Hindu temples and thus, Lord Ganesha was made entirely public during these ten days of Ganpati celebration. Today, this Ganesh chaturthi celebration has evolved and now it has become so comforting these days that Lord Ganesha’s idol can be installed in everyone’s home irrespective of social class.

That is the beauty of everyone’s god Lord Ganesha, he is brought into everyone’s home with delicious sweets like modak and everyone wears classic Indian traditional wear and women wore Indian traditional jewellery and thus, even the home decor ideas are needed during Ganesh chaturthi celebration. In the United States, ganesh chaturthi celebration is mostly a community affair and thus, Karmaplace has curated creative ganpati decoration ideas with elegant figurines and showpieces. You can refresh your home decor with the latest bed sheets on Karmaplace imported directly from India.



Let’s start decorating your table design with homemade ganpati decoration and get your art and craft ideas and tools out of your basemate and create a perfect ganpati decoration like no one else. At Karmaplace, we believe you can really go green by using old material from your garage and make the best out of waste as a creative simple ganpati decoration. Starting with plain fabrics, you can simply use them as drapes flowing behind the ganpati murti. These drapes can be pleated with golden or silver lace and pin them with paper flowers making a wholesome ganpati decoration.

It remains up to you whether you want to add a narrative to your ganesh chaturthi decoration by using your kids’ toys and paper houses if possible. You can mount your ganesh murti on a higher base and make mountains around it with your art and craft tools and then add the petite playing animals around the ganesh murti. Place some real plants as stand by trees and then you can make a river flowing with cement base or old plastic bags making the river bed and get a motor from your someone’s last year science fair project. In this way, you will seriously get to use those leftover materials from all your abandoned projects from the basement.

Also, keep in mind the aesthetics of your ganesh murti like depending on its colour, you may decide the foreground and background. Make your ganesh murti as a part of your home so the sound of ‘ganpati bappa morya’ will be vibing across your home. Let’s understand more about ganpati decor ideas, for example, it is not necessary to keep on looking at ganpati decoration ideas until you get the perfect one or simply shopping for more decoration for ganesh chaturthi. Get the best of ganpati decoration ideas from yourself as the creative simple ganpati decoration is what stands out amongst all.


Alongside looking after homemade ganpati decoration ideas and crafting out your own ganesha decoration as you must now be inspired with our homemade ganpati decoration ideas, let’s not forget about what to wear for ganesh chaturthi 2022. So you better start asking when is ganesh chaturthi and start shopping online on Karmaplace your whole now Indian traditional wear and Indian traditional jewellery for the love of ganpati bappa morya.

Ganesh chaturthi 2022 will be even more colourful along with your grand decoration for ganesh chaturthi as this will be the first year after the pandemic when the whole of your family will come together and experience this worshipping with eternal peace and calming nature around the ganesh murti. It is the vibe and aura that a ganesh murti reflects on the entire house. You can actually wear whatever you want on Ganesh chaturthi 2022 as traditionally there is no dress code to worship ganesh murti as this god is meant to be there for everyone no matter their status, class or lifestyle.

If you are someone who wants to get roots to your Indian heritage, you surely shop online Indian traditional wear on as well as some Indian traditional jewellery. Otherwise, you can simply put on your jeans and jacket to worship your Ganpati murti. Karmaplace, however, brings you a classic collection of Indian traditional wear from sarees, kurtis, lehenga choli, anarkalis, menswear kurta sets, sherwanis, and adorable kids wear.




From maang tika, maatha patti to bracelets and anklets and even multi-layered necklace and earrings set, every imitation jewellery can be shopped here at Karmaplace. Curated from various vendors across India, Indian traditional jewellery from Karmaplace stands out for the Indian festive season like ganesh chaturthi 2022. As you will go to shop Indian traditional jewellery for ganesha, you can also get something new if not expensive from

Elegant layered necklace jewellery is a must-have for this ganesh chaturthi, it will sparkle perfectly alongside your classic ganesha decoration. You can even get a bracelet if you are not much into heavy jewellery all over your body. Otherwise, the kundan jewellery set is perfect for this Indian festival of Lord Ganesha. Pearl beaded jewellery is also a good option in case you don’t want to look too traditional.



Indian sarees are something to always shop online but at Karmaplace, you can discover designer kurtis, anarkali suits, salwar kameez and so much for this festive season that starts with Ganesh Chaturthi 2022. Ganpati aarti is always the highlight event for ganesh chaturthi wishes ritual and thus, you must be looking your best if you are gonna make a TikTok out of it. It is a trend now that everything from festive Indian traditional wear to contemporary street fashion can be tiktok.

Yes, we know you have been obsessing over the latest season of Never Have I Ever, and you must be obsessing over the Indian traditional wear seen on the Netflix Original show created by Mindy Kaling. Karmaplace is your shopping destination for everything Indian as the world comes closer to India. Shop any Indian traditional wear ranging from a stunning pakistani dress material to sharara dress along with designer potli bags, clutches and so much more. We promise that our collections will make you even more obsessed with Indian traditional wear as it reflects the art and craft from India.



Ganesha bids farewell on the tenth day of ganesh chaturthi 2022 i.e. anant chaturdashi as the festival ends, ganesh murti is immersed into the water bodies. This even is gracefully known as ganesh visarjan as the whole of Hindu community feels a little sad but experience their gratitude with intense sound of drums and musical medleys along the way of ganesh visarjan as the procession ceremony of ganpati murti while it reaches the immersion water bodies is something you must always be excited for. However, in the United States this takes place in small community ponds that are artificially made for the  ganpati murti immersion.


When is Ganesh Chaturthi?

This year 2022, Ganesh Chaturthi start date is on August 31, 2022.

Where to shop online Indian traditional wear in the USA? brings to you a curated collection of Indian traditional wear and Indian traditional jewellery for this Ganesh Chaturthi 2022

What is Ganesh Visarjan?

Ganesh Visarjan is about the immersion of ganesh murti into the water bodies after the ganesh festival ends on the tenth day. Often, there are immersions happening before it as many worshippers keep the ganesh murti for one and a half days, five days, seven days or sometimes with his mother goddess gauri.


From starting with the question - When is ganesh chaturthi in the beginning you must now be knowing so much more about the ganesh chaturthi 2022. Karmaplace is ambitious to make the world more aware about South Asian cultures. Experience the best of Indian traditional wear and Indian traditional jewellery only at Karmaplace as it is the one-stop destination for everything India.


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